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  • Is the world reaching peak meat?

  • In 2020, slowing consumption of beef and pork

  • has been exacerbated by a variety of factors.

  • First, the coronavirus pandemic has

  • led to numerous closures of US and European slaughterhouses.

  • That's affected supply in the short-term,

  • but how the virus will affect the $1.4tn global market

  • in the longer-term remains unclear.

  • Before the pandemic though, meat consumption

  • was showing signs of having peaked in developed countries.

  • Thanks to health scares plus environmental

  • and sustainability concerns, OECD data

  • indicated that the US, which is still

  • the biggest consumer of meat per capita,

  • would hit a high point in 2020.

  • The country's consumption would then

  • plateau over the next decade.

  • A similar trend was estimated for the EU.

  • One country that will make a profound difference

  • to global meat consumption is China,

  • which accounts for almost a third of the total meat eaten.

  • China consumes about half the world's pork,

  • but since 2018, African swine fever

  • has killed more than 100m pigs there.

  • Cramping supply and pushing pork prices up to record highs.

  • But even before the outbreak, consumption

  • had been levelling off.

  • The country saw peak pork in 2014.

  • In fact, a 2018 report from the OECD

  • and the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation

  • suggests China's demand for meat will slow considerably

  • over growing health concerns and a peak in the country's

  • population before 2030.

  • The troubles facing the meat industry

  • haven't hurt plant-based meats prospects.

  • More money flowed into companies making plant-based

  • and cell cultured meat, eggs, and dairy

  • in the first quarter of 2020 than in the whole of last year.

  • In China, interest in alternative proteins

  • was already rising before the pandemic, thanks to swine flu.

  • Within a generation, the market for meat

  • could look very different.

Is the world reaching peak meat?


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世界正在达到“高峰肉”吗?(Is the world reaching ‘peak meat’? | FT Food Revolution)

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