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  • Hi there! It's Luca from MosaLingua.

  • Today I want to discuss a very fun method for

  • learning a language watching movies and television series.

  • At the end of this

  • video, you'll know how to really watch movies and TV shows to improve your

  • language skills.

  • I've been using movies and series to learn languages for years.

  • For example, I have to say that without Friends, my english would not have progressed so

  • fast as it did during my university years.

  • Before moving on, I need to tell

  • you something to straight up: if you are thinking that you can learn a language just by watching

  • a movie or a TV show, you're going to be disappointed. This method really works if

  • you are going to use it as a complementary tool and if you really

  • have some basic skills. You still need to learn vocabulary and try to speak as

  • much as possible. But if you want to improve your listening skills and pick

  • up a new vocab, then movies and series are your best friends. Now let me give

  • you some tips to get the most out of this method.

  • First ban dubbed movies and series.

  • From now on, only watch movies and series in the original version with

  • subtitles. At the beginning it's totally normal to have some troubles following

  • them. Eventually your brain will learn how to guess what is going on based on

  • context clues. Second: turn on the subtitles. If you are a beginner

  • it's okay to start with subtitles in your native language.

  • Then, as soon as you can switch to subtitles in the target language. Spend

  • as much time in this phase as you need to, and when you feel ready

  • turn off the subtitles.

  • Third: do not read the subtitles. You have to resist the

  • temptation to read the subtitles all the time. You need to train yourself to use

  • them as a visual aid. Otherwise you lose the interest of this method.

  • Another tip: do not look up words. If you hit the pause button frequently then you'll get bored.

  • Because your movie will last much too long.

  • If you really want to, you can keep a notepad next to your popcorn. Write down

  • some words and expressions you would like to look up afterwards.

  • 5. Be regular and consistent. As always try to practice with regularity.

  • I recommend 2/3 movies per week or if you prefer series you can even watch an

  • episode every day. Because each one only lasts 40 / 50 minutes. And then, my final

  • tip: start with movies and series you already know quite well.

  • Of course it's easier to understand a movie or an episode of a TV show that

  • you're already familiar with. This way you know it will keep your interest and you

  • will already have some ideas of the plot so you will be never completely lost.

  • That's all for today! If you want to find out what the best movies and series are

  • for learning a language, click on the link below. Thanks for watching and

  • before you go, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel because we have a

  • lot of other surprises and tools to share with you. Take care and have fun!

Hi there! It's Luca from MosaLingua.


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How to learn a language with movies and series

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