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  • we have arrived at our tiny house by the beach  also known as a bunkie it's a bit of a climb


  • okay google am i irresistible i feel like  sam is trying to replace me with google steve

    好嗎?google是我不可抗拒的感覺,我覺得山姆正試圖用google steve代替我,

  • i have our own private balcony that looks  out over the woods i'm looking forward to  


  • my morning coffee out here that's going to  be so nice the sounds and sights of nature


  • all right hello hello guys it's time for  another weekend adventure indeed indeed  

    好吧,大家好,是時候進行另一個週末冒險了,的確是 今天,我們要帶您去一個

  • today we are taking you to a tiny house by the  beach that sounds awesome we haven't done a beach  

    聽起來很美 的海灘旁的小房子裡太棒了,我們還沒有在海灘上

  • front stay before have we no we have no right  so i'm pretty excited like we've done the woods  

    呆過,所以我們很興奮,就像我們 這次在海邊 一樣,我們已經完成了樹林,

  • we've done farms like lots of nature stuff this  time we're by the beach yeah so of course before  

    農場等許多自然事物一樣, 是的,我感到非常興奮 所以當然,在 我們入住

  • we check in because check-in is usually in the  afternoon we're going to take you for a little  

    之前 ,因為通常是在下午辦理入住手續,我們將帶您去

  • hike we're planning to head over to copeland  forest then we're going to make time for some  


  • food because we just like to eat in general so  yeah that is it for now we will see you shortly


  • cool

    ç 歡迎來到 谷地 森林歡迎光臨我們已經做到了,我們已經做到了,我們正在進行

  • welcome to copeland forest welcome welcome  we've made it we've made it we're going on  


  • our little hike it's like a very thick wooded  area yeah this is a big piece of land a big  

    一塊 很大 的保護區,以至於我們也注意到其他人也到達這裡,

  • piece of conservation area so much so that we  noticed some other people arriving here as well  


  • we noticed some families doing some biking and  uh there's a number of different trails you can  


  • choose from we're just gonna do the probably  the easiest one but it's just nice to be out  

    小徑, 但是 在樹林裡走走

  • in the woods going for a walk  away from the city yes right

    真是太好了 散步,遠離城市 這個地方的 是權利

  • so first impressions of this place we knew it was  big but we didn't realize it was 4 400 acres big  


  • that's pretty massive that explains all the  trails huh the trails here are nice and wide  


  • which is kind of fascinating because the rest of  the forest is really thick and dense yeah so you  


  • have this nice big path spacious path but then you  look to your left you look to your right and just  


  • covered in forest and also can i just mention  the sun is starting to come out after days of  

    被森林覆蓋了,我還能說太陽是幾天的 gra 之後開始出來

  • gray skies and rain finally goodness a little bit  of blue i forgot what that was all about a little  


  • bit of warmth i forgot what the sun will even  look like it's nice it's nice it's really nice  


  • welcome welcome we have arrived at our tiny  house (tiny home) by the beach also known as  


  • a bunkie and it is funky time we're cooling  here it is super rustic yeah kind of modern  

    Bunkie,現在是時髦的時候,我們在這裡降溫,這是一種超級鄉村的 感覺 , 是的, 是的,

  • yeah it feels cozy we're just 500 meters from the  beach so yeah i'm feeling relaxed already it's so  

    是的, 是的,現代, 是的,很舒服,距離海灘只有500米,是的,我已經放鬆了所以

  • chill here yeah just like there's the beach vibes  i'm just feeling the beach vibes which we are  

    在這裡冷靜,就像在海灘上共鳴一樣,我只是感覺到我們 即將向您展示

  • going to show you shortly but first we wanted to  give you a tour of this tiny house because it is  

    的海灘共鳴, 但是首先我們想帶您參觀這座小房子,因為它

  • super unique so let's just get started we're going  to start in the messiest part which is where we've

    超級獨特,所以讓我們開始吧“將從最混亂的部分開始,這是我們 首先在早餐站

  • first our breakfast station yeah we havekeurig coffee maker they left us some coffee  

    開始的地方,是的,我們 有一個keurig咖啡機,他們給我們留了一些咖啡

  • hot chocolate wine bottle opener it makes me wish  we brought wine we decided to take a little break  


  • from the wines there's even a wine fridge yeah  i know that was impressive i was like maybe they  


  • left a bottle in there no no bring your own bottle  yeah all right then we've got a lovely fireplace  


  • but the weather has completely changed it's  starting to warm up so i'm not sure we'll need it  


  • um there's also a tv that's connected to netflix  maybe we'll watch a movie when we get back from  

    ,還有一台與netflix連接的電視,也許當我們從 海灘 回來時我們會看電影

  • the beach oh for sure that might be fun we didn't  bring our computers so yeah i'm sure we will don't  


  • bring our computers on these escapes and i enjoyed  so much more it's like exactly why we're only away  


  • for a little bit why don't we say hi to our our  friend the moose up there that's a deer i'm sorry


  • oh man bad canadian someone needs a nap huh okay  uh second floor second floor we've got these two  


  • cool ladders and this place has a bit of a loft  vibe so you actually have two sleeping areas  

    很酷的梯子,這個地方有點閣樓氛圍,所以實際上 你在樓上 有兩個睡眠區,

  • upstairs yep you have two big mattresses  so technically you could have four people  


  • sleeping up there yeah i'm going to stand back  just to show you guys how tall this goes up  


  • it's a bit of a climb if you don't mind climbing  12 feet then no problem yeah if you do you might  


  • want to be sleeping on the couch right there this  is a very large couch that is true yeah um i guess  


  • i'll show you the bathroom while we're here come  into the bathroom all right voila we have a sink  


  • lovely round mirror toilet toilet no shower but  you do have the beach if you're visiting in the  

    漂亮的圓形鏡子,洗手間,沒有淋浴,但是如果您在 夏季 訪問,您確實有海灘

  • summer time that should be okay yeah people  only come here for like a night or two anyway  


  • so it's not not natural shower yeah exactly  then the living area come on over we have an  


  • l-shaped sectional couch or sleeping area or  sleeping area you don't want to climb up the  

    L形的組合沙發或睡眠區,或者您不想爬到 睡眠區 的

  • sleeping area yeah lots of pillows cozy  blankets cool coffee table yeah and  

    睡眠區,是的枕頭的舒適毛毯冷卻茶几耶 哦 最好的部分真的是這是我們有,

  • oh the best part really is the balcony it is  we have our own private balcony that looks out  

    俯瞰 它看起來森林裡去,是的樹林 自己的私人陽台, 這樣一來就這樣不介意梯子

  • over the woods it looks out into the forest  yep so come on this way don't mind the ladder  

    唐 陽台 不用理會梯子,您知道我們以後可以做什麼,我們可以點一支蠟燭

  • don't mind the ladder you know what we  can do later is we can light a candle  


  • i'm looking forward to my morning coffee out here  that's gonna be so nice the sounds and sights of  

    自然 的聲音和景像

  • nature look at that guys i also like that they've  put up a net because in the summertime mosquitoes  


  • can be vicious there's a couple other cool  features inside that i'll oh let's switch yeah  


  • let's switch so come on in we've also got a google  system so sam is forming a friendship with google  


  • here okay google am i irresistible well i just  looked up good looking on and  

    在這裡 與google建立了友誼。

  • the only definition they had was a photo of you  so i'd say a definitive yes hey i've made a friend  


  • i feel like sam is trying to replace me  with google gee so before we get too far  

    我覺得sam試圖用google gee代替我,所以在我們

  • into the video i want to say a big thank you  to this week's video sponsor which is nordvpn  


  • and if you're not too familiar with what a vpn is  vpn stands for virtual private network and it's a  


  • service that protects your internet connection  and privacy online which means you don't have  

    保護您的Internet連接和在線隱私 的 服務,這意味著您無需

  • to worry when you're using public networks in  cafes airports hotels or random airbnbs like we  


  • are right now so the cool thing about nordvpn is  that you can have up to six devices on one account  

    我們 現在這樣對nordvpn的很酷的事情是,你可以有多達六個設備

  • which comes in pretty handy because between sam  and i we've got three laptops and two phones so  

    上 進來非常方便,因為SAM之間和我,我們已經得到了三台筆記本電腦和兩部手機這樣 一個帳戶

  • yeah that's a lot of technology that we tend to  carry around and the most frequent way that sam  

    是的這是我們傾向於攜帶的許多技術,而山姆 和我實際上使用我們的vpn

  • and i actually use our vpn is to unlock shows on  netflix which aren't available in all countries  

    的最常見方式 是解鎖netflix上的節目,但並非在所有國家/地區都可以使用,

  • because in case you didn't know canada does not  get the same shows that you might get in the us  


  • or the uk or australia so if you want to try  using a vpn we're going to have a code for you  


  • here on the screen and also in the description  box and this will give you a big discount on  

    在屏幕上以及說明框中 為您提供一個代碼 ,這將為您提供 兩年計劃的

  • a two-year plan plus one month free so thanks  again nordvpn and now let's get back to the video  

    大優惠 加上免費的一個月,所以再次感謝nordvpn,現在讓我們回到視頻中,

  • well no fish and chips what happened what  happened apparently fish and chips is  


  • seasonal when you're in a small beach town it  starts in may may so we drove to another town  


  • which mostly had fast food options and we  got pizza hut it's been a little while huh  

    主要有f的 小鎮

  • sam's favorite pizza is my favorite is your  favorite yeah there you go did a large four  


  • topping special and last time we had pizza hut  we were trying to remember in the car when did  

    澆頭特色 菜, 而上次我們有披薩小屋時,我們想在車上記起來是什麼時候

  • we actually have this it was in hong kong yeah  and it was valentine's day it was a date night  


  • and pizza hut is considered fancy it's fancy there  inexpensive expensive in korea too hey guys before  


  • we tuck in look at the views we just arrived  here that's amazing we're eating on the balcony  


  • yeah pretty cool garlic sauce i know you love  my vampire breath no not not exactly there we go


  • all right guys so we're going to obviously  show you that beach but we're talking into food  


  • so


  • all right so we are back in the cabin netflixing  netflix oh my gosh so we just finished watching  

    沒事所以我們回到了小屋裡netflixing netflix哦,我的天哪,所以我們只是 回頭

  • back to the future the first one i had never  ever seen that movie that's well it came out  

    看了 未來,這是我從未見過的那部電影,那是 你出生前 問世的好電影,

  • before you were born no i know but it's a classic  yeah it's a classic everybody knows back to the  

    不,我知道,但這是一部經典 電影, 是的每個人都知道的經典回到

  • future well we've been watching a lot of 80s  classics we watched crocodile dundee lately  


  • yeah we watched uh indiana jones indiana jones now  it's back to the future yeah we're on an 80s theme  


  • month or whatever we are but it got me thinking  like for you guys what are some of your biggest  

    月之內,無論如何我想對於你們來說, 當您看電影時,可能遇到的

  • oversights when it comes to movies you know  classics that you probably should have seen but  

    最大的 疏忽 是什麼? 您知道一些經典電影,您可能應該看過,但

  • you never have and when you finally get around to  it it's like whoa it took me so long we have you  

    您從未 看過 ;當您終於 熟悉 它時,就像哇,我花了這麼長時間,我們擁有您

  • seen e.t as a kid and it scared me okay it scared  me maybe we can try that one again too yeah so  

    見過小時候等等,這讓我很害怕,也讓我害怕,也許我們可以再嘗試一次,是的,所以 我們

  • we're gonna watch back to the future too yeah just  finished one we have to see what happens to their  

    也要 回頭看未來,是的,我們剛剛要看一下他們的 孩子

  • kids right the scientists came back yeah there's  just like an innocence to the 80s movies yeah  

    發生了什麼事, 科學家來了。是的,就像80年代的電影一樣

  • and we got to see what they they thought of what  the future would be i think there was flying cars  


  • didn't quite make it to that from the 80s  anyways so here we go round two round two


  • okay jennifer's here we're  gonna take the new truck


  • so


  • so  


  • well good morning guys world how is everyone how  are you guys how are you how did you say yeah i  


  • slept pretty good how about you i slept pretty  well you know the fireplace turned on halfway  

    睡得非常好,我怎麼樣,你睡得很好,你知道的壁爐打開 到

  • through the night so it kept us nice and toasty  there was some like smart setting in in the in the  

    一半 的夜晚,它不停我們很好,也很烤麵包,那裡就像是一個智能裝置,

  • place there was that was like a super connected  futuristic type of tiny house which at first it  


  • was like whoa technology that's a bit invasive  but when the fireplace turned on at like one in  


  • the morning it was like oh that's so nice i don't  have to do it myself yeah it was a little literal  

    早上 它就像噢,那真是太高興我沒有做我自己啊這是一個小字面

  • opposite experience we had at a previous day where  we were having to tend the fire all throughout the  

    相反的經驗,我們曾在這裡我們不得不趨於所有整個 晚上

  • night yeah so this one just kicked in yeah yeah  magic so it was nice to wake up to the sounds  

    的火災前一天 呀所以這一塊剛踢了,是的,魔術,所以很高興醒來,聽到

  • of nature there were birds chirping animals  scurrying about we had a really nice coffee  

    大自然 的聲音 ,鳥兒在rp叫著動物,因為我們 在陽台上

  • on the balcony a little bit a little bit chilly  we put some blankets on blankets that was probably  

    喝了一杯非常不錯的咖啡 ,有點冷,我們在毯子上放了一些毛毯,這可能是

  • my favorite part of this tiny house (tiny homethat little balcony with the mosquito net so you  


  • can enjoy it you know year round the views were so  nice it was just forest all around yeah exactly um  


  • so yeah like the tiny house itself was really  close to the main house and the garage like  


  • it's on a plot of land that has a mansion yeah  um so like you're kind of close in that regard  


  • but then when you go to the balcony like  you only see nature so you feel like you're  


  • isolated right it's kind of like it's like another  side of a coin yes you flip one side and you're  


  • right by the house you flip the other side and  you're right out of nature yeah so it was a really  


  • good stay i had fun i enjoyed the forest hike  we did yesterday it was nice going to the beach  


  • there was no one at the beach we were the only  people there yeah um so yeah overall overall great  


  • yeah great day too and it's been a nice  drive we've purposely chosen country roads  


  • yes we started off with some fog oh yeah lots  of lots of fog and then that lifted and then  


  • we've basically been driving through rural areas  the entire time country roads we've seen lots of  


  • farm properties lots of barns yeah it's been  really nice as opposed to being on the highway  


  • you know i think it was only the route was only  going to take us like what five minutes more  


  • going this way i know it's so much more relaxed  i'll i'll take that for a few more minutes so  

    走 五分鐘, 我知道它會放鬆得多,我會再花幾分鐘

  • worth it and you see different places that you've  never seen before go through so many different  


  • little communities little little towns little  farm areas and yeah it was just a fantastic trip  

    小社區,小城鎮,農場地區,是的,只要 我們有機會逃離這座城市,這真是

  • really enjoyed it anytime we have a chance to  escape the city i know i probably sound like  

    一次美妙的旅行 ,我知道我可能聽起來像個

  • a broken record saying this all the time but i'll  take it there you go well we hope you guys enjoyed  


  • coming along for this unique tiny house near  the beach and as you know we love unique  


  • stays so we'll be back with more adventures  plenty more yeah so stay tuned thanks guys

    的 獨特 體驗,所以我們一定會回來與更多的冒險大量的多呀敬請關注謝謝 你

  • you


we have arrived at our tiny house by the beach  also known as a bunkie it's a bit of a climb



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住在海灘邊的TINY HOUSE裡? (Staying in a TINY HOUSE by the BEACH ??️ | Tour of BUNKIE with Loft Bed in Ontario, Canada!)

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