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  • Thanks for taking 10 for a new edition of our show.

    感謝你撥出10 分鐘觀看我們的節目 。

  • I'm Carl Azuz.

    我是 Carl Azuz。

  • The U.S. state of Minnesota is the site of our first report today.


  • Nights of demonstrations and violence have followed the shooting of a black man by a police officer.


  • Here's what happened.


  • On Sunday afternoon in a suburb of Minneapolis,


  • Police say officers stopped 20-year-old Daunte Wright because his car license tag had expired.

    警方稱,警員攔下了 20 歲的 Daunte Wright ,因為他的車牌已經過期。

  • During the traffic stop, officers learned there was an outstanding warrant for Wright's arrest.


  • According to "The New York Times," police say he was facing two misdemeanor charges for carrying a pistol without a permit and running from police last summer.


  • Officers asked Wright to get out of the car, which he did but afterward there was a scuffle and police say it looked like Wright was trying to get back into the car to flee.

    警員要求 Wright 下車,他照做了,但事後發生了爭吵,警方說,Wright 好像是想回到車上逃跑。

  • An officer then yelled taser, in reference to an electroshock weapon.


  • But she pulled her gun instead and fired the shot that killed Wright.

    但她卻拔出了槍並開了一槍殺死 Wright。

  • Police say this was an accident that resulted in Wright's tragic death.

    警方表示,這是一起導致 Wright 慘死的意外。

  • An attorney for Wright's family says the shooting was preventable and inhumane.

    Wright 家人的律師表示,這次槍擊事件是本可避免的,且不人道的。

  • Protests have followed with demonstrators calling for police to be held responsible.


  • Officers used tear gas and stun guns to break up crowds that defied a curfew.


  • Demonstrators have thrown bottles, bricks, and fireworks at police.


  • There've been multiple reports of stores being damaged in the community.


  • The officer involved in the Wright's death and the Brooklyn Center Police Chief have resigned and an investigation is being conducted.

    參與 Wright 死亡事件的警員和布魯克林的警察局長已經辭職,並正在進行調查。

  • All this is happening 10 miles away from the trial of a police officer accused of killing another black man last May and demonstrations against Wright's death have been held in other cities with a riot being declared Monday in Portland, Oregon.

    所有這一切都發生在距去年 5 月一名警察被指控殺害另一名黑人的審判相距 10 英里的距離,而針對 Wright 之死的示威活動已在其他城市舉行,星期一宣布在俄勒岡州的波特蘭市進行暴動。

  • Next today, American health officials are recommending what they call a pause in the use of a certain coronavirus vaccine.


  • Johnson & Johnson was the third company to get authorization for emergency use of its vaccine.


  • That happened in February.


  • Since then, the Centers for Disease Control says more than six million doses have been given but there've been at least six cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot reported afterward.

    自那時起,疾病控制中心表示已經給出 600 多萬劑疫苗,但事後至少有 6 例罕見嚴重類型的血栓報告。

  • Health officials say one person has died and another is in critical condition.


  • They also say that the vaccine requires a different treatment for potential blood clots that doctors usually give.


  • So they've recommended that medical officials hold off on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine until these issues are addressed.


  • 10 Second Trivia.

    10 秒問答。

  • Which of these islands would you find about 100 miles off China's eastern coast? Taiwan, Okinawa, Hong Kong or Hainan.

    你會在中國東海岸外 100 英里處發現以下哪一個島嶼?臺灣、沖繩、香港或海南。

  • Across the Taiwan Strait from the Chinese mainland lies the island of Taiwan.


  • Next story involves both the island of Taiwan and the mainland of China.


  • They each have their own government.


  • Taiwan is a semi-presidential republic. China is a communist state.


  • And each of these governments says it's the only legitimate ruler of all China, so that's one source of tension between them.


  • The other is that the U.S. is an ally of Taiwan and a rival of China.


  • China is flexing its military might releasing through state media a flood of dramatic video clips like these.


  • They show Chinese naval exercises that U.S. officials say our aimed to intimidate the people of Taiwan.


  • And what is of real concern to us is in -- increasingly aggressive actions by the government in Beijing directed at Taiwan.


  • Under the one China policy, the Peoples Republic of China and its ruling communist party consider Taiwan to be part of its sovereign territory.


  • President Xi Jingping has vowed to never allow the self-governed democracy to become formally independent and he will not rule out the use of force if necessary to take the island back.


  • He's also signaling to the United States, we can prevent you from helping Taiwan.


  • In recent months, the People's Liberation Army-Navy showcasing its capabilities just off Taiwan's eastern coast.


  • Military experts say that is a pointed effort to demonstrate that china can cut the island off from US military support.


  • From above, near daily occurrences of multiple PLA aircraft entering Taiwan's air defense zone from the west. A coordinated move that is alarming to some experts.


  • It has sparked strong words from Taiwan's foreign minister.


  • We are willing to defend ourselves and is without any question and we will fight the war if we need to fight the war.


  • Taiwan's military is no comparison to china's, where the PLA boasts more than a million soldiers.


  • Taiwan only has 140,000 troops.

    臺灣只有 14 萬軍隊。

  • China's got roughly 100 intercontinental ballistic missiles and more than 200 nuclear warheads.

    中國有大約 100 枚洲際彈道導彈和 200 多枚核彈頭。

  • Taiwan has neither and that is why the island is so heavily reliant on allies most especially the U.S.


  • And we have a commitment to Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act to make sure that Taiwan has the ability to defend itself.


  • But Biden Administration officials stop short of guaranteeing U.S. military intervention should Beijing make a move on Taiwan.


  • Instead, the U.S. has been using its Pacific fleet to showcase its own strength.


  • This photo from last week showing a Navy guided missile destroyer's commanding officer sitting feet propped up as one of China's two aircraft carriers sailed by.


  • And while the PLA has focused its exercises to Taiwan's east, the USS John McCain cruised to the west of the island last week.


  • The guided missile destroyer passing through the Taiwan Strait right between the mainland and Taiwan.


  • In response, Chinese officials said the U.S. was stirring up trouble.


  • U.S. military leaders believe a Chinese attack on Taiwan could be just years away. And I think the threat is man festering this decade, in fact in the next six years.


  • My opinion is this problem is much closer to us than most think.


  • The Biden Administration facing mounting pressure on the matter as tensions at sea rise.


  • But some analysts believe much of what we're seeing is unnecessary hype.


  • The near-term goal is to deter independence and China has largely achieved that goal.


  • And I don't believe that the Chinese are likely to use force within the next few years.


  • I think they do not want to pay the price.


  • Whatever the intention, former Navy Captain and U.S. Intelligence Officer Carl Shuster says, China's messaging is clearly directed to a specific audience.

    前海軍上尉兼美國情報官 Carl Shuster 表示,無論有什麼意圖,中國的信息顯然是很針對的。

  • They want the American people and the American government to see the cost of helping Taiwan as exceeding the benefits.


  • You well know Captain, you're going to have Americans who will look at this and they'll say, why should Americans be involved in anything over there.


  • Why should they care what's happening with Taiwan? To that you would say?


  • If you really won't defend a 70-year partner from violent aggression, then other countries will look at it and believe we either are not capable or not willing to sacrifice anything for them.

    如果真的不捍衛 70 年的夥伴免受暴力侵害,那麼其他國家看到會相信我們要麼沒有能力,要麼就是不願意為他們犧牲任何東西。

  • Many Chihuahuas are a one-family dogs.


  • They love their one family and not much else.


  • I had one growing up that was so sweet unless this dude named Troy tried to pet her while I was holding her and she tried to remove his finger.

    我從小就有養一隻,很可愛,除了叫 Troy 的傢伙在我抱著牠時要摸牠,牠就會試圖咬掉他的手指頭。

  • Anyway, there's one up for adoption that's far worse.


  • - When you're trying to get someone to adopt a dog... - Fancy. Hello.

    - 當你想讓別人領養一隻狗時... - Fancy,哈摟。

  • You usually don't use phrases like neurotic, man-hating, animal-hating, children-hating, a 13-pound rage machine.

    你通常不會用像是神經質、討厭男人、討厭動物、討厭兒童、13 磅重的的憤怒機器來形容。

  • Tiffany Fortuna is passionate about rescuing pets until a permanent home can be found.

    Tiffany Fortuna 熱衷於拯救寵物,直到找到一個永久的家。

  • She says with a Chihuahua named "Prancer", she tried to make him sound palatable but the problem is, he's just not.

    她說,有一隻叫 Prancer 的吉娃娃,她想讓牠聽起來很可愛,但問題是牠一點都不。

  • Ladies, if you have a husband, Tiffany says don't bother applying, unless you hate him. He bonds with women only.

    Tiffany 說,「女士們,如果你有老公,就不要申請領養,除非你恨你老公。」因為牠只跟女性相處的來。

  • New Jersey based Second Chance Pet Adoption League specializes in hard to place animals.

    位在新澤西州的 Second Chance Pet Adoption League 專門處理難以安置的動物。

  • They even made a movie trailer dedicated to "Prancer".

    他們甚至專門為 Prancer 拍了一部電影預告片。

  • What are you doing?


  • But instead of scaring folks off, Prancer's getting hundreds of inquiries.

    但是,Prancer 不但沒有嚇跑大家,反而接到了數百通諮詢電話。

  • He sounds perfect for me when can I pick up?


  • - Okay, so this is how we meet new people and make friends. - Who needs friends?

    - 所以我們就是這樣認識新朋友和交朋友。- 誰需要朋友?

  • Prancer does have good points. Extremely loyal, understands basic commands.

    Prancer 確實有不錯的地方,極度忠誠、理解基本指令。

  • And oh, also he's only two years old and will probably live to be 21 through pure spite.

    而且對了,牠只有兩歲,可能會因為純屬惡意而活到 21 歲。

  • What kind of devil dog lets you pet him and when you stop, noses you for more.


  • Like any Chihuahua, "Prancer" will "chiwowwya".

    就像任何吉娃娃一樣,Prancer 會咬你。

  • They're the smallest breed of dog but you "chu wow wouldn't" want to say that to their face unless you have "canine" lives.


  • Some say they're yappy but the truth is they're scrappy.


  • The miniature "chuwonders" of the dog world who "chuwowill" "chu" you up if you don't think they "ruv" it.


  • I'm Carl Azuz. We're going to Mexico today as in Mexico High School.

    我是 Carl Azu,我們今天要去墨西哥的墨西哥高中。

  • It's in Mexico, Missouri.


  • Thanks to you and everyone else for watching CNN.


Thanks for taking 10 for a new edition of our show.

感謝你撥出10 分鐘觀看我們的節目 。

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