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  • A.I. might be a human-destroying killer, but without ANY A.I., the world wouldn't be a

  • very awesome place.

  • Stephen Hawking famously said to the BBC, "The development of full artificial intelligence

  • could spell the end of the human race[1]."

  • Elon Musk has said it's like, "summoning the demon[2]."

  • And yet, earlier this month, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and important minds from around the

  • world signed an open letter from the Future of Life Institute encouraging a future for

  • the technology.

  • The letter was widely interpreted by the media[3],[4] to indicate these super-smart peeps are saying

  • A.I. is going to KILL US ALL, but that's not entirely accurate.

  • It says, right in the open letter[5], "The potential benefits are huge, since everything

  • that civilization has to offer is a product of human intelligence," what they ARE saying

  • is how A.I. may change the way we live, work, and affect the planet.

  • A.I. could solve problems in ways we can't conceive, and if done right might create a

  • better world for us in the process!

  • Might, being the operative word here

  • At the moment, A.I. isn't dangerous in itself unless you're living in the realms of films

  • and television.

  • The open letter is some of the greatest humans NOW wanting to make sure the A.I. of the FUTURE

  • will be programmed to concern human safety.

  • Musk donated 10 million dollars alone to safety of A.I.[6] because he knows: computers are

  • dumb.

  • We have to teach them morality, ethics and empathy, just like we train it to drive, speak,

  • move cargo or play piano.

  • We have to recognize, the humans PROGRAMMING the A.I. have biases.

  • If we create a banking A.I. using current lending data as data points, it might lend

  • more to white people than black people; because of the racism of the people who "taught" the

  • computer!

  • It's all in how we program it[7].

  • This open letter acknowledges[8] that A.I. is beneficial, and it it's a pledge to make

  • sure that's a priority in the future too.

  • Early A.I. work was mainly done by computer scientists, but it's now interdisciplinary;

  • encompassing biology, medicine, law and ethics, psychology and so on.

  • Researchers are saying A.I. should make the world safer and pledging to that fact.

  • As of now, the most advanced artificial intelligences are still pretty basic, working in areas like

  • language processing, photo and face recognition, shipping and logistics, or in driverless cars.

  • To say these are "intelligent" isn't entirely correct.

  • Though often A.I. do have some machine learning, computers only know what we teach them.

  • For example, the brain of a driverless car can take you to the store, but it can't shop

  • for groceries; the variables are completely different.

  • As of 2013[9], the most advanced A.I. in the world, according to Business Insider, was

  • ConceptNet4.

  • It was built by M.I.T. and had the intelligence of a preschooler, it could explore a bit on

  • it's own, but mostly needed humans to input information for it to learn.

  • They're now up to ConceptNet5.3, and it's a free download[10]!

  • Sure, a full A.I. might be bad, but these rudimentary A.I. are nothing but helpful and

  • should continue to be!

  • Stephen Hawking himself uses a computer with type of A.I. to speak[11] called Assistive

  • Context Aware Toolkit (ACAT[12]).

  • It uses his previous writings and communication to predict what he's going to want to say.

  • That doesn't sound too dangerousand without the A.I. being able to learn, it wouldn't

  • be much help.

  • Hawking couldn't even TELL us to watch out for A.I. without A.I.!!

  • Hawking, Musk, and researchers from the largest and smartest technology firms and universities

  • in the world aren't saying, "Run for your lives!"

  • They're saying "Run the right algorithms!"

  • What do you think about Artificial Intelligence?

  • Would you want it?

A.I. might be a human-destroying killer, but without ANY A.I., the world wouldn't be a


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為什麼人工智慧是必須(Why You Shouldn’t Fear Artificial Intelligence)

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