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  • Hey guys this is Cathycat and today we're  going to talk about 50 facts about Japan let's go

  • Japan is roughly the same size as California

  • Japan's population is almost the same as Mexico

  • Hokkaido.... Japan is roughly divided into four  parts Hokkaido Shikoku Honshu Kyushu

  • Japan has roughly 140 dialects Okini!

  • in Japan people drive on the left hand side

  • and 54% of Japanese people have bicycles

  • Japanese pizza haslot of sweet corn on top Americans hate it

  • if you cut okonomiyaki like you would cut a pizza  people in Osaka would get really angry at you

  • Japanese water is generally soft water

  • Japanese toilet paper is categorized  into two types single and double

  • a single roll of toilet paper  is 50 meters long a double 25  

  • Japanese toilet paper is generally scented

  • in 2019 around 9492 train stations existed in  Japan

  • 43 stations closed 19 were opened and 17 were renamed in 2019.

  • Japanese people are super quiet on the train

  • many Japanese people sleep on the train

  • those who sleep on the train miraculously wake up right before their stop 10 seconds and dash out and don't oversleep

  • how?

  • no one brings Mcdonald's food into the train and eats smelly food on the trains

  • people hand  out free tissues in busy parts of the area

  • super soft Japanese tissues are sweet

  • normal

  • sweet

  • Japan has the most types of  Kitkat flavors in the world  

  • the most famous Gummi in Japan is Haribo (which is from Germany btw)

  • Japanese people call one of their foods American dog

  • They have it here! It's cheap!

  • Do you need a bag?

  • Sorry

  • One American dog please

  • Do you need a bag?

  • Yes please.

  • this is an American dog

  • the most  popular energy drink in Japan is OronaminC

  • some kitchen items in Japan don't  only make sounds but they also speak

  • heating menu. Will start heating now.

  • the Japanese bathtub speaks

  • I will start filling the tub. Did you remember to put in the plug?

  • like Japanese people call Japan  in two ways nihon and nippon  

  • there are exactly seven Carl's junior in Japan right now maybe

  • some people abbreviate the words first kitchen  with [ __ ]

  • you generally have to ask the staff to get ketchup at Mcdonald's

  • there's only  one subway in the hall of mie prefecture

  • the most known english phrase  in Japan is "this is a pen"

  • pen pineapple apple pen

  • the average Japanese  introduction in english is my name is nanchara

  • Foreigners won't understand the Japanese meaning of nanchara

  • when Japanese people make an introduction of themselves in english they usually say "my name  is"

  • i'm getting a little embarrassed when Japanese  mispronounce the word "sit down"

  • Cathy shiiito down.

  • Japanese students get embarrassed when I say the word six

  • Japanese  people consume the most octopus in the world

  • but if it's the leg part of the  octopus America is number one  

  • the conditions for paternity leave are said to be  among the best in the world according to unicef.

  • but compared to other developed countries they  unfortunately use it the least

  • Japan holds a world record of snowfall of one hundred .... and .... Japan holds 1182  

  • Japan also holds the record of the biggest  hailstone at 23.6 centimeters oh my god  

  • the most popular alcohol in Japan is liquor  like chuhai

  • the least popular is whiskey

  • when you look up to the sky you  generally see electric cables  

  • if you see a cat that has a heart-shaped  ear edge it means usually it's been sterilized

  • Japan has 48 prefectures

  • Japanese people eat  an average of 1.4 kilogram of seaweed per year

  • the national flower of Japan  are the cherry blossoms

  • but that's not the only flower so there  are gonna be more Japan facts and you can  

  • help us compile them let us know your  Japan fact in the comments down below  

  • hope you enjoyed this and if you did give  us a like I hope I catch you soon for more  

  • stuff here on ask Japanese don't forget to  subscribe and i'll catch you soon from Tokyo. Bye!

  • you

Hey guys this is Cathycat and today we're  going to talk about 50 facts about Japan let's go


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50 Japan Facts In Under 7 Minutes

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