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  • hey guys samuel and audrey here and today we're  taking you on a food tour around bariloche  

    嘿,塞繆爾和奧黛麗在這裡,今天我們帶您前往 阿根廷巴里洛切,

  • argentina so if you're planning a trip to northern  patagonia bariloche is a city you'll be flying  

    附近的美食之旅, 因此,如果您計劃去北巴塔哥尼亞旅行,巴里洛切將是一個飛行之城

  • into and while you're there you may as well enjoy  the local cuisine in this video we'll be sampling  


  • argentine food (patagonian dishes) featuring wild  boar and trout we'll be feasting on artisanal  


  • chocolates and ice cream we'll be sipping craft  beer at a few local breweries and we'll be  

    巧克力和冰淇淋 為盛宴, 並在一些當地啤酒廠品嚐精釀啤酒,會是

  • ordering some pub favorites as well as treating  ourselves to some fine dining so bring your  


  • appetite because we're about to show you where  to eat and what to eat in bariloche argentina


  • well guys good morning and greetings  from a little slice of paradise  

    以及傢伙早上好和問候 這裡 吃 從天堂的一小片

  • here outside bariloche patagonia we've been staying  in a little swiss cottage in the woods  

    在 過去的幾天 裡 , 我們一直在巴里洛切巴塔哥尼亞郊外的 山間小

  • by a lake with mountain views for these last few  days this place is like so picture perfect it  

    屋裡住了一間瑞士小木屋 ,山上的景色讓這個地方看起來像是完美的照片,它

  • almost doesn't seem real it almost doesn't seem  real guys we had such a busy pace to the first  


  • leg of our our trip in argentina it's been so nice  just to chill out here get caught up on some work  

    我們在阿根廷旅行 的第一 站,真是太好了,只是放鬆一下,忙上了一些

  • we haven't been going out and eating out we've  just been cooking our own pastas making our own  


  • dishes at home just living the simple quiet  life but today we have beautiful weather the  

    在家 做飯 過著簡樸的生活,但今天我們的天氣晴朗,

  • sun has come out so we're planning to go  into town into bariloche that's right and  


  • we want to show you guys the argentine food  because this place is known for its craft beer  


  • chocolates raspberry covered chocolates absolutely  ice cream ice cream there's really good burgers  

    巧克力,巧克力,覆盆子 而聞名

  • at the place for having beer today too yes so  it's going to be all about the food today all  


  • about the argentine food tour and that's like just  the kind of day we love let's go eat let's go eat

    今天在這裡喝啤酒的地方 確實很棒 ,所以這將是今天 關於阿根廷美食之旅的 所有 食物,就像我們喜歡的那一天讓我們去吃東西吧去吃飯

  • update update we made it to town we rode the boss  we walked around a bit along the water's edge  


  • there's a bariloche sign so of course we have  to stop there take some photos it's neat how  


  • everyone cues there very polite very orderly very  orderly and whoever's next in line you know takes  

    每個人都很好地暗示了那裡的情況,非常有禮貌,非常有秩序,非常o rderly和認識的下一個隊列

  • a photo for the other person so yeah we got our  iconic postcard shot and we met some people who  

    中的人都為另一個人 拍照,是的,我們拍 了我們的標誌性明信片,我們遇到了一些 觀看我們的視頻的

  • watch our videos we took some selfies yeah that's  the most we've been recognized in one day i think  

    人, 我們拍了一些自拍照,是的,我認為這是一天以來我們認識最多的人

  • 10 today so far it's been awesome i don't know  if you guys ever see us just come say hi yes  


  • i always feel weird when there's like a line  of people forming to take photos with you

    當有人 圍成一團 與您合影時,我總是感到很奇怪,

  • i'm like even blushing now um but yeah now  we found a little cafe it's called mamushka  


  • and we wanted to try some other chocolates  like there's an entire section where you can  


  • get different types of chocolates this place  is really known for its suites and they also  


  • have a little cafe so we've got some drinks  i got some fancy tea from india coming and  


  • hot cocoa yeah so yeah we're warming up because  it's super windy out like it's springtime  


  • but it's really cold yeah it's very windy  so whatever the temperature says you can  


  • like minus five degrees yeah it's like  grab a scarf while you're at it yeah  


  • so yeah we're just waiting for the  food now we've already placed our order


  • do do


  • here the goodies have arrived guys  we ordered basically it's a sampler  

    這裡,好吃的東西已經到了,我們點的傢伙,基本上 是四個糕點

  • platter of four pastries yeah and we  got two different ones and they brought  

    的採樣 盤,是的,我們有兩種不同的他們 為我們 倆帶來了

  • unique ones for for both of us so we've got  eight little bites it's got a hot chocolate  


  • also they came with two little looks  like two little heart white chocolates  


  • so we are all set can't wait to dig in all  right i'm gonna try the hot chocolate first


  • oh my gosh that is the real deal that is thick  rich chocolatey it's like they melted like a  


  • chocolate bar in there yeah i wouldn't  be surprised oh my gosh since they are a  


  • chocolate shop you gotta try this yeah i figured  hot chocolate would be too sweet for me so i got  


  • some tea some asam tea from india to hopefully  cut some of the sugariness you were smart  

    從印度 買了 一些茶和一些阿薩姆茶,希望能減少一些你很聰明的糖味,

  • i wasn't look at this so it looks like this is  a nice little pastry filled with custard here


  • this reminds me kind of like a boston cream  inside this really interests me i think this  


  • is a mini alfajor could be dulce de leche  cookie layer on the bottom i'm guessing

    是一個迷你alfajor,底部可能是dulce de leche餅乾層,我猜

  • exactly what it is it looks like we got some  chocolate mousse this dulce de leche at the bottom  

    正是它的模樣,就像我們在底部有一些巧克力慕斯這種dulce de leche

  • and a little pastry bag that's my favorite  one so far a chocolate mousse is divine  

    餅乾和一個小糕點袋到目前為止,這是我最喜歡的巧克力, 它 是神聖

  • it's probably a good thing that we  don't live in barloche because oh  


  • man i don't think i can control myself  in this town and look over here looks  


  • like we have a little cheesecake bite  with the berry on top and some jam


  • oh yeah everything is just so good here like  every little bite i've tried i could have a  


  • second one of them i want more and the funny thing  is sam says he's a savory guy but just look at him


  • i still love my sweets guys i still  love my sweets what do you think wow  

    我仍然愛我的甜食們,我仍然愛我的甜食,你怎麼 知道我知道那

  • that is so thick i know and it's so rich it's  like a spanish style isn't it that's what  

    哇 這麼濃,它是如此豐富,就像是西班牙風格,那不是

  • i was thinking it's like hot chocolate  in madrid where you dip in the churros  


  • it's almost like a mud like a meal in  a bowl at least in terms of calories


  • and i think it has like the chocolate so guys we  forgot to mention the price at the last place we  

    ,我認為它就像巧克力一樣,所以伙計們,我們忘了提到在最後一個地方 吃 的價格

  • ate at sorry guys it was 850 us what a deal  we got two drinks and all those little bites  

    ,對不起,伙計們,這是850 美元, 這筆交易讓我們得到了兩杯飲料,所有這些小小的叮咬,

  • everything was delicious there beautiful  setting i would go back there again for sure  


  • and now we've moved on to ice cream guys we at  a place called rapa nui if you take a look here  

    ,現在我們已經轉到冰淇淋小伙子們,我們在一個叫做rapa nui的地方,如果您在這裡看看,

  • you'll see the different ice creams we have  so i ordered the the top layer has chocolate  


  • hazelnuts and then a special kind of dulce  de leche which has goat's milk yeah maybe  


  • goat's milk it's homemade you got a couple  of flavors with different um forced fruits  


  • yeah they're they're dripping like grapes oh yeah  i'm just gonna get after it mine is a raspberry  

    是的,它們像葡萄一樣滴 下來 ,是的,哦,是的,只是我要得到的是覆

  • with chocolate and meringue yeah and underneathhave patagonian red berries from the forest let's  

    有巧克力和酥皮 的覆盆子 ,是的,下面我有來自森林的巴塔哥尼亞紅色漿果,讓我們

  • try your berries try the berries oh my gosh that's  so good it's so tart you taste the real berries  


  • and the dulce de leche guys with the goat's milk  is divine that's my favorite flavor of ice cream  

    和dulce de leche山羊的傢伙牛奶是神聖的,這是我 在阿根廷

  • in argentina like hands down i always wear it  and that's the only thing he ever ordered should  

    最喜歡的冰淇淋風味, 就像我一直戴著它一樣,這是他所訂購的唯一一件事, 還

  • also mention that this place is fascinating  you can also buy chocolates there's a cafe  

    應該 提到,這個地方令人著迷,您還可以購買巧克力, 在我們身後

  • and a skating rink behind us dating rink if  you've ever wanted to go ice skating in order the  

    有一家咖啡館 和一個溜冰場約會溜冰場,如果您曾經想滑冰,以使

  • canadian in me is itching to put on some skates  and then do a few uh do a few laps around the ring  


  • and what was the price of this ice cream oh  both four yeah about four us just over four  


  • us dollars so two dollars each and you get  two flavors and a little cone of course you  


  • can order bigger sizes too but man we've got  a lot yeah this is the smallest size available  


  • we figured we should pace ourselves since we  want to keep eating around we're eating all day  

    我們 可以 考慮 的最小尺碼, 我們應該自己動手做因為我們要繼續吃圍繞我們吃了一整天

  • what the hell round three round three so  we went from the rapanui ice cream shop  


  • over to the rappanui cafe right next door because  there's one thing that you have to try if you come  

    走到 rappanui網吧隔壁,因為有一件事,你一定要試試,如果你

  • to bariloche and that is these are raspberries  covered in white chocolate and then milk chocolate  

    來 巴里洛切,那就是e為覆蓋在白巧克力,然後牛奶巧克力覆盆子

  • and they are delicious super famous so yeah we  just had to come here they've been going fast  


  • so good and to go along with it we got  some teas sam where's your tea from mine  


  • is called the pakistan tea it's got cinnamon  cardamon ginger and other ingredients you've  

    是叫做巴基斯坦茶,裡面有肉桂荳蔻豆薑和其他成分,您 一直聞到它,我還

  • been smelling it i haven't haven't had a chance  yet you really smell the ginger now it's just so  

    沒來過, 但您真的聞到了薑的味道,它是如此的

  • powerful and zesty well it's good i need something  that's not sugary not sugary and for me i got the  


  • one that's called belgian nougat yep so it's got  nougat from belgium and aside from that almonds  


  • and hazelnuts it just smells so nutty yeah  it's really nice then you've gotta try those  

    和榛子,它聞起來是如此的堅果味,是的,非常好,那麼你就得 為我們 嚐嚐那些

  • chocolates for us yes and i'm gonna bite it in  half to show you what the interior looks like


  • there you go so you can seenice plump raspberry in the middle  


  • a layer of white chocolate then milk chocolate  


  • so good oh man like today has just been the  ultimate food tour of barlow chili it says once  


  • you've opened this yeah um you have to refrigerate  it and it lasts up to 72 hours to three days but  


  • who's gonna control themselves for three days  that's not even gonna it's not gonna make it  


  • out of the restaurant bill is here we wanted to  let you guys know the price so that was 60 us  


  • dollars for two delicious cups of tea and those  raspberries covered in chocolate divine raspberry


  • now we're moving on i think  to the alpha horror cafe  

    要 60 美元, 現在我們繼續前進,我 想去 阿爾法恐怖咖啡館的

  • well guys we are now visiting the museum of  chocolate factory cafe slash museum and inside the  


  • museum you get some hot chocolate let me tell you  yeah this stuff is thick like even thicker than  

    一些熱巧克力,讓我告訴你,是的,這東西比 我們今天早上在咖啡館

  • the hot chocolate we have this morning at the cafe  it's like chocolate mud delicious chocolate mud  

    喝 的熱巧克力 還要厚 ,就像巧克力泥一樣美味的巧克力泥

  • exactly like hot chocolate in spain yeah that kind  of hot chocolate and there's a really cool section  

    就像西班牙的熱巧克力一樣是的,這種熱巧克力, 博物館裡

  • in the museum where they have these animals made  entirely out of chocolate yeah they're quite large  

    有一個很酷的區域 ,那裡的這些動物完全是用巧克力製成的,它們很大,

  • like some of them weigh like 70 80 90 kilos yeah  of chocolate so we're going to show you that in  

    像其中一些重達70 80 90公斤。吃了,所以我們將向您展示一下,

  • a moment it's amazing very cool then once you're  done touring the museum you exit to the shop where  

    這真是太酷了,然後一旦您完成了博物館的巡迴演出, 您便會 離開商店,在那裡

  • you can buy chocolates and alfajores and they  discount like half the admission costs it goes  


  • towards like whatever you want to buy in there  if you want to buy something we actually we're  


  • getting a present for a friend it's gonna work  out perfectly we're gonna find them all for us  

    在為朋友送禮物,它會完美地工作,我們會 在這裡

  • here we are well well that  museum tour was fascinating  

    找到它們,我們很高興 博物館之旅 真的很

  • really really cool exhibit the by far the most  interesting thing were those chocolates sculptures  

    著迷 最酷的展覽是迄今為止最有趣的事情,是那些巧克力雕塑

  • and they were heavy like one of them was 90 kilos  guys yeah that's a lot of chocolate puma was 130.  


  • and then there was a little video playing we  didn't film it but it was showing how they  


  • were pouring the liquid chocolate onto these molds  and make the animals yeah it's fascinating yeah so  

    是 如何 將液態巧克力倒入這些模具上的,並且讓動物們著迷,是的,所以

  • we've just come into the into the cafe shop here  great display of things to buy like we've been  


  • to havana cafes before i've never seen as much  selection so we picked up something for our friend


  • i feel like truffles is the wrong word in  english they're called trufas let me show  

    我覺得松露在英語中是錯誤的單詞,它們被稱為trufas,讓我向 您 展示

  • you like chocolate truffles this is what they  are maybe you do call them truffles in english  


  • yeah the truffles it's it's the it's the  chocolate with they have various kinds of  

    是的,松露是這是巧克力, 裡面有 各種

  • different ingredients inside there's dulce de  leche there's one with a mousse there's another  

    不同的配料,裡面有dulce de leche, 有的是 慕斯, 有的是

  • one with like a almond paste almond paste so  yeah i've never seen that before in havana shop  


  • and then just having a cup of coffee here and yeah  we're just uh trying to trying to get a second win  


  • because we still have some savory things to  try and beer and we're really looking forward  


  • to the next place we go to because it is uh the  patagonia cervezaria patagonia beer hall it looks  


  • out over the lake and still supposed to have an  incredible view i can't wait to check that out


  • yeah the brewery this is a beer  garden this is not the main area  


  • the main area is actually it's got an incredible  view and there's a main restaurant but it's so  

    ,主要區域實際上是一個不可思議的地方。 le view,那裡有一個主餐廳,但是

  • loud it sounds like a club in there it's actually  pretty loud here too but but we decided to pick  


  • a little bit of a quieter spot to have our beer  have a meal a little snack and what we're gonna do  

    一個安靜的地方,讓我們的啤酒有一點飯菜,還有我們 之後

  • afterwards is show you guys the stunning views  the views the views are incredible oh my gosh  

    要做的 就是向大家展示令人驚嘆的美景,美景令人難以置信哦,我的天哪,

  • but not from here so i got the amber  beer yeah i got an ipa cheers husband


  • i like mine same here nice  and light and we ordered the  

    我喜歡我的,這裡 光鮮亮麗 ,我們點了

  • rustic potatoes which have  they're like potato wedges  

    質樸的土豆,就像 切達干酪奶酪上的

  • with cheddar cheese lots of bacon some chives  they also have empanadas on the menu but there  

    土豆楔塊, 還有很多培根,還有一些細香蔥,菜單上也有肉餡捲餅,但是

  • isn't a whole lot of selection if you want to eat  outside if you want the full menu you go to the

    如果您想在戶外用餐,如果想要完整的菜單 , 就沒有很多選擇

  • restaurant


  • so  


  • hello there hello there and greetings from the  future this is the following day the following day  


  • so we're bringing you guys to brewery we are  because we didn't quite finish our argentine food  


  • tour yesterday we want to keep the good times  going yeah we're going to show you a cool pub  


  • tonight specializes in burgers and craft beers and  pizza and pizzas and you're getting a soup yeah  

    今晚有一家 很酷的酒吧, 專門提供漢堡,精釀啤酒,比薩餅和披薩,還有湯,是的

  • and uh tomorrow we've also got one more  restaurant so yeah the the food the food  


  • keeps rolling on here in barloche and so  what we've done is we've ordered a sampler  


  • portion of beer and as you can see right  here they're all labeled we've got irish apa  

    啤酒 的取樣器 部分,正如您可以在這裡看到的,它們都被貼上了我們的愛爾蘭apa

  • what's that one over there oh the truffle and  the milk style yeah so i'm gonna try one by one


  • oh that's good you know what  i'm so thirsty guys like  


  • i don't know what went wrong today i didn't  drink enough water those beers this ice cold  


  • beer is just perfect okay that was that was  good that was a good start let's try this one


  • oh it's definitely lighter i think you're gonna  like that one the most yeah we chose two and two  


  • so i got two light ones and sam got two darker  oh we got we've got a blonde over here a blondie  


  • this is a fool let me tell you what truffle oh  it's all in spanish okay it's from patagonia it's  


  • it's going to be floral from what else i can tell  and it says it pairs well with chicken pot pie  


  • oh my yeah nice and light almost a little  grapefruity and the one that i'm excited  

    哦,是的,很清淡,幾乎有一點葡萄柚 味 ,我

  • about the milk stout we've already got some  frothiness happening on the beard on the

    為牛奶烈性黑啤酒 感到興奮

  • mustache that's like that's likeglass of dessert almost it's got a  

    ,鬍子上已經有些泡沫了。在 那像是一杯甜點 的 小鬍子上,幾乎

  • it's got a sweetness to it a molasses like  gingerbread it feels like a gingerbread beer  


  • oh man these are really good nice beers and it's  cool to have a sample like this to share okay best  


  • ever burger man best ever burger guys so  there's 13 of them to choose from yeah  

    有史以來 最好 的漢堡包人,有史以來最好的漢堡包迷,所以 我在紐約選擇了

  • i chose in new york because apparently it's  double bacon let's take a look here we've got  

    13個, 因為它顯然是雙層培根,讓我們在這裡看看我們有

  • a nice fried egg it also comes with  um jack fries poor cheese sauce  


  • guys that's an incredible burger  that's right up there with  


  • one of the best burgers i've had inlong time it's a very good burger like  


  • if you're coming here to drink beer you want  something awesome to pair it with definitely  


  • get the burger burger and the beer goes so well  together cheers oh i gotta try the fries for you


  • the best part is keep the skin on the fries yes  oh yeah we couldn't decide on which dessert we  


  • wanted to have and then we noticed on their menu  they have something called black and white brownie  


  • and cheesecake the brownie comes with vanilla  ice cream and of course the being the indulgent  


  • types of people that we are we're like  yeah let's go for a double dessert right  


  • that's a nice gooey brownie my gosh fresh out  of the oven yeah yeah they're both really nice  


  • desserts so we paid the bill let's talk about  the price it was 23 us dollars not bad not bad


  • cheers


  • another day another another day another pint  another point another pint where are we today  

    歡呼聲 另一品脫另一品脫另一品脫今天 我們在

  • oh we are at gilbert gilbert yeah this is on  the the very scenic small circuit route yeah  

    哪裡 哦,我們在吉爾伯特·吉爾伯特是的,這是在風景秀麗的小環路

  • and it's actually nearby the the place  we went a couple days ago the patagonia  


  • brew house yeah this area half a kilometer halfkilometer and um yeah a nice a smaller place here  


  • and they they specialize in burgers and goulash  and dishes with wild boar which is what i'm going  


  • to order and with deer deer and trout and  you're getting trout so we're eating very  


  • authentic local patagonian dishes here trout  deer for specialties of this area so couldn't  


  • be more excited and yeah i'm hungry how's the  beer are you thirsty oh haven't you tried it yet  

    再興奮了,是的,我餓了,你口渴的啤酒怎麼樣?你還沒 嚐嚐 嗎,

  • is he thirsty or the only hungry oh it's a nice  dough yeah oh man it's like a meal in the glass  

    他是口渴的還是唯一的餓,哦,這是一個很好的麵團,是的,哦,老兄,就像玻璃 飯裡的 一頓飯一樣。

  • meal in the glass before the meal the meal before  the meal the meal before the meal exactly there we  


  • go there we go well guys the mains are here i got  trout and i got it with the almond and leek sauce


  • it looks so good it smells so good from over here  a very nice combination i wouldn't have thought to  


  • make the sauce out of almonds but it works really  well with the leeks and i got the rustic potatoes  

    杏仁做醬的 很好的組合 ,但是它和韭菜的搭配非常好,我得到的鄉村土豆

  • which were really nice and golden i ordered wellchose well this time wild boar for the wild man i  


  • just gonna say it's my first time to try wild boar  so it looks kind of like a stew like a wild boar  


  • it is a stew it's it's i think it's actually  it's similar to a goulash and it's got a nice the  

    這是燉肉,因為我認為它實際上類似於菜燉牛肉,而且它的 香氣 很好,

  • aromas the smells from here it's just wonderful  i'm actually smelling some ginger as well


  • that is melt in the mouth delicious like if you  just told me this was straight up goulash i i  


  • wouldn't know that i was eating wild boar you'd  be like okay yeah pass it over pass it over give  


  • me more it's delicious if you get a chance to try  wild boar while in argentina yeah and this this  

    我更多,如果它美味在阿根廷,您有機會嘗試野豬,這 是該地區和巴塔哥尼亞的

  • part of the this region and patagonia do it i've  heard that the wild boar population here is out  

    這一 部分,我聽說這裡的野豬種群已經失控

  • of control so that's probably one of the reasons  why they're eating yeah your dad was warning us  


  • to watch out for them when you go hiking watch out  for a wild boar they're unpredictable apparently  


  • had a lovely lunch oh that was amazing it was good  oh it was so good you know what i have to admit we  


  • weren't even planning on going out today so we  woke up this morning the weather was this is the  


  • most beautiful day we've had yes we've been here  and we're gonna have a work day i'm like no way  


  • we gotta get out we gotta gotta go explore i just  feel like i have a smile on my face all day um  


  • great meal even better price yeah so it came to 15  16 us dollars so 750 per person that included beer  

    美味佳餚,價格甚至更高,是的,所以要15 16美元,所以每人750 歐元( 包括啤酒)

  • included a delicious maine they brought us bread  to start off with so we're feeling satisfied we're  


  • gonna walk for a little while and try to build up  an appetite for some tea and maybe a slice of cake


  • hmm  


  • well guys we walked maybe halfkilometer to our next food stop  


  • this place is called punto panoramico it  means panoramic point and the restaurant  


  • could not have a better location we  have views of snow-capped mountains  

    沒有一個更好的位置 ,據我所見,我們可以看到