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  • Welcome to BBC Learning English.

    歡迎來到 BBC 英語學習頻道。

  • I'm Sam and today we are going to look at both, either and neither together.

    我是 Sam,今天我們要一起看 both、either 還有 neither。

  • In all three cases, we are talking about two things.


  • In this case, let's talk about tea and coffee.


  • We use both to talk about two out of two things.

    我們用 both 來談論兩者皆是。

  • For example, both tea and coffee contain caffeine.


  • We use neither to talk about zero out of two things.

    我們用 neither 來談論兩者皆非。

  • Neither tea nor coffee contains alcohol, and we use either to talk about one out of two things.

    茶和咖啡都不含酒精,而我們用 neither 來談論兩者其一。

  • For example, in the morning I drink either tea or coffee.


  • Not both.


  • Just one.


  • Which do you drink in the morning, either coffee or tea or both, or neither.


Welcome to BBC Learning English.

歡迎來到 BBC 英語學習頻道。

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【BBC 英語】both、either、neither 的差異 (Both vs Either vs Neither - English In A Minute)

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