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  • - Why oh why is speaking English fluently so hard?

  • Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls,

  • I'm Julian Northbrook from, and hello.

  • Why is speaking English fluently so hard?

  • This is a question that hit my inbox this morning.

  • The simple answer to this particular conundrum is that it's not.

  • There are many, many very, very stupid native speakers wandering around speaking quite fluently every single day.

  • I mean, look.

  • Comprehending quantum mechanics, solving the Riemann hypothesis, understanding why a man's wife is pissed off with him, those things are hard.

  • Speaking English fluently, not so much.

  • I mean, even Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton manage to do it, so I'm sure it's perfectly possible for you, too.

  • I mean, ultimately, if you are struggling to improve your English and you are finding it hard to speak the language fluently, you are doing something wrong.

  • In a nutshell, in order to see improvement in English, three things have to be correct.

  • You have to be using the right method, a method that is in line with the results that you want to get, and if you are not getting the results that you want to get, you need to change your method.

  • You need to be using the right kind of materials, materials packed with high quality samples of the language that you are going to use in your everyday situations, whether social situations, business, or whatever it is that you do with English.

  • Because at the end of the day, even if you are using the best method in the world, if you're learning the wrong things, that method is useless.

  • Finally, your mindset needs to be right, your attitude.

  • Because even if you're using the best method in the world and the most amazing high quality materials ever, if your attitude is wrong, if your mindset is not conductive to you actually getting out there and doing real things in the real world with your English and you don't actually do it, it's all a waste of time.

  • Method.

  • Materials.

  • Mindset.

  • Those are the three M's, the three pillars of English improvement.

  • And if you get those things right it's almost impossible not to improve.

  • So if you don't know what method to use, you don't know what materials to use, and you don't know what kind of mindset or attitude you need, what should you do?

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  • Alongside those daily emails, in the very first email that I send in the welcome email that everybody gets, I will give you a link to a free training that I put together.

  • It's an hour long training that's gonna talk about the key changes that my best clients are making to their everyday English learning and using in order to see the fastest results possible.

  • And yes, it's gonna talk in detail about these three M's, the method, the materials, and the mindset that you need.

  • Once again, that's

  • Alternatively, click on the link down below in the description.

  • Right, this is Julian Northbrook now getting back to my writing.

  • I've got a PhD thesis to finish, and whilst I do that, check out the free training.

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  • Buh-bye.

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- Why oh why is speaking English fluently so hard?


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Why is it hard to speak English fluently?

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