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  • Hey guys, it's Shane from English Understood here.

  • I got a question the other day from a student who said, 'What's the difference between "choose" C-H-O-O-S-E and "chose" C-H-O-S-E?'

  • Let's start with the pronunciation first.

  • 'Choose.' C-H-O-O-S-E.

  • 'Choose.' CH-OO-SE.

  • The sound in the middle, the vowel sound, is an 'oo' sound. 'Choose.'

  • 'Chose.' C-H-O-S-E. That word has a different vowel sound in the middle.

  • CH-O-S-E. CH-O-S-E.

  • The first word 'choose'. CH-OO.

  • The second word is 'chose'. CH-OSE.

  • 'Choose' and 'chose' have the same meaning, but 'choose' is a present tense verb, and 'chose' is a past tense verb.

  • 'Choose' and 'chose' just mean to decide what you want out of two or more things.

  • So, an example sentence could be 'I don't know what to choose.'

  • What am I talking about? Past, present or future?

  • The present.

  • Or another example could be 'I chose the wrong shoes.'

  • So, what am I talking about here? Past, present or future?

  • The past.

  • Now, I will say 'choose' or 'chose', and I want you to tell me what you heard.

  • Number one--

  • This is C-H-O-O-S-E.

  • Number two--

  • This is C-H-O-S-E.

  • And number three--

  • This is also C-H-O-S-E.

Hey guys, it's Shane from English Understood here.


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Choose And Chose | What's The Difference?

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