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  • Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me, Feifei...

    你好,歡迎來到 The English We Speak,我是 Feifei..

  • And me, Roy. Have you seen Rob's new video on social media?

    還有我,Roy,你看過 Rob 在社交媒體上的新影片了嗎?

  • Yes, it's amazing! He has charm and style, he just has...


  • Ooof!!!


  • Yes! Oomph! Rob has oomph and charm - not as much as me of course, but he has some!

    沒錯!Oomph!Rob有 oomph 和魅力,當然沒有我多,但他還是有一些!

  • Wow, Roy! For once you actually got the correct word! Oomph!

    哇, Roy!這是你第一次用對詞!Oomph!

  • I didn't say oomph, I said ooof!

    我沒說 oomph,我說的是 ooof !

  • I was complaining because I hurt my back earlier putting your cases in your car for you to go on your workcation.


  • Well, one can never be too prepared when going to the beach.


  • Besides, I need lots of different outfits for when I take pictures.


  • My photos have to have real...


  • Oomph - yes, I get it. Your photos need to have energy and be exciting.

    Oomph - 好的,我明白了,你的照片需要有能量,是刺激的。

  • Exactly! Well, let's talk more about my 'oomph' right after these examples.


  • The business owner showed real oomph in her presentation when she was pitching the idea.

    企業主表現出真正的活力在她演講時 投擲的想法。

  • I really like the way Eric speaks - he has real energy and oomph.


  • The dancer showed real oomph in his performance - an energy I haven't seen in a long time!

    舞蹈家在他的舞蹈中展現了真正的活力。性能--一種我沒有的能量 好久不見

  • You're listening to The English We Speak from BBC Learning English, and we're talking about the word 'oomph'.

    您正在收聽的是《我們的英語》。從BBC學英語說起。 我們在談論 "omph "這個詞。

  • If someone or something has 'oomph', they have real energy and excitement.


  • Some people argue that it is important to have real oomph when making presentations.


  • I'm really good at talking to a room full of people, which means I must have real oomph!

    演講。我很擅長和一屋子的人說話。 這意味著我必須有真正的活力!

  • You're clearly mistaken! I am the one with the oomph! I could sell anything to anyone.

    你顯然弄錯了!我才是有氣勢!我可以賣 對任何人來說都是如此

  • Well, if I bought what you were selling, I could resell it for double the price - that's how much oomph I've got!


  • No, Roy. You don't have oomph.


  • You have a puppy-like charm.


  • It's okay to be envious of my oomph!


  • Puppy-like?! I don't chew slippers or chase sticks! I have oomph! Energy! Excitement! People have told me that!

    像小狗一樣?我不咬拖鞋或追棒!我有omph!能量! 興奮!大家都跟我說了!

  • And who said that?


  • Rob. But ironically, he said it when he hurt his back helping me with your cases.


  • Well, I think we all know what he really said!


  • Bye, Roy.


  • Bye.


Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me, Feifei...

你好,歡迎來到 The English We Speak,我是 Feifei..

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Oomph - 我們說的英語 (Oomph - The English We Speak)

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