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  • Hey, gorgeous. How's it going?

  • Dehydrated Japanese noodles under fluorescent lights.

  • Does it get better than this?

  • Question: you're not dating anybody, are you, because I met somebody who would be perfect for you.

  • Ah, you see, perfect might be a problem.

  • Had you said co-dependent or self-destructive...

  • -Do you want a date Saturday? -Yes, please.

  • Okay.

  • He is cute, he's funny.

  • -He's a "he"? -Well, yeah.

  • Oh, God.

  • I just...I thought.

  • You're not, so good, Shelly. Okay.

  • I'm just gonna go flush myself down the toilet now.

  • Okay. Bye-bye.

  • It's hard to enjoy cup of ramen noodles after that.

  • I mean, is that ridiculous?

  • Can you believe she actually thought that?

  • Um.. Yeah.

  • Well, I mean, when I first met you...

  • You know, I thought maybe, possibly, you might be.

  • -You did? -Yeah, but then.

  • But then you spent Phoebe's entire birthday party talking to my breasts, so then I figured maybe not.

  • Huh, did uh... any of the rest of you guys think that when you first met me?

  • -I did. -Yeah, I think so, yeah.

  • -Not me. -No, no, me neither.

  • Although, uh, you know, back in college, uh, Susan Salidor did.

  • You're kidding.

  • -Did you tell her I wasn't? -No.

  • Well, it's just 'cause uh...

  • I-I kinda wanted to go out with her too

  • So, uh, I told her, actually you were seeing, uh, Bernie Spellman who also liked her, so..

  • Well, this is fascinating.

  • So, uh, what is it about me?

  • I don't know.

  • 'Cause you're smart, you're funny.

  • Ross is smart and funny. You ever think that about him?

  • Yeah, right!

  • What is it?

  • Okay, I-I don't know.

  • You-you have a quality.

  • -Yes, right. -Exactly.

  • Yeah, a quality.

  • Oh, oh, a quality, good.

  • Because I was worried you guys were gonna be vague about this.

Hey, gorgeous. How's it going?


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Friends: Chandler’s Shocked that People Assume He’s Gay (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

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