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  • Come on, Rachel. Come on, talk to me, please.

  • 'You know, I can't even look at you, right now.'

  • What?

  • Nothing. Nothing.

  • Rachel said everything was okay.

  • What are they talking about?

  • - Rachel-- - Just get away from me.

  • It was a mistake. I made a mistake, okay?

  • "A mistake?"

  • What were you trying to put it in.

  • Her purse?

  • Where? Where did he put it?

  • Ross, you had sex with another woman.

  • - Oh. - Oh, my God.

  • Oh, I knew, something had to be wrong

  • because my fingernails did not grow at all yesterday.

  • Yeah, well, I guess they had a fight and he got drunk--

  • [gasping] You guys knew about this and you didn't tell us?

  • He had sex and we get hit on our heads.

  • You know what, I want you to leave. Get out of here.

  • - No! No! - Just get out. Now!

  • I know, I wanna stay. I want to talk about this.

  • Okay. Alright.

  • How was she?

  • Uh-oh.

  • - What? - Was she good?

  • Don't answer that.

  • Come on, Ross. You said, you wanted to talk about it.

  • Let's talk about it! How was she?

  • She was..

  • - Awful. - She was not good.

  • - Horrible. - Not good.

  • Nothing compared to you.

  • She.. She was different.

  • - Oh. - Uh-oh.

  • Good. Different?

  • Nobody likes change, I..

  • - You just stop.. - What?

  • Okay, okay, okay, okay.

  • Sh-should we do something?

  • Yeah. Never cheat on Rachel.

  • I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.

  • I was-I was disgusted with myself

  • and this-this morning, I was so, I was-I was so upset

  • and then I got your message, I was so happy

  • and all I wanted was to get her out

  • of my apartment as fast as poss--

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.

  • What time did your little friend leave?

  • Uh.

  • Oh, my gosh. She was there.

  • She was still there?

  • She was in there when I was in there?

  • Oh! Just get out!

  • Listen, oh, hey, hey, the important thing is

  • she meant, she meant nothing to me.

  • And yet she was worth jeopardizing our relationship?

  • Look, I didn't think there was a relationship to jeopardize.

  • I thought that we were broken up.

  • We were on a break.

  • That, for all I knew, could last forever.

  • That, to me, is a break up.

  • You think you're gonna get of this on a technicality?

  • Look, I'm not trying to get out of anything, okay.

  • I thought our relationship was dead.

  • Well, you sure had a hell of a time at the wake.

  • You know what? I don't think we should listen to this anymore.

  • Wait, what are you doing?

  • We can't go out there.

  • Why not? I'm hungry.

  • Because they'll know we've been listening.

  • God! And to have to hear about it from Gunther!

  • Come on, like I wanted him to tell you?

  • I ran all over the place trying to make sure

  • that didn't happen.

  • Oh, that is so sweet.

  • I think I'm falling in love with you all over again.

Come on, Rachel. Come on, talk to me, please.


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Friends: Ross Cheats on Rachel (Season 3 Clip) | TBS

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