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  • hello from montevideo in today's video we  continue our tour of uruguay's capital city  

    你好,來自蒙得維的亞 在今天的視頻中,我們繼續我們的烏拉圭首都之旅

  • in this episode we'll try a proper chivito, a  typical uruguauan dish, served two different ways  


  • we'll tour the interior of  the iconic palacio salvo  


  • we'll stroll along the longest sidewalk  in the world we'll enjoy a bit of greenery  

    我們將沿著世界上最長的人行道散步 我們將享受一點綠意

  • at parque rodo and we'll also stop for that  iconic postcard photo at the montevideo sign  

    在parque rodo,我們還將停止為標誌性的明信片照片在蒙得維的亞標誌。

  • so we invite you to join us as we continue getting  to know montevideo uruguay just a little better


  • so since our rental apartment overlooked  plaza independencia or independence  


  • square we decided to start our visit  there first up the artigas mausoleum


  • well we just learned something new underneath  la salle independencia you have the mausoleum  

    我們剛剛知道了一些新的東西 在獨立廳的下面,你有陵園

  • to artigas who was the man who liberated uruguay  from the united provinces of the river plate  


  • yeah correct yeah it's a well it's a little bit  of a long story but uh basically he's the uh  


  • the big uh figure liberator of uruguay you  know yeah and uh yeah right under the monument  

    烏拉圭解放者的大人物,你知道的 是的,是的,就在紀念碑下面。

  • there is the mausoleum yeah so you're  gonna find the stairs to come down  

    有陵墓 是的,所以你會發現樓梯下來

  • on both sides of the monument you come down and  you go inside and you have uh the place where his  


  • remains are like i mean his ashes yeah there's  like an urn in the center and it's guarded by  

    遺體就像我的意思是他的骨灰 是的,有像一個骨灰盒在中間,它的守衛由

  • soldiers yeah it's guarded by a guard of honor but  i think they change it every hour it's only two  


  • but uh every hour they have a fresh uh we  actually saw that change yeah it's dimly  

    但是,呃,每小時他們有一個新的 呃,我們實際上看到了變化 是的,它的昏暗。

  • lit and we should also mention it's free as well  it's free yeah the other interesting thing about  

    我們還應該提到它是免費的,以及它是免費的 是的,另一個有趣的事情,關於。

  • this independence plaza here is it's basically  it it's what separates the historic old town  

    這個獨立廣場在這裡是它的基本 它是什麼分開的歷史悠久的老城區。

  • from the kind of the downtown core yeah yeah yeah  so you have that walking pedestrian street that we  

    從那種市中心的核心 是啊是啊是啊,所以你有步行街,我們。

  • went yesterday it's like the boundary between  viejra and san diego gold and the new yeah


  • so this right here is palacio salvo an iconic  landmark in montevideo's old town this was the  

    這裡是Palacio Salvo,蒙得維的亞老城區的標誌性建築。

  • tallest building in all of south america up until  the year 1935. if you think palacio salvo looks  


  • familiar that's because you can find its twin  palacio barolo across the pond in buenos aires  


  • argentina both were designed by the italian  architect mario palanti originally the idea  


  • for this particular structure was to build a hotel  however in the end only one floor ever functioned  


  • as that and all the other floors were turned into  apartments and office spaces during our tour we  


  • also visited the viewing deck on the 25th floor  where you get a bird's eye view of montevideo


  • one


  • then it was time for lunch we went to body spanico  because we had heard this place serves a great  


  • chivito (national dish of Uruguay) all right so  we got back from the visiting that very impressive  


  • building what did you guys think the palace salvo  yeah we ended up joining a guided tour it was an  

    建設什麼你們認為宮殿薩拉沃 是的,我們結束了加入一個導遊,這是一個。

  • hour long we paid 250 uruguayan pesos per person  roughly seven or eight dollars right now yeah  

    一個小時的時間,我們支付250烏拉圭比索每個人 大概七八塊錢,現在是。

  • and it was super interesting because we were  able to go up to the observation tower see  

    這是超級有趣的,因為我們能夠去 到觀景塔看到

  • the whole city we also visited different floors  within the building it was actually built and  


  • designed to be a hotel but that business didn't  go so well for various reasons so then they just  

    設計為酒店,但由於各種原因,生意並不順利,所以後來他們就... ...

  • like joined some of the hotel rooms and turned it  into apartments and basically sold it off so today  


  • over a thousand people live inside this building  they also have offices and we kind of got to see  


  • the layout yeah it's a nice uh it's a nice visit  yeah the views from up there are amazing you see  

    佈局是的,這是一個很好的呃,這是一個很好的訪問 是的,從那裡的意見是驚人的,你看。

  • the port you see the river you see the city and  the building itself needs a lot of uh restoration  


  • yeah it's been uh left a little bit in a decaying  state and uh yeah they're all apartments now  

    是的,它被呃離開了一點點 在一個腐爛的狀態,呃是的,他們是所有的公寓了。

  • small apartments i think they're the biggest  one is about uh 600 square feet i'll be like 60  

    小公寓,我想他們是最大的 一個是約呃600平方英尺,我會像60個

  • square meters so it's something to do if you're  in the city and you want to do something different  


  • that's a nice option yes for sure i'd recommend  it yeah to climb up there and to take a look  

    這是一個很好的選擇,是的,肯定我會推薦它 是的,爬到那裡,並採取了一個看

  • and you hear a little bit about the history  and i was surprised that that building was  


  • uh constructed in uh five years very quickly  for the size of it it was built in the 1920s  


  • five years uh 28. it's going to be 100 years old  soon yeah and there's a building that's almost  

    五年28歲,很快就會有100年的歷史了 是的,還有一棟建築,幾乎是...

  • like a replica of it just 10 meters shorter  in buenos aires it's called palacio barolo  


  • exactly so if you're going there visit both  buildings the one in montevideo uruguay  

    正是如此,如果你要去那裡參觀這兩座建築 在蒙得維的亞烏拉圭的一個

  • it was designed by the same architect and the  reason we're sitting down we're having lunch we're  

    它是由同一個建築師設計的 我們之所以坐下來吃午飯 我們是在吃午飯

  • going to be trying two ways canadian style and  on the dish we'll show it to you when it arrives

    將嘗試兩種方式 加拿大風格和菜 我們將展示給你時,它到達

  • so the two chivitos have arrived at  the table we have the canadian one  

    所以,兩個chivitos已經到達了餐桌 我們有加拿大的一個。

  • on the dish on the plate it's called yeah  it's a heaping mountain of everything you  

    在盤子上的菜,它被稱為 是的,它是一個堆積如山的一切,你。

  • can possibly imagine but it's called  canadian because it's got bacon on top  

    可以可能想象,但它被稱為加拿大 因為它有培根在上面。

  • bacon apparently is very canadian and then we got  this one sandwich style the only difference is  

    培根顯然是非常加拿大 然後,我們得到了這一個三明治的風格,唯一的區別是:

  • minus the bacon so we're going to split everything  guys got the bread the other bread the bread yeah  


  • let's just dig in gotta find a way to do this my  dad's going for the sandwich version of the dish  

    讓我們只是挖在得想辦法做到這一點 我爸爸的打算為三明治版本的菜

  • i'm having this mountain of food yeahdon't think i mentioned the ingredients  

    我有這個山的食物 是啊,我不認為我提到的成分。

  • um but just what i'm seeing at first sight  you've got the beef of course the steak which is  

    嗯,但只是我看到的第一眼 你已經得到了牛肉 當然,牛排,這是

  • the main ingredient then there's just layers  of ham and cheese and fried egg and olives  


  • and macedonian salad the potato salad lettuce  tomato beet root carrots olives it's all there

    馬其頓沙拉 洋芋沙拉 生菜 西紅柿 甜菜 根 胡蘿蔔 橄欖 都在這裡了

  • everything good really really tasty  very good got a lot of mayo and  


  • the mozzarella cheese is all meltedmean yeah you've got to try it if you


  • and friends to help you out because this is  not uh this is not a meager dish let me say  

    和朋友們來幫你,因為這不是... ...這不是一道微不足道的菜,讓我說一下。

  • i don't feel like the camera even does it  does this dish justice like if it makes it  


  • look smaller on the screen than it is in  person it's a mammoth portion we've got  

    在螢幕上看起來比現實中要小 這是一個巨大的部分,我們已經得到了

  • our work we've got our work cut out with  three people to eat the two of these so  


  • but it's fantastic and we should mention  it's the national dish of uruguay  


  • so if you come to uruguay you absolutely have  to try the chivito to sample uruguayan food  


  • hey guys hello today is another day we forgot  to wrap up yesterday's video forgot to finish  

    嘿,夥計們好 今天又是一個忘了總結的日子 昨天的視頻忘了完成。

  • the video yeah we came back after lunch took  a little rest did some work and then we met up  

    視頻是的,我們回來後,午餐了 稍微休息了一下做了一些工作,然後我們見面了。

  • with a with a good friend who lives here yeah  first i have to mention like the plan had been  

    和一個住在這裡的好朋友一起 是的,首先我得提一下,就像計劃一樣

  • to go to the gaucho museum which we mentioned  so much and then we got there and it's closed  


  • for renovations at the moment right so yeah  we weren't able to do that we just came back  

    為裝修的時刻吧 所以是的,我們無法做到這一點,我們只是回來了。

  • to the apartment had a siesta as usual how do  you remember that i totally forgot about that  

    到公寓有一個午睡,像往常一樣 你怎麼還記得,我完全忘記了這一點。

  • experience that's so sad i was looking forward to  that the museum is located inside an old palace  

    經驗,是如此的悲傷,我期待著博物館 位於一個古老的宮殿內

  • especially having gone to two gaucho events  earlier in the year i mean i would have loved  


  • to have gone and learned more and maybe to  see artifacts or whatever it was in the museum  


  • but yeah another time um and yeah then in the  evening we went out to a market mercado ferrando  

    但是,是的另一個時間 嗯,是的,然後在晚上,我們去了市場 費蘭多。

  • to meet up with a friend and we had some delicious  food there so that was fun we sure did so overall  

    與朋友見面,我們有一些美味的食物有 所以這是有趣的,我們肯定這樣做整體

  • was a really good day yeah um action-packed  to the point where we forgot to wrap it up so  

    是一個非常好的一天 是啊,嗯行動包裝到點 我們忘了把它包起來,所以。

  • we are doing it this morning and as a sneak  peek this is our last day in montevideo  

    我們今天早上要做的是偷看一下 這是我們在蒙得維的亞的最後一天

  • yes and we're going to be visiting a completely  different part of the city yeah so we're going to  

    是的,我們將訪問 一個完全不同的城市的一部分 是的,所以我們要去。

  • visit the beach walk along the rambla and we're  all dressed up and ready to go so stay tuned


  • on our final morning in montevideo uruguay we  decided to hop in a taxi and visit bositos this  


  • is a beachside neighborhood and it's a beautiful  place to enjoy a stroll along the waterfront  


  • the ramla is the longest continued sidewalk in  the world stretching 22.2 kilometers in length  


  • down the coast of montevideo uruguay we also  stopped to visit the montevideo city sign  


  • which we were told gets repainted very often so  you never know what colors you're going to get

    我們被告知,得到重新油漆非常頻繁 所以你永遠不知道什麼顏色你會得到

  • i found a bag with that marijuana i i was  walking yeah yeah and i saw it and i i just  

    我發現了一個袋子,大麻我 我走 是啊是啊,我看到了它,我 我只是。

  • kept the one walking you know i mean i'm not  gonna grab it and these guys they found it  


  • right in the middle of the walkway and they  started jumping up and down and streaming  


  • you know it was a nice little the size offish fish a fist size you know of uh mary jane  

    你知道這是一個很好的小魚的大小 魚的拳頭大小,你知道的呃瑪麗珍

  • so yeah uh now we're at the park now we're  at the park yes we're getting distracted here  


  • we are at rodol park yeah very nice place  lots of like different ponds and lagoons  

    我們在Rodol公園 是的,非常好的地方,有很多不同的池塘和瀉湖。

  • people walking their dogs lots of  dogs nice because the weather has uh  

    人們走在他們的狗 很多狗很好,因為天氣有呃。

  • warmed up i had to remove my hoodie because it's  really getting too much and a beautiful day to  


  • walk you know nice breeze again it's a nice  time of the year because you don't have that  

    漫步 你知道嗎 微風又來了 這是一年中最美好的時光 因為你沒有那種感覺了

  • cold and humid and you don't have that extreme  heat that it doesn't let you do anything you  


  • know like i mean you cannot even walk so now  it's a very very nice uh type of weather and  

    我是說你連路都走不動了 所以現在的天氣非常好,呃...

  • uh what did you guys think of the beach that was  nice huh nice the beaches it reminds me a lot of  


  • brazil and copacabana not the beach itself the the  ocean or the the sand but the buildings along the  

    巴西和科帕卡巴納 不是海灘本身 海洋或沙灘 而是沿途的建築

  • the promenade you know they're all equal height  square with the glass outside it's a typical uh  


  • construction that you would see in  copacabana or ipanema you know in brazil  


  • and it right away reminded me  with the horseshoe type of uh  


  • distribution you know like along the beach and  uh the uh malecon you know where the people walk  

    你知道像沿著海灘和呃呃malecon分佈 你知道人們走在那裡的地方

  • and they run you know the the white side sidewalk  by the by the by the ocean there also the outdoor  


  • gyms where people can work out yeah joggers  bikers yeah i guess uh it's a very similar uh  

    健身房裡的人可以鍛鍊 是的慢跑者自行車手 是的,我想,呃,這是一個非常相似的呃。

  • architecture you know like a very very closeknow it's funny because all the buildings they  

    建築學你知道就像一個非常非常接近 我知道這很有趣,因為他們所有的建築

  • must have at least maximum 10 to 12 floors and  they're all the same level i think there's only  

    至少要有10到12層樓,而且都是同層樓 我想只有一個人

  • one that is a little bit higher but the rest is  all the same level they don't go above that height


  • and lastly we ended the day with korean  food which was such a nice surprise  


  • well guys you would not believe our luck  we found a korean restaurant in montevideo  

    夥計們,你們不會相信我們的運氣 我們在蒙得維的亞找到了一家韓國餐廳。

  • can you believe it how lucky are we let it be said  we've been loving argentine and uruguay and food  

    你能相信嗎? 我們是多麼的幸運,讓它說 我們一直愛著阿根廷和烏拉圭,還有食物

  • but man we haven't had asian food  or korean food in a very long time  


  • so this is a gym having lived in korea we crave  our spices and like soups and just we miss the  

    所以這是一個健身房 在韓國生活的我們渴望我們的香料,喜歡湯,只是我們錯過了。

  • flavors every once in a while so this is very nice  finding this restaurant just around the apartment  


  • we've ordered mandu uh pan-fried dumplings asstarter and then we've got some bibimbap oh my  

    我們點了滿都煎餃作為開胃菜 然後我們還點了一些拌飯 哦,我的天啊!

  • gosh guys so pumped for this eating bop last time  i had bibimbap was when i was in korea earlier in  


  • the year i was like half half a year ago not that  long for you geez lucky it's been like five six  

    這一年,我就像半 半年前,不長的你 天啊,幸運的是,它已經像五六

  • months so that's long enough um this is awesome  so i got the one with me so this is the tiny  

    幾個月,所以這是足夠長的 嗯,這是真棒 所以我得到了一個與我 所以這是微小的

  • section of meat i'll show you what we've got so  we have the egg on top then we've got meat we've  


  • got different vegetables carrots and it's got  the gochujang sauce i'm gonna use all of it only  

    有不同的蔬菜 胡蘿蔔 還有五常醬 我只想全部用掉。

  • thing left to do guys is mix it all up oh my gosh  i love that sauce look at that guys just mix it up  

    剩下要做的事情是混合起來,夥計們 哦,我的天哪,我喜歡那個醬汁 看,夥計們只是混合起來。

  • the more you mix it the better it tastes so  it still feels surreal to be having a bibimbap  


  • here in an authentic korean restaurant  in montevideo okay let's try it

    在蒙得維的亞的一家正宗的韓國餐廳裡 好吧,讓我們來試試。

  • oh my god it's the real deal the real deal  guys this is so authentic that's one of the  


  • best parts about this entire meal yeah people  are speaking korean inside this restaurant  

    這頓飯最精彩的地方 是啊,在這家餐廳裡,人們都在說韓語。

  • a lot of the customers are koreanlot of patrons i believe the owners are  

    很多顧客都是韓國人 很多顧客我相信老闆都是韓國人。

  • and um yeah it's like having is having authentic  korean food here in south america i love it enjoy  

    是啊,就像在南美有正宗的韓國食品一樣 我喜歡它,享受它

  • we are back we're back from dinner from dinner  how was it it's fantastic oh my gosh authentic  

    我們回來了 我們吃完飯回來了 吃完飯回來了 怎麼樣 很棒的哦 我的天哪 正宗的

  • expected authentic delicious korean food the  banchan was the highlight for me it was so  


  • good it was basically all the all the things i was  craving aside from what we ordered too so it was  


  • like not only was what we ordered good but then we  had all these nice surprises yeah and the price is  

    就像不僅是我們訂購的好,但我們有所有這些漂亮的驚喜 是啊,價格是。

  • pretty decent i'd say most mains there are around  the ten dollar mark yeah and that's normal for for  

    相當不錯的我說大多數主有 大約10美元的標誌 是的,這是正常的為

  • montevideo you're gonna you're looking at about  ten bucks pricey ten bucks and up for remain yeah  


  • it's over double what we paid in argentina but um  yeah and this marks the end of our time in uruguay  


  • nice little short trip it's kind of uh what  are their appetite to do more in the country  

    很好的小短途旅行,這有點... ...呃,他們有什麼胃口在國內做更多的事情?

  • if we were to come back it would be more like  sleepy beach towns i think so and there's more  

    如果我們要回來,它會更像沉睡的海灘小鎮 我想是這樣,還有更多的。

  • off the beaten path destinations we kind  of went to two of the most famous spots  


  • yeah but if we come back we'll be doing  more uh off the grid along the coast yeah  

    是的,但如果我們回來,我們會做更多的呃關閉網格 沿著海岸,是的。

  • and that wraps up our series from here yeah  we hope you enjoyed it i hope you enjoyed it  

    這就結束了我們的系列從這裡 是的,我們希望你喜歡它 我希望你喜歡它。

  • our next episode will be uh probably from  buenos aires buenos aires so see you there


  • you

hello from montevideo in today's video we  continue our tour of uruguay's capital city  

你好,來自蒙得維的亞 在今天的視頻中,我們繼續我們的烏拉圭首都之旅

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遊覽蒙特維多的景點+吃CHIVITO(烏拉圭的國菜) ? (Visiting MONTEVIDEO's Attractions + Eating CHIVITO (Uruguay's National Dish) ??)

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