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  • our subconscious is the goal striving, goal getting machine, and it will not stop until it gets exactly what your dominant thoughts focus on.


  • Yeah, doesn't matter who you are.


  • We are all goal driven, all of us.


  • But the thing is, some people have chosen goal, and some people just leave it to the massacre.


  • Confusion that's going on inside, which delivers them to something that they don't usually want.


  • We are by default, negatively wide.


  • If you don't have a focus on a goal or a mission, and this is generally in life, you will find that you end up becoming a victim of your circumstances.


  • You get lost in the journey, something happened.


  • Something major happens and you become a victim of your circumstances because you've got nothing bigger pulling you through.


  • And the reason for that it comes down to our evolution.


  • Our evolution as far as evolution is concerned, it wants us to keep doing what we did yesterday and the day before, because as far as it's concerned, that's what's kept kept us alive until today.


  • It doesn't give a shit if you're happy or sad, whether it's a good situation or not, it wants to keep us in a repeat habit loop.


  • Okay, so if you're thinking negative thoughts and we do because we're wired that way, if you're thinking negative thoughts, you will keep getting more that you'll keep getting more and more of that.


  • And you have to change your mindset around that.


  • And the only way you can do that is by having clearly defined goals.


  • Because if you don't have a clearly defined goal, what are we given to you?


  • And that will be based on what your thoughts are mhm.


  • At the end of the day, you've got to define what your purpose is, and the problem is when you're young and you haven't had many experiences in life, that means that you need to get out there and stop throwing yourself into loads of different experiences because you need to start defining what really makes you tick.


  • So it's about defining your purposes.


  • Initially, you you've really got to step into the short term discomfort for long term gain and start doing things in life.


  • Not be not.


  • Start following someone else's pattern being, you know, follow the program, so to speak.


  • But and then later in life.


  • If you're like had loads of experiences, it's about sitting down and writing down.


  • Write down all the things that really excited you.


  • If you need to define your purpose, what is your purpose in life?


  • You know, once you do that, you define, you know, going back over history.


  • What wherever I felt really good about myself, what I enjoyed most, and then you'll start to define your purpose.


  • You start visualizing.


  • You start thinking about everything is look, if I want to pass an exam, a lot of people, the way we're going to the way we were wired and this comes down to evolution because we're always looking for the negatives, we all know that once you create an idea in your head, we always look for things that are going to go wrong.


  • We don't sit there and focus about how great it's going to be when we get that, whether that's starting a new business relationship, whatever it is, whether it's taking your exams, you always think about the panic of not passing the panic of what could go wrong.


  • And that's what we end up visualizing, visualizing, you know.


  • I mean, and it's about just changing that energy to be more positive.

    我的意思是,它是關於只是改變 這種能量是更積極的。

  • So really, it's The thing is, with this, you'll get so many people that disbelieve and will never engage in it.


  • But until they when they do it once, they only need a little taste.


  • And once they've got a little taste to know that this stuff really does work that will change their life forever.


  • Once you've got yourself lined up spiritually, once you've created that bandwidth that is way away from fear, because fear doesn't allow for creativity, the opportunities are already there.


  • Everything's already lined up.


  • A lot of people say in life that Oh, well, you know, I can't wait to the opportunities to line up there already there.


  • It's you that got to line yourself up, And that's when you come from a place of belief and when you're not living in a state of fear, and unfortunately at the moment it's amplified at the moment.


  • Fear is driving society through the news through everything and fear is driving society because that's the only way you can control the society.


  • We live in this and you look at the news, you look at the newspapers, everything is fear.


  • But once you disengage from that, I mean, I don't read any newspapers.


  • I don't watch the news.


  • I don't watch TV.


  • If I do watch TV, it's very something very specific, You know, a film or whatever, but I'm very conscious about the content that goes into here and really, you know, once people have a have a taste of visualization, you know I do.

    如果我看電視,它是非常的東西非常具體, 你知道,一部電影或任何東西,但我很清楚的內容,進入這裡,真的,你知道,一旦人們有一個可視化的味道,你知道我做的。

  • I do online courses where I get people to sit down and meditate for me.


  • Meditation Again, people think, How can this guy from the Special Forces meditate?


  • That's Glastonbury hippie stuff.


  • Okay, Meditation for me is my focused attention at an intention.


  • It's my moment for me to visualize, create calmness in here and be able to visualize and what I want.


  • Okay?


  • And once I learned to create that stillness of mind, it allows that clarity, a vision to what?


  • I want our heads of 70 thoughts going around each day.


  • Now, if you don't focus on some things that you want out of that 70,000 thoughts, you're going to end up with a load of crap that you don't want.


  • And that's the problem with people.


  • They allow the 70 thoughts just to be like this washing machine of ideas, and they don't define what they want in life.


  • So that's why they're basically just bouncing like a pinball from side to side, not knowing where they're going, and that's been decided for them.


  • But it's just about creating clear vision and intent for what you want that for me.


  • You know, it's such an important process in which came years later.


  • That morning routine for me is, is a life changer.


  • It's where I set myself up for each and every day, and I dominate each and every day.


  • So, really, for me, it's always been about the fact that I visualize where I want to be when times are tough, when times are hard, when things are going really wrong, I visualized I've got a vision of where I want to be, and it's that one thing that pulls me through and I don't get bogged down in the situation.


  • Mhm.

  • When it comes to humans, we don't even know our true power.


  • It's been so hidden from us by social programming education that we don't know our true power, and we have got so much every person on this planet as a gift.


  • Everyone has the same skills.


  • Everyone has the ability to create the lifestyle that they want.


  • And those amazing that amazing gift has been taken away from us because we've been programmed socially through education, everything.


  • You know, we we've lost our power.

    你知道,我們... ...我們已經失去了我們的力量。

  • I didn't find my purpose until 2011, you know?


  • And that was when I was rescuing the kids from child prostitution slavery in Thailand.


  • And I didn't know.


  • I didn't know the gift that that would give me, you know, So for me, I you know, I wasn't searching for my purpose.

    我不知道那會給我的禮物,你知道,所以對我來說,我... ...你知道,我沒有尋找我的目標。

  • I didn't know there was such thing as defining the purpose.


  • At that point, I just thought I would just couldn't find anything that would satisfy me.


  • And my my life was just haywire, you know?

    而我的... ...我的生活只是亂七八糟,你知道嗎?

  • And then I went over to Thailand, were involved in operations, rescuing kids from sharp prostitution, slavery, going, infiltrating enemy camps and getting the kids out.


  • And that for me, when I actually saw these kids, then go to the orphanage and then a week later, or a couple of weeks later, you're seeing these kids, you know, very young kids walking down the street with a school uniform on the satchel and only weeks before, they were about to be sold into some kind of some brothel.

    而對我來說,當我真正看到這些孩子, 然後去孤兒院,然後一個星期後, 或幾個星期後,你看到這些孩子, 你知道,非常年輕的孩子走在街上 與校服上的挎包和僅在幾個星期前,

  • That is rewarding.


  • Yeah, yeah.


  • Mhm.

  • Well, you have to You have to start getting experiences in life.

    嗯,你必須... ...你必須開始獲得生活經驗。

  • You really have to start pushing the bar with us.


  • Travel with us.


  • You know, everyone will have a passion or desire to be something, you know?


  • I mean, whether that's someone that wants to travel a lot, whether that's someone that wants to be in business, you've got to stop pushing the boat out and start start experiencing with things, you know?

    我的意思是,無論那是一個人,想旅行了很多, 無論那是一個人,想在業務, 你必須停止推船出來,並開始體驗與事情,你知道嗎?

  • I mean, so you've really got to push the boat and some experiences you're not gonna enjoy.


  • But you start noting down the things you're doing joint.


  • Before you know it, you can define the purpose of where you're supposed to be and what floats your boat.


  • I found my purpose, my purpose with I saw the power of helping other people.


  • And that is such a phenomenal gift when you actually help people less fortunate than you or just in general.


  • Anyway, I think that is something that we have lost the power to.


  • To harness everyone is like hunting for the most social media followers.


  • And the more followers on instagram, whatever it is, even in a place of work.


  • When you're working on the same team, there's people fighting against each other because they want the kudos for being better than the other person.


  • You know, we forgot how to work together.


  • We forgot There's not many people that do selfless acts of kindness anymore for someone for no reward and that for me, you know, I paid to go over there.

    我們忘了 已經沒有多少人再為別人做無私的善舉了,不求回報,而對我來說,你知道,我是花錢去的。

  • There was no rewards for me helping these kids.


  • And that was the biggest reward in itself.


  • It was phenomenal.


  • Mhm.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.


our subconscious is the goal striving, goal getting machine, and it will not stop until it gets exactly what your dominant thoughts focus on.


由 AI 自動生成

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