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  • I accidentally became a meme and this is that story.


  • My name is David DeVore, but you may know me as "David After Dentist".

    我的名字叫 David DeVore,但你們可能是以「大衛看牙醫」認識我的。

  • Is this real life?


  • My name is also David DeVore and I'm the dad who recorded the video.

    我也叫 David DeVore,我是拍下影片的爸爸。

  • This all started in 2008. My life was pretty normal, you know, just school, sports, friends, seven-year-old things.

    這一切始於 2008 年,原本我的生活很正常,就是上學、運動、朋友,七歲小孩會做的事情。

  • The reason David had to have the surgery was because he had a condition called hyperdontia, which is just an extra tooth. It's more common than you think. David's was up in this general area, but it was headed toward his sinus cavity and that was gonna cause big problems in his teen years.

    David 不得不接受手術的原因是因為他患有一種叫做多牙症的疾病,就是長了多餘的牙齒,這種病其實比你想像中的更常見。David 多長的牙齒長在普遍的地方,但它朝著他的竇腔生長,這在他的青少年時期會引起嚴重問題。

  • I was pretty nervous because I had never had surgery before. Growing up, I loved watching those crazy ER horror stories. So, that probably didn't help.


  • The reason I wanted to record is to be able to show David afterwards, you know, his anxiety before and after and how it wasn't so bad.

    我之所以錄影是為了能夠在事後給 David 看,給他看看他術前術後的焦慮,還有手術其實沒有那麼可怕。

  • - Are you nervous? - Yes.

    - 你緊張嗎?- 很緊張。

  • - Yeah? - Yes.

    - 是嗎?- 沒錯。

  • You know, this surgery was not your typical wisdom tooth being removed. Just the regular laughing gas or nitrous oxide was not gonna cut it, so they had to use ketamine.

    這個手術不像拔智齒一樣簡單,只有普通的笑氣或一氧化二氮 (笑氣) 是不會成功的, 所以他們不得不使用氯胺酮 (K 他命)。

  • And I remembered them telling me to count backwards from 10. I remember thinking, there's no way I'm not gonna make it to one. And then I don't remember getting past eight.


  • They took me back into the procedure room and you could just tell David was, he was out of it. I've seen drunk people and that was pretty. He was like, "Hey, Papi." But he kept pointing at three people, you know? I love you, Papi. I love you, Papi. I love you, Papi.

    他們把我帶回去手術室,很明顯 David 已經茫了,我看過喝醉的人,跟他情況一樣,他說著:「嗨,老爸。」但他一直指著三個人,對他們說了重複三次:「我愛你,老爸。」

  • I remember being really blurry. They were just carrying me to the car and being lifted up.


  • You know, ketamine is a incredibly strong anesthetic.


  • I'm okay.


  • It has side effects.


  • I feel funny.


  • You know, double vision.


  • You have four eyes.


  • You know, deep existential experiences.


  • Is this real life? Why is this happening to me?


  • It's okay, bud. Stay in your seat.


  • (David yelling)

    (David 大叫)

  • I think he just finally just accepted it that this was his life right now.


  • After the surgery, I basically got to go home and watch "Star Wars" and eat ice cream. It was a pretty good day, after that first part.


  • I knew I'd captured something. And when we all saw it, we're just dying laughing, rolling on the floor, literally.


  • I didn't post the video right away. It was actually a year later.


  • Posting the video was really just more out of convenience to be able to share it more easily with family and friends. I just wasn't thinking anybody was gonna see it, so why not just make it public.


  • Posted it and on a late Friday night, kinda forgot about it.


  • Played golf before the Superbowl, and then we kinda started checking it on Sunday and we had 10,000 views. And we're like okay, what's going on?


  • By the following Wednesday, we were up to somewhere between three and four million. Then, it just started going crazy.

    到了下個週三,點閱率已經上升到大概 300 萬到 400 萬之間,之後這支影片就開始瘋傳了。

  • It was a week and we were in New York for the "Today Show" already, doing interviews, TV shows.


  • The word meme had like just been coined. I just didn't think much past a lot of people thought the video was funny and they wanted to talk to me about it.


  • Back in the early YouTube days, the ads partner program was like, it wasn't any communication from YouTube, it was just a little button to click on the side. And I didn't know what that was.

    在早期的 YouTube 時代,廣告合作夥伴計劃並不是 YouTube 會前來進行溝通,它只是一個點擊側面的小按鈕,而當時我並不知道那是什麼。

  • Another YouTuber reached out to me and he basically said, "Dude, you got to click that. It's a good thing." And so I did, but waiting a week probably cost me maybe $10,000.

    另一個 YouTuber 找到我,然後跟我說:「哥們,你得按一下那個按鈕,那是個好東西。」於是我就照做了,但等待一個星期大概花了我一萬塊錢。

  • My life after was oddly pretty normal. Kind of like disaster girl, I kind of have the double life.


  • Every once in a while I'm asked to be "David After Dentist" for a few minutes.


  • I have not done any drugs since then. That was definitely enough drugs for me. Reality is hard enough. I don't want to try and tackle about another dimension of understanding the world.


  • But all in all, "David After Dentist" has been a blessing. And I think my teeth look great.


I accidentally became a meme and this is that story.


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我不小心成了迷因!「大衛看牙醫」的成名故事! (I Accidentally Became A Meme: David After Dentist)

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