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  • Attention film buffs! Here's 31 random movie facts you need to know.


  • Alfred was supposed to talk to the Joker here,


  • but Michael Caine was so startled by Heath Ledger, he forgot his lines.


  • Vincent and Mia's dance is the same as Gloria and Mario's from Fellini's "8 1/2"

    「低俗小說」中文森與米雅的共舞 複製了費里尼經典名作「8½」葛羅莉亞與馬力歐跳舞一幕

  • Clint Eastwood wore the same poncho through all threeMan With No Namemovies...


  • without ever cleaning it.


  • Red's Cell Number ”237“ is the same number as the haunted room from the shining.


  • Christopher Lee is the only member the cast and crew to have ever met JRR Tolkien.


  • Arnold's $15 million salary for "T2" breaks down to twenty one thousand dollars per word.

    阿諾在「魔鬼終結者2」片酬為1500萬美金 換算成台詞等於一個字2.1萬美金

  • Hasta la vista, Baby.


  • George Lucas put together this montage as a favor to Francis Ford Coppola


  • for helping him with American Graffiti.


  • Sally Field is only 10 years older than Tom Hanks.


  • All the animals in the matrix are computer-generated.


  • Hidden in this pillar is an engraving of R2D2 and C3PO.


  • Every piano key played on-screen is accurate... no one is faking!

    「阿瑪迪斯」所彈的每個音都是真確的 沒有假裝!

  • Anthony Hopkins total screen time is only 16 minutes.

    「沉默的羔羊」中 安東尼霍普金斯總共僅出現16分鐘

  • Neil Patrick Harris was considered for the role of Private Ryan.


  • The words "you freak" at the end of the sentence are dubbed by Christopher Nolan.

    「記憶拼圖」中 此句話最後「你這變態」一詞是由克里斯多福諾蘭所配音

  • This dance routine was choreographed by Paula Abdul.


  • Martin Scorsese actually has two cameos. Once here.

    馬丁史柯西斯在「計程車司機」中其實客串了二次 這是其一

  • and once here.


  • The coconut gag was used because the film couldn't afford horses.

    「聖杯傳奇」使用椰子殼模擬馬蹄聲的笑料 其實是因為劇組無法負擔馬匹的費用

  • -"Where'd you get the coconuts?" --"We found them!"


  • These blue lasers were borrowed from "The Who" who were rehearsing on the sound stage next door.

    「異形」中的藍色雷射光是借景於隔壁舞台 「The Who」合唱團的彩排光束

  • Charlie Sheen stayed awake for 48 hours to get this look.

    「蹺課天才」中 查理辛為了達到扮相效果 48小時未闔眼

  • My Blue Heaven is an unofficial sequel to Goodfellas.


  • Both movies are based on the story of Gangster Henry Hill,


  • because the screenwriters were married.


  • This asteroid field contains random objects, including a potato and a shoe.

    「帝國大反擊」中的行星場景是由隨手物件所拍攝而成 包括一個馬鈴薯 和一隻鞋

  • The movie "See You Next Wednesday" is a running joke in John Landis's films.


  • "Psycho" was the first American film to show a toilet flushing.


  • Uncle Ben's car is Sam Raimi's personal Oldsmobile Delta 88.

    「蜘蛛人」中班叔的車其實是山姆·雷米的私人用車 Oldsmobile Delta 88

  • It appears in all the director's films.


  • Alan Rickman was dropped the second early to get his true reaction.

    「終極警探1」結局艾倫·瑞克曼提前一秒被丟下 以捕捉他真實的反應

  • The name of the band is never mentioned once in the entire movie.

    描寫披頭四生活的「一夜狂歡」 整部電影中從未提及樂團的名字

  • Cameo by porn star Ron Jeremy.


  • This scene required 342 takes.


  • This scene required only one take.


  • The runtime of Titanic is the exact time it took the real ship to sink.

    「鐵達尼號」的影片長度 是真實事件中船隻沉沒過程歷經時間

  • And Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was the favorite film of Adolf Hitler.


  • What movie do you wanna know about?


  • Let us know, and we'll make the video.

    告訴我們 我們將為您介紹

Attention film buffs! Here's 31 random movie facts you need to know.



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