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  • Hi, everyone, my name is Christine.

  • Welcome to another episode of Top English Words!

  • Today, we're going to learn eight words Americans overuse.

  • Let's go!

  • "Definitely."

  • I'm definitely going to call her this weekend.

  • People use this word to mean that they will 100 percent do something.

  • It can also be used to agree with someone.

  • "Unbelievable."

  • Did you see the news this morning? It's unbelievable!

  • You can say "unbelievable" when something is shocking or strange.

  • It can also be used to express disappointment.

  • For example, "Jenny is late for dinner again. Unbelievable!"

  • "Literally."

  • I literally thought I was going to die.

  • Usually, this word is used to emphasize something in an exaggerated way.

  • The word sort of means that something really happened a certain way, but Americans usually use this word to exaggerate.

  • "Hilarious."

  • Everyone thinks my friend is hilarious, but he's not that funny.

  • "Hilarious" is like saying something is extremely funny.

  • It is often used to exaggerate how funny something was.

  • "Nice."

  • That guy with the nice hair just made a nice catch.

  • "Totally."

  • I totally love your new dress.

  • You can use "totally" with a verb to show how completely you do something.

  • For example, if you "totally" hate something, it means that you completely hate it.

  • It's usually used as an exaggeration.

  • "Like..."

  • Like... I tried so hard, but like, I still failed anyway.

  • This is a filler word that people insert into their sentences, sort of like "um."

  • It doesn't follow the literal meaning of the word.

  • "Seriously."

  • I'm seriously going to tell my teacher what I really think of her class.

  • "Seriously" is just a way to say you will do something, but it usually means you want to do something, but you won't really do it.

  • That's all for today!

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  • Is there an English word you overuse?

  • Leave us a comment below!

  • Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in our next video! Bye!

Wanna speak real English from your first lesson?


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Learn the Top 8 Words Americans Overuse

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