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  • even though Jerry ain't here, it's the music man.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 bands to survive the death of their lead singer.


  • Mhm Two to the side for this list will be ranking the groups who lost their vocalists yet continued to carry on their careers.


  • This could have been achieved through a name change or a member replacement, so long as the band in question kept on rocking in the face of tragedy.


  • What's your favorite band here?


  • Let us know in the comments.


  • Number 10.


  • Thin Lizzy.


  • Thin Lizzy are one of Ireland's most iconic rock exports, thanks largely in part to the charisma and passion of their bassist, lead singer and songwriter Phil Linen.

    Thin Lizzy是愛爾蘭最具代表性的搖滾樂隊之一,這在很大程度上要歸功於他們的貝斯手、主唱和作曲家Phil Linen的魅力和激情。

  • Lenin died in 1986 from septicemia, brought on by years of substance abuse.


  • But the music lived on a decade later when the band reformed and began to tour in tribute to Phil's life and career.


  • These tours were largely successful, although not all of the band's fans approved of a thin Lizzy without Phil linen.


  • Undeterred, the band later toured with Ricky Warrick on vocals before forming a new group Black Star riders with him in 2012.

    樂隊不甘示弱,後來與Ricky Warrick一起主唱巡演,然後在2012年與他組成了新的團體Black Star riders。

  • Number nine Queen Freddie Mercury is one of the world's all time greatest frontman.

    九號Queen Freddie Mercury是世界上最偉大的主唱之一。

  • So naturally, his death from AIDS related complications in 1991 left a huge void in the lineup of rock legends Queen Supersonic Stop Me Now the band would soldier on with another classic rock singer in the form of Paul Rodgers from the band's free and bad company, who joined them from 2000 and 4 to 2000 and nine.

    所以自然而然地,他在1991年死於艾滋病相關的併發症,給搖滾傳奇Queen Supersonic Stop Me Now的陣容留下了一個巨大的空白,樂隊將以另一個經典的搖滾歌手的形式繼續前進,他是來自樂隊自由和壞公司的保羅-羅傑斯,他從2000年和4到2000年和9加入他們。

  • This collaboration would tour and record the album The Cosmos Rocks, albeit without bassist John Deacon, who retired from music in 1997 the same year that Rogers and the band parted ways they would join forces with American Idol contestant Adam Lambert and hit the road again.

    這次合作將進行巡演並錄製專輯《The Cosmos Rocks》,儘管沒有貝斯手John Deacon,但他在1997年從音樂界退休,同年Rogers和樂隊分道揚鑣,他們將與美國偶像選手Adam Lambert聯手,再次上路。

  • Anybody?


  • Number eight Stone Temple Pilots 16.


  • I said, I'm going to close with STP.


  • Things are a little different in that they had already split with their founding lead singer, Scott Weiland, prior to the latter's death in 2015, the got time.

    事情有點不一樣,他們已經和他們的創始主唱Scott Weiland分手了,在後者2015年去世之前,得到了時間。

  • STP had officially fired Weiland in February of 2013, and we're already playing shows with Lincoln Park's Chester Bennington as their new vocalist.

    STP曾在2013年2月正式解僱了Weiland,我們已經和林肯公園的Chester Bennington作為他們的新主唱進行了演出。

  • In a note of tragic irony, Bennington himself would die in July 2017, although he had amicably parted ways with the band two years prior.


  • But as for the pilots as of writing there again, Active with new singer Jeff Gut, with whom they've released two studio albums, number seven Sublime Sublime fans were understandably shaken when the band's affable and charismatic vocalist Bradley Knoll, died from an overdose in 1996.

    但對於飛行員來說,截至再次寫到那裡,活躍著新的主唱傑夫-古特,與他們一起發行了兩張錄音室專輯,第七號Sublime Sublime的粉絲們在1996年因服藥過量而死亡時,可以理解為震動。

  • No, it's what I got, I said.


  • Remember that the feeling was shared by Knowles, close family, band mates and friends.


  • In fact, at that Hannah in that Sancho that she found the surviving members formed a new band, the Long Beach Dub All Stars.


  • I see lots of brothers at, and I'll watch them coming before finally deciding in 2000 and nine to try and resurrect the sublime name with new frontman Rome Ramirez.


  • This, however, hit legal issues, and the band was renamed Sublime with Rome.


  • I told her no purse was more important than the knowledge in your head.


  • This new sublime hasn't quite resonated in the same way with their old fans, though, many of which just can't see a sublime without Knoll on the mic number six in excess.


  • It's one thing to try and replace the departed lead singer, but it's another entirely to broadcast that search to a worldwide television audience.


  • That's exactly what in excess did.


  • Eventually, for 1000 years, the band had already been experimenting with different vocalists following the death of Michael Hutchins in 1997.

    最終,1000年,在1997年Michael Hutchins去世後,樂隊已經在嘗試不同的主唱。

  • But the program Rockstar in Excess, a reality show where the band picked from 15 hopefuls, brought something new.


  • The winner, J.


  • D.


  • Fortune, who, in addition to writing the lyrics for Pretty Vegas, spent a bumpy five year on and off relationship with the band until being himself replaced by Chiron Gribbon in 2011 and I will follow Yeah, Number five.

    財富,除了為《漂亮的賭城》作詞外,他還與樂隊度過了5年坎坷的上下級關係,直到2011年自己被Chiron Gribbon取代,我將跟隨Yeah,Number Five。

  • Leonard Skin Erred.

    Leonard Skin Erred

  • It's possibly one of the most well known and high profile rock tragedies of all time, the 1997 plane crash, which took the lives of Ronnie Van Zant and Steve Gaines and backing vocalist Cassie Gaines.


  • If I leave it musically, Ronnie left the biggest shoes to fill.


  • But family roots run deep within the Leonard Skinner organization, and the band returned a decade later, with Van Zant's younger brother, Johnny, taking over vocal duties was cutting a rug down at a place gone jug with a girl named Land Lou.


  • Although their membership has seen additional changes, Johnny has been a stage and studio mainstay with skin erred ever since.


  • Mhm.

  • Yeah, Number four Alison chains Yeah, Alison chains were in a career lull and struggling with chemical dependency when they're singer Layne Staley was found dead in his home during the spring of 2000 and two.

    是啊,四號艾莉森鏈子 是啊,艾莉森鏈子是在一個職業生涯的谷底和掙扎與化學依賴 當他們的歌手雷恩・斯塔利被發現死在他的家中 在2000年的春天和兩個。

  • Three years later, at the remaining band, members would slowly begin the process of performing live again, utilizing a number of guest singers at Benefit and award shows.


  • Mhm game, Cal their power.


  • Finally, in 2000 and 61 of those singers, William Duvall, officially took over vocal duties from Staley as the new front man for Alison chains, a position which he holds to this day every time Number three Grateful Dead Deadheads are on another level of dedication to their favorite band, Where on the mountain?


  • No.


  • Perhaps this could explain why the band's continued attempts at touring after the death of their singer, Jerry Garcia, have been embraced remarkably well by their ultra loyal following Clouds.

    也許這可以解釋為什麼樂隊在主唱Jerry Garcia去世後繼續嘗試巡演,卻被他們的超忠實追隨者Clouds非常歡迎。

  • The group's surviving members have gone under a number of names, including Fare Thee Well, Dead and Company and Simply the Dead.

    該團體現存的成員用了很多名字,包括Fare Thee Well、Dead and Company和Simply the Dead。

  • They've mixed in new material and new members along the way, but they still keep on trucking, and their long, strange trip continues.


  • Even though Jerry Ain't Here, it's the music Man Number two Joy Division Joy Division may have only lasted four years before vocalist Ian Curtis took his own life, but their influence has affected younger bands from the worlds of punk and new Wave Wave.

    儘管Jerry Ain't Here,但這是音樂人的二號人物Joy Division Joy Division可能只持續了四年,主唱Ian Curtis就自殺了,但他們的影響力影響了朋克和新浪潮浪潮世界的年輕樂隊。

  • A new band, New Order, was formed in the aftermath of Curtis's passing, with Joy Division guitarist Bernard Sumner taking over vocal duties and leading the band in a more commercial and dance oriented sound, New Order would see themselves as influential as Joy Division was to a whole new generation, proving that the seeds sown by Curtis's time with the group continued to grow.

    Curtis去世後,一支新的樂隊New Order成立,Joy Division的吉他手Bernard Sumner接過了主唱的工作,並帶領樂隊以更加商業化和舞曲為導向的聲音,New Order會認為自己和Joy Division一樣,對全新一代人有很大的影響力,證明Curtis在樂隊期間播下的種子還在繼續成長。

  • You treat me like you do what more mojo Sound Mojo brings you music from new and emerging artists in all genres from across the globe, from interviews to live shows and deep dives into music culture, Sound Mojo has you covered.


  • Be sure to check out sound mojo to find your new favorite artists break new.


  • Yeah, that's it, you know.


  • Said he did better.


  • So let your lips.


  • Yeah, Number one a C D.

    是的,第一是C D。

  • C.


  • Bon Scott was an inimitable rock n roll presence.


  • A firebrand frontman for the Aussie Legends, a C D.

    澳洲傳奇樂隊的火爆主唱,C D。

  • C, whose life was tragically cut short in 1980.


  • Yeah, shaking hands, acute alcohol poisoning and pulmonary aspiration with the official causes of Scott's death.

    是啊,握手,急性酒精中毒和肺吸氣 與斯科特的官方死因。

  • And it was up to a C D.

    而且是到了C D。

  • C to try and find a replacement for the unique and powerful lead singer.


  • They found one in the form of Brian Johnson from the band Jordi.

    他們找到了一個來自Jordi樂隊的Brian Johnson。

  • No way.


  • Johnson wasn't a Bond Scott clone, however, and his paint peeling screech gained a C.


  • D.


  • C.


  • A new lease on life, clearing the path for worldwide domination with the album back in black.


  • Yeah, do you agree with our picks?


even though Jerry ain't here, it's the music man.


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