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Are you tired of being cold at night?
Having trouble lifting those heavy objects?
Don’t have enough money to buy dinner tonight?
Then you need a boyfriend.
Boyfriends are the rich, muscular, heat blankets you’ve been yearning for.
Boyfriends are made of thick, ultra ripped muscles
that can lift your furniture with ease
and give you sex at the drop of a hat.
Thanks boyfriend!
When hungry, the boyfriend is forced to pay for your food due to the cruel rules of our society,
With the boyfriend, you’ll have your own personal handyman
to fix any problem in the house without calling a repairman.
And the boyfriend is graded maintaining a secure perimeter of your property.
So you can feel safe at home again.
As an added bonus, you’ll receive our compact press and open book light.
A 15 dollar value free
and if you act now,you’ll get an additional boyfriend absolutely free!
The two brutes will fight to the death to defend your honor.
All while you relax and enjoy your book light.
A 500 dollar value for only $19.95.
Boyfriend is not good at listening or viewing a couple of advice.
This offer is not available in stores.
Call now so you’ll never be broke, hungry or horny again.


真的!你需要一個男朋友! You need a "Boyfriend"!

21351 分類 收藏
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