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  • Hey guys and girls this is CathyCat on Ask Japanese this time i'm gonna tell you 50  

  • signs that will tell you that you've been in  Japan for so long that you started turning a  

  • little bit Japanese and forgot that you may be a foreigner

  • It feels more natural to you to pay

  • by cash and not by credit card

  • It's not weird  for you to see coffee cold and in jelly form

  • you don't get that surprised anymore when  you find a pair of panties on the street  

  • when you hear the word Japanese sour plum  "ume" your mouth immediately starts to water  

  • the convenient store near your house is super convenient but you always spend too much time and money there  

  • you know that when you go to the hundred  yen store you don't get what you need  

  • you go to the 100 yen store and the  100 yen store tells you what you need.

  • you feel like taking a bath without having had  a shower beforehand is a sin

  • when you get a gift from a friend you immediately start thinking about what kind of gift you have to give back now  

  • you say karaoke instead of karaoke

  • when you meet someone for the very first time it's natural to you to bow and not to shake hands

  • You wave  your hand when you want to say no no no no no no

  • you feel like Baumkuchen is a Japanese food

  • you got used to having sweet corn and mayo on  your pizza and you start to think it's great

  • you never close the taxi door neither open it  

  • there might be days when you  don't say anything at all

  • if you meet another foreigner  living on the countryside of Japan  

  • you feel some sort of sympathy (she meant camaraderie) wow

  • if you see obnoxious tourists in  Tokyo you feel some sort of apathy  

  • you realize you're bowing  to western foreigners too

  • you don't talk on the elevator

  • you don't talk on the train

  • you don't talk on the bus

  • you say "Otsukaresama deshita" every day

  • while the first few years you are fine during hay fever season

  • the next few years you're  suffering through it just like everyone else

  • you frown when you accidentally  drink sweetened green tea  

  • you realize you're nodding a lot even on the phone  

  • you go wow and are super surprised when you see  a big dog but you never do that for small dogs

  • cute

  • you realize you say "sorry" more than "excuse me"

  • you don't get nervous anymore when you put a 10 000 yen bill into a vending machine

  • that's like 100 dollars!

  • you started calling your stapler a hotchkiss

  • none of your friends thinks it's weird  that you ate an American dog last night

  • instead of asking for a power  outlet you're asking for consent  

  • consent?

  • you get more hot canned coffee out of  the vending machines than going to starbucks

  • you think the opposite of red is white

  • you  answer the phone with moshimoshi instead of hello

  • you know that tonkatsu's best friend is cabbage  

  • you buy a strawberry shortcake on christmas

  • you buy a strawberry shortcake on your birthday

  • you buy a shorsh... you buy a strawberry  shortcake on any other celebration

  • you never bump into anyone when you're crossing shibuya crossing

  • on a tight month you hope that your senpai pays your lunch bill

  • you think  that salt and rice is the best onigiri there is

  • you're searching for a button in a restaurant

  • you know that a drink bar does not contain any alcohol

  • even though you get asked to  check your change you never do  

  • when a Japanese person says "raito" you know whether they meant right or light

  • you're learning more about the difference between chinese usage kanji and Japanese usage kanji

  • you know more fish and flower names in Japanese than you know in English

  • you stopped thinking that a magnitude 4 earthquake is scary

  • but you  know that in magnitude 5 would be very scary

  • you have a hundred receipts in your wallet

  • you have dozens of point cards in your wallet

  • when a Japanese person tells you "Oh you can use chopsticks so very well" you smile but internally  you think "of course"

  • someone compliments you and tells you your Japanese is very good and you internally wish you'd said more better now wait a second

  • Like... "hey I didn't even speak something yet!" but then Dogen said something similar...

  • when someone compliments you  how great your Japanese is  

  • you instead of accepting it turn it down with the words of "no no not at all" even though you .... 

  • even though you speak it fluently

  • for you the week starts on a Sunday

  • so these are a couple of things you realize  you've been doing if you've been living in  

  • Japan for a long time is there anything I missed  let us know in the comments down below looking  

  • forward to reading your comments don't forget  give us a like so more people can find this  

  • and I hope I catch you soon for more videos on Ask Japanese, so don't forget to subscribe bye guys

  • you

Hey guys and girls this is CathyCat on Ask Japanese this time i'm gonna tell you 50  


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50 Signs You're in Japan for Too Long

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