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What your sleeping position says about you. [The Fetus]
This is the most common position in the world.
People who sleep in the fetal position tend towards worry and anxiety.
It's not all bad though.
I mean what would this world be like without the shy, sensitive types? [The Starfish]
This position could lead to snoring and a rough night's sleep.
If you have a starfish sleeper as a best friend, you're in luck.
They're great listeners and a source of comfort to others. [The Soldier]
Sleeping like a soldier can lead to a bad night's sleep.
Try using a pillow to support the natural curve of your back.
Soldier sleepers do not like to make a big deal out of things.
They are the strong, silent type. [The Yearner]
This is a good position to avoid snoring.
The yearner sleepers look like they're grasping for something.
It's all part of their long periods of indecision, but once they make a choice, they stick to it. [The Freefaller]
This position can aid in digestion, but their sleep is unsteady.
They like to be in control of everything around their life.
They're outgoing and confident people, but for them, extreme situations…that's a no no. [The Log]
For those who suffer from back pain, the log position could be helpful for you.
Log sleepers are very trusting, a little naive, but are usually social and easy going individuals.
Sweet dreams!



超神奇!「睡姿」竟然能看出你的個性! (What Your Sleeping Position Says about You)

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