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  • I'm now walking the streets looking for people whose pets need some care.


  • Would you mind if I take a look at him?


  • - Please. - Yeah.

    - 請便。- 可以嗎。

  • [For the last nine years, this veterinarian has spent his free time treating pets on the street - for free.]


  • Ready to go?


  • You look like me, what's up, brother?


  • [Dr. Kwane Stewart drives around California helping the animals of people experiencing homeless.]

    [Kwane Stewart 醫生在加州到處開車,幫助無家可歸者的動物。]

  • [Stewart provides everything from flea treatments to vaccinations.]

    [Stewart 提供各種醫療項目,從跳蚤治療到疫苗。]

  • I want to get him some help.


  • And I think we should do it sooner than later.


  • Are you okay with that?


  • Yeah man, I love him.


  • He's my son.


  • [Stewart was inspired to help those hurt by the 2008 financial crisis.]

    [Stewart 受到啟發去幫助那些在 2008 年受到金融海嘯打擊的人們。]

  • [As the homeless population grew, so did the number of pets on the street.]


  • [In 2011, he set up at a soup kitchen and offered a check-up to any pets that were brought in.]

    [在 2011 年,他建立了施膳處並為前來的任何寵物提供檢查。]

  • [Before he knew it, there was a long line of people waiting for treatment for their pets.]


  • It's my whole life.


  • Craig, right?


  • My dream is I can say to get her eyes fixed and me get off the....


  • [For simple treatments, Dr. Stewart bears the cost himself.]

    [對於簡單的治療,Stewart 醫生自己承擔費用。]

  • [For more severe cases, he uses GoFoundMe to raise money for the cost of surgeries.]

    [對比較嚴重的病例,他利用 GoFoundMe 為手術募集資金。]

  • [Since he became the "Street Vet" he estimates that he has helped around 400 animals.] I know the pets are reliant on people, but I think people are even more dependent on their pets.

    [自從他成為「大街獸醫」,他估計他已經幫助大概 400 隻動物。] 我知道寵物很依賴人們,但我覺得人們更依賴他們的寵物。

  • They love them and care for them, and it's genuine


I'm now walking the streets looking for people whose pets need some care.


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好暖心!免費治療寵物 (Treating Pets For No Cost)

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