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  • Mr President.


  • What about technology?


  • What are you looking specifically for?


  • Technology to solve the biggest challenges that you see in government.


  • But I'll distinguish between government adapting technology to do a better job, which has been a major focus among since I came into office.


  • And frankly, we've just scratched the surface, whether it's encouraging people to vote or dislodging big data so that people can use it more easily or getting their forms processed online more simply, there's.


  • There's a huge amount of work to drag the federal government and state governments and local governments into the 21st century.


  • It's interesting that when I talked to friends in Silicon Valley, some of whom have recruited them to come into the administration Uh huh, I'm able to show fairly rapidly what I've said to them when they're on the outside.


  • The gap between the talent in the federal government and the private sector is actually not wide at all.


  • They're really smart people who work really hard here and are passionate about what they do.


  • The technology gap is massive.


  • It when I when I first got here, um, you know, I always imagine like the situation Room would be this super cool thing and be like Tom Cruise and, uh, Minority Report.

    當我剛到這裡的時候 我總是想象著 "房間 "會是一個超級酷的東西 就像湯姆-克魯斯和《少數派報告》一樣。

  • We'd be moving around stuff, and I have all these.


  • It's not like that at all.


  • You know, the movies, uh, I think display, particularly when it comes to hunting down terrorists on the other side of the globe.

    你知道,電影,呃,我認為顯示, 特別是當涉及到追捕恐怖分子 在地球的另一邊。

  • Display this, this avnish ins that we possess somehow, and it's just not buried yet, and it's been drastically underfunded, not properly designed.

    顯示這個,這個avnish ins,我們以某種方式擁有,只是還沒有被埋沒,而且它的資金嚴重不足,沒有好好設計。

  • So there's a whole bunch of work we have to do around getting government to be more customer friendly and to make it at least as easy as ordering a pizza.


  • Or you have, uh, an airline ticket for you to be able to file your taxes, for example.


  • But I I think in terms of the broader questions around technology, I've talked about individualized medicine and and health.


  • And generally energy is obviously massive.


  • I am a firm believer that yeah, if we get climate change right, if we're able to tap the brakes and figure out how we avoid, uh, 6 ft rise in the oceans, that humanity is going to figure stuff out.

    我堅信,是的,如果我們得到氣候變化的權利, 如果我們能夠敲擊剎車,並找出如何 我們避免,呃,6英尺上升的海洋, 人類是要想出的東西。

  • I'm pretty optimistic if we don't get it right.


  • I'm worried, and and we've done a lot of good work.


  • But there's just enormous amount of work still to be done.


  • Yeah, to deploy analytical tools and computing to crack the code around clean energy.


  • We've made progress, but we got a long way to go.


  • Um, and then, as I indicated before, and this is to use Joey's term of meta problem, I think figuring out the structure of regulating connectivity in the Internet in a way that is accountable, transparent, safe, uh, allows us to isolated and get at the bad guys, but ensures that the government does not possess so much power in all of our lives that it becomes a tool for oppression.


  • Um, and what?


  • Yeah, we We're still working on that.


  • And some of those are technological problems.


  • Some of them are legal problems and a problem shaping the right architecture politically and legally to create mechanisms for accountability.


  • But, um, yeah, some of it is is actually just a tough set of technology problems that an encryption being a good example where, you know, I've met with civil libertarians and national security people over and over and over again, and It's actually a knotty problem.

    但是,嗯,是的,它的一些實際上是 只是一組艱難的技術問題 加密是一個很好的例子,你知道,我已經會見了 與公民自由主義者和國家安全的人

  • Nobody can give me a really good answer in terms of how we reconcile some of these issues.


  • So I think that there's going to be, ah, exciting times that here's one thing I can guarantee There's stuff I haven't even thought of yet.


  • Um, and I guess since this is a frontiers issue, the last thing I should mention is I'm still a big space guy.


  • And figuring out how to move into the next generation of space travel is something that we're significantly underfunding.


  • There's some good work being done.


  • Bye.


  • The private sector again because increasingly displaced government funding on some of the what the heck, why not ventures Crazy ideas?

    私營部門又因為越來越多地取代政府資金對一些什麼東西,為什麼不是風險投資 瘋狂的想法?

  • Um, but you know when when when we think about space flight, we're still thinking about basically the same chemical reactions.

    嗯,但你知道,當 當我們想到太空飛行時, 我們仍然在思考 基本上相同的化學反應。

  • We were back in the Apollo flights 50 years later.


  • It seems like we should be Yeah, I don't know if yeah, lithium crystals are out there, but, you know, we should be getting some breakthroughs on that front.


Mr President.


由 AI 自動生成

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