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  • Oh, Sherlock! you're... back.

  • Yes, dying was boring.

  • Hmm.

  • Now we can watch all these shows we missed while you were gone.

  • (breaking bad theme)

  • Walt poisoned that kid, you know.

  • What?

  • Look at his hands, he keeps smelling them.

  • He washed them like he does after a meth cook, but he's not used to the natural smell of flowers.

  • Also he had a botanic encyclopedia in his bedroom and there were several shots-

  • -of a "Lily of the Vally" hidden throughout the episode.

  • Damn it Sherlock.

  • Oh, bummer.

  • John: What? Why?

  • Don is cheating again.

  • what? No. He loves Megan.

  • Look at how he answers the phone.

  • He looks at the door before, and his voice goes up when he talks.

  • He thinks it's someone specific, but not his wife.

  • Notice his face, it's got sleep wrinkles on the other side.

  • It means he slept on the side of the bed he's not used to.

  • Also his smoke carton is one cigarette shorter, it means he smoked one more than usual.

  • He doesn't look stressed, so it obviously means he had sex.

  • I hate you.

  • Come on, it's right there!

  • Masuka knows about dexter.

  • Dan is the Gossip Girl.

  • Nick and Jess won't make it

  • Hodor is faking it.

  • He's the killer, She's the mother, They were dead all along.

  • Sherlock! Can you "deduct" how much I hate watching TV with you!?!

  • of course.

  • Then why don't you leave!?

  • Because...

  • I want you to turn off the tv and come to bed.

  • oh.

  • OH!

Oh, Sherlock! you're... back.


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夏洛克破壞一切 (Sherlock Spoils Everything)

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