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  • thank you for your time serving.


  • Police Constable has tonight been charged with the kidnapping murder of Sarah Everard.

    警員今晚被控綁架謀殺莎拉-埃弗拉德 Police Constable has tonight been charged with the kidnapping murder of Sarah Everard.

  • Wayne Cousins, aged 48 has been remanded in custody and will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow morning.


  • Sarah's family, of course, have been informed of this development and remain supported by specialist officers.


  • I would like at this stage to pay tribute Sarah's family for their fortitude and forbearance through what can only have been the most intensely difficult few days.


  • Our thoughts remain with them as this matter progresses.


  • The investigation continues, of course, supported by hundreds of officers from across the Met as well as colleagues in Kent police.


  • I would also like to thank at this stage all members of the public who have come forward with information or support for the investigation and would use this opportunity to encourage anyone that thinks they might have useful information to give to get in contact with us.


  • Thank you very much.


  • So that was Nick F.


  • Grave, the Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner.


  • And what he has told us is that a man has been charged with the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard.

    而他告訴我們的是,一個男人已經被指控 綁架和謀殺莎拉-埃弗拉德。

  • His name is Wayne cousins.


  • So this is also being confirmed by the Crown Prosecution Service.


  • At 41 year old Wayne Cousins has been charged with the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Evrard.

    41歲的Wayne Cousins被控綁架和謀殺Sarah Evrard。

  • So just to remind you of the latest developments of this case, um, he was 48.


  • I do apologize.


  • 48 year old Wayne Cousins.


  • So today we had confirmation that the body that had been found the human remains that have been found in woodland had indeed been confirmed as being those of Sarah Everard.

    所以,今天我們已經確認,已經發現的屍體... ...在林地裡發現的人類遺體確實已經被確認為是莎拉-埃弗拉德的遺體。

  • So that is a picture of Wayne Cousins.


  • 48 year old serving police officer.


  • He was in the Diplomatic Protection Service, and he has now been charged with the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard, 33 year old Sarah.


  • Her body was found in Woodland in Kent and positively identified on Friday.


  • So he has been in custody for a number of days now, but charged today confirmation They're just coming from the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner uh, Nick, uh, f grave.


  • He also confirmed that the investigation would be on going now.


  • We did here a statement from Sarah's family, uh, saying that she was a shining example to us all, and she had brought so much joy to our lives.

    我們在這裡做了一個聲明 從莎拉的家人, 呃,說她是一個光輝榜樣 我們所有的人, 她帶來了這麼多的喜悅 我們的生活。

  • Our beautiful daughter Sarah was taken from us and we are appealing for any information that will help to solve this terrible crime when cousins, 48 year old serving police officer, has been charged with the kidnap and murder of 33 year old marketing executive Sarah Everard.


thank you for your time serving.



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倫敦警察被控謀殺莎拉-埃弗拉德 - BBC News (London police officer charged with Sarah Everard's murder - BBC News)

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