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  • some pharmacists wear lab coats my uncle mean dons a different uniform.


  • Suited up as a superhero, he reaches into sub zero storage for his vials of Covid 19 vaccines.


  • Amine owns the Skipjack Pharmacy in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, a small community outside Philadelphia.


  • And on a recent march morning, he headed out to a gym converted into a vaccine clinic to help protect lives in his community.


  • So we received the Kobe vaccine just about a month ago.


  • It's truly been a community effort.


  • Thanks to deep ties with their communities and the trust they've been able to establish over the years, Small local pharmacies are instrumental in reaching people who might be reluctant to get vaccinated or may not know about vaccination efforts.


  • Amine has administered about 4000 vaccine doses since February, with help from one employee to pharmacy interns and teams of volunteers who helped prep patients and paperwork.


  • It's not a one man team at all.


  • While it might be the last person standing here at midnight, just about five minutes before that, there's about 15 volunteers here with me, and that's the true beauty about these vaccine clinics that we've been hosting is that it's a community effort and something that the community is kind of risen to help each other out.


  • I mean, pays house calls to elderly residents who can't travel at a Super Bowl Sunday clinic.


  • Last month, Ski pack administered 1000 shots, but on some days they may not do any vaccinations at all.

    上個月,Ski pack打了1000針,但有些日子他們可能根本不打疫苗。

  • They're at the mercy of vaccine supplies.


  • Under President Joe Biden, supply has increased, but some distribution and access hurdles persist when the pandemic first hit, um, skip back and the country.


  • Since then, we've been here at the pharmacy almost 18 hours a day and most of the time, seven days a week.


  • And that's something that you know.


  • We're hopeful that with this vaccine coming out and being available to more people's arms, the actual virus rate and the community is going to decrease and allow us as health care professionals to go back home to our families.


  • I mean, known as Dr Mac to his patients, reunites with his pregnant wife only on weekends to avoid potentially exposing her to infection.


some pharmacists wear lab coats my uncle mean dons a different uniform.



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賓夕法尼亞州一家小藥店如何為數千人接種疫苗? (How one small Pennsylvania pharmacy is vaccinating thousands)

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