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  • It's like an unfathomable number.


  • To be quite honest.


  • It's just crazy.


  • The work is A is a giant compilation of 5000 different individual days each day of the every days again, I started on May 1st, 2007.


  • And if you look at the piece in the upper left hand corner is the very first every day and then the lower right hand corner is the very last every day or or the 5000 every day and so you can kind of see like it kind of goes across time like that.


  • You know, I've obviously been making, you know, work like this for a very long time.


  • But N f T s sort of the way that this was sold the kind of proof of ownership on the Blockchain that I really only learned of, like in mid October of last year.

    但N f T的那種方式,這是賣區塊鏈上的所有權證明,我真的只瞭解到,像去年10月中旬。

  • And so I had one drop and I made, like, 130,000.


  • And then I had another drop in in December and I made, like, 3.5 million.


  • And now this and it's just like this is, you know, But that was like a big jump, like that 130,000.

    而現在,這和它只是像這樣的,你知道, 但這是像一個很大的跳躍,像13萬。

  • And then the 3.5 million was just, like another level of just like, Oh, my God, Like, you know, And now this is just like what?

    然後350萬隻是,像另一個層次的只是喜歡, 哦,我的上帝,像,你知道,現在這只是像什麼?

  • I feel like I'm being punked.


It's like an unfathomable number.



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'我覺得自己被人坑了,'嗶哩嗶哩說。 ('I feel like I'm being punked,' says Beeple)

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