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  • Every living organism we know of requires water to survive - it's part of the reason

    任何生物都仰賴著水存活 這也就是為什麼

  • we look so feverishly for water on other planets across the universe, and consume it consistently

    我們迫切尋找宇宙中其他具有水源行星 就像

  • every day here on Earth. So what would happen to your body if you stopped drinking water?

    在地球每天使用的水資源一樣 所以 當你停止攝取水份身體會產生什麼問題呢?

  • Of course, when we say 'water' we're including all fluids which simply contain water - like

    理所當然 所謂的「水」 包含任何可飲用的液體 例如

  • juices, pop, or tea. Much like the desire to breath in oxygen, thirst is a survival

    果汁 汽水 或是茶 感到口渴與吸入氧氣一樣是種生存本能

  • instinct. H20 is the most abundant molecule in the human body making up, on average, 65%

    水分子佔人體的絕大部分 成人體內的水平均約佔65%

  • of an adult. As a universal solvent, it carries nutrients and hormones through the body, regulates

    水是萬能的溶劑 可以幫助體內輸送營養和賀爾蒙 調節體內溫度

  • body temperature, cushions our joints and even lubricates our eyes. You produce around

    緩解關節間的摩擦 甚至是滋潤我們的雙眼 你每天大約排出

  • 1.5 litres of urine every day, with another litre lost from breathing, sweating and...pooping.

    1.5公升的尿液 加上其他像是呼吸 流汗 或排便也會流失水分

  • So it's essential that the body replaces this liquid.


  • The thirst centre of the brain is located in the hypothalamus, and is constantly using

    口渴的感覺中樞位於大腦的下視丘 經常藉由

  • sensors in your blood vessels to monitor the amount of sodium and other substances in your


  • body. For example, if you sweat too much, your blood volume and pressure fall. The brain

    舉例來說 如你排汗量多時血量和血壓都會降低

  • then detects this change and creates the urge to drink something, NOW! So what happens if


  • you are unable to satisfy this thirst?


  • The initial signs of dehydration are the obvious dry mouth, following which your urine becomes

    初期的脫水會造成明顯的口乾舌燥 接下來你的尿液會變得

  • darker with a stronger odor, as your body attempts to conserve more fluids. The lack

    色深以及難聞 因為身體開始減少水分的浪費

  • of H20 then begins to affect your brain - you may feel light headed, have a slower response

    缺乏水分子會進而影響到大腦 你可能會感到頭昏眼花 反應遲緩

  • time and decreased ability to feel pain. In fact, when you're dehydrated, your brain tissue

    或是對疼痛感覺麻痺 事實上 當身體脫水時 大腦的組織會逐漸萎縮

  • literally shrinks. In studies observing hydrated vs. dehydrated participants, the same task


  • required more brain power and oxygen in dehydrated individuals compared to those fully hydrated.

    相較於水分充足的人 脫水的人耗費更多腦力與氧氣來完成相同任務

  • After a day or two with no fluids you'll stop peeing all together, have trouble swallowing,

    若一兩天未攝取水分 身體將會減少排尿 吞嚥困難

  • suffer from muscle spasms and likely experience nausea - after all, your body can survive

    肌肉痙攣 噁心反胃 畢竟在沒有食物的情況下

  • without food much longer, and attention to digestion is not a priority at this point.

    能存活比較久 所以消化系統在這時候並不重要

  • Eventually, victims may become delirious with severely impaired brain function. Interestingly,

    最終 身體缺水的人會變得神智不清 大腦功能會嚴重受損

  • studies looking at elderly patients who suffer from delirium, found that many are simply

    研究發現年老的神智不清患者 多半僅僅是

  • suffering from chronic dehydration in the first place. After even more time without

    一開始就歷經長期的脫水 加上之後又長期未攝取水分

  • water, the blood stops flowing to your skin, reducing heat loss but increasing your core

    血液會停止流向皮膚 以減少熱能耗損 但身體的核心溫度卻會增加

  • body temperature. This can lead to a grey-blueish tinge to your skin. Beyond 3-5 days without

    這會導致皮膚呈現灰青色 三到五天內未攝取水份

  • water, and your body will begin to shut down it's organs, and eventually the brain.

    身體器官會逐漸衰竭 最後連大腦也無法運作

  • Of course, unlike the plentiful oxygen we breath, only 2.5% of all Earth's water is

    當然 不像我們有足夠的氧氣可以呼吸 地球上只有約2.5%的乾淨水源

  • fresh; most of which is locked up in glaciers, ice caps and underground lakes known as aquifers,

    而且大部分都封藏於冰河 冰冠 及地下水層

  • leaving less than 1% available for drinking. And most of this water is actually used to

    真正可以飲用的水剩不到1% 然而這些水又被用來

  • grow crops; approximately 500 billion litres of freshwater is used daily for agriculture

    灌溉穀物 約有五千億公升的乾淨水源被用來農業灌溉

  • in the USA alone, with another 500 billion litres to cool electric power plants. And

    就美國來說 更用了五千億公升的水來冷卻核能燃料棒

  • as our personal drinking sources become increasingly contaminated, over 783 million people on earth

    加上可飲用水源汙染日益嚴重 約有7.83億的人

  • are unable to access clean water.


  • Scientists around the world are trying to find solutions to this problem - from attempts


  • to remove salt from ocean water, tap into underground aquifers and creating innovative

    從淡化海水 開發地下水源 到發明創新的濾水系統

  • water filtration systems. If we look to space, NASA has developed technology for astronauts

    就太空科技而言 NASA已發展出一項技術

  • to turn their urine into water more pure than what we drink on earth. But we can't just

    能淨化太空人的尿液 甚至比飲用水還乾淨

  • rely on science and technology - perhaps the solution relies on us as a species to understand

    不過僅仰賴科技是不夠的 - 也許這些問題是需要我們去深入瞭解的

  • and contribute to this global water crisis.

    並致力於去解決全球水資源危機 這些問題才可能得以解決

  • If you want to help in the mission to end global thirst, join in World Water Day on

    如果你想為我們的地球盡一份心力 快來參加3月22號的世界水資源日

  • March 22nd. There are a lot of really amazing projects out there, like or even

    這裡有很多有趣的活動 例如

  • the awesome UNICEF app which donates 1 day of clean water to child in need, for every

    甚至是 UNICEF(聯合國兒童基金會)每十分鐘將會捐助一天所需水分給需要的孩童

  • 10 minutes you put your phone down. We'll leave links in the description for these and

    這只需要你來電 我們會在說明區中留下連結

  • other great water charities. Small investments really do make a huge difference.

    期待著你的愛心 小小的愛心會轉動整個地球

  • We'll be donating all the proceeds from this video to a water project close to us called


  • Morocco 5 Villages - so thanks for supporting and watching. And subscribe for more weekly


  • science videos!


Every living organism we know of requires water to survive - it's part of the reason

任何生物都仰賴著水存活 這也就是為什麼


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如果你停止喝水? (What if You Stopped Drinking Water?)

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