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  • - [Amanda] Hey, Psych2Goers. Welcome back to our channel.

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  • Have you ever been in a manipulative relationship before with a friend partner or a family member?

  • Manipulative people can come in all shapes and sizes.

  • They're good at manipulating their environment and the people in it to ensure that they get their way.

  • They use emotionally abusive behavior to keep you in line and complacent, so they can use you for their own benefit.

  • So here are six signs of a manipulative person to watch out for.

  • Number one, they don't acknowledge your thoughts and opinions.

  • A manipulative person will have trouble acknowledging your differing perspectives and opinions.

  • They don't put much importance on what your thoughts are, and instead of asking after you, they will try to bend you to their will.

  • They make you feel guilty and second guess your thoughts and feelings in order to have control over you, by turning your behavior into what they need it to be.

  • Ultimately, all situations and relationships are about them.

  • What you think, feel, and want doesn't really matter to them.

  • Two, they're good at guilty-tripping you.

  • Have you ever been blamed for something you know you didn't do, or had your good intentions sullied by a manipulator in your life?

  • A manipulative person wants to make you feel guilty about the decisions you make, your intentions, or any kind of stand you might try to take against them.

  • They'll poke holes in your sound logical arguments and make you question yourself.

  • They point the finger back at you and will gaslight you to keep you submissive to them.

  • Number three, they don't take responsibility for their own behavior.

  • A manipulator avoids taking responsibility for their own behavior by blaming others for causing it.

  • While they understand what responsibility is, they see nothing wrong with refusing to take responsibility for their actions, even while making you take responsibility for yours.

  • They may even try to get you to take responsibility for satisfying their needs, leaving you no time to fulfill your own individual needs.

  • Number four, they turn friends to enemies.

  • Do you feel that this person talks about you behind your back, or do they talk badly of others to you?

  • A manipulator is a master at triangulation, where they create scenarios and dynamics that allow for intrigue, rivalry and jealousy and encourage disharmony between others.

  • They'll sow the chaos between their friends, family members, and other people in their lives.

  • Number five, they play the victim.

  • Another manipulative tactic to help draw you in is to play the victim card.

  • If they need special attention, you are more likely to feel empathetic towards them, and this implores you to help them out.

  • Once you feel sorry for them, it's easier for them to manipulate you into getting what they want.

  • And number six, they routinely provoke arguments and disagreements between the two of you.

  • When a manipulator stirs up an argument with you, they can push you into saying things you don't mean or maybe wouldn't have said in the first place.

  • They wind up trapping you this way by making you feel guilty for what you said, and then forcing you to sympathize and accept their own feelings.

  • It's just another tactic to get you to distrust yourself and break you down, so they can further take advantage of you.

  • Did this video help you recognize some signs of manipulation?

  • Do you think there are any other signs that we missed?

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- [Amanda] Hey, Psych2Goers. Welcome back to our channel.


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6 Warning Signs of A Manipulative Person(6 Warning Signs of A Manipulative Person)

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