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  • this is downtown Tokyo, Shibuya


  • Notice anything?


  • and  no i'm not referring to the man with the red shoes and the hot pink beard


  • it is in fact that there  are so few people


  • and this is halloween


  • i would say it's roughly a quarter of what you would  usually expect


  • and everyone almost everyone


  • is wearing a mask


  • welcome to japan's new normal


  • 2020  is the year of the pandemic of the coronavirus


  • and everywhere around the world people are having to  deal with it

    世界各地的人們都必鬚麵對這一問題, 日本 與

  • japan is no different


  • they've had they're locked down and a lot of people are doing  much more remote work

    在一起並 沒有什麼不同 ,很多人做更多的遠程工作,

  • something they've never had to do in the past


  • there's a lot of unique  situations happening right now that are a first

    有很多獨特的情況正在發生,這是 日本文化

  • for the japanese culture to deal with

    第一 次要處理,

  • but they  are


  • so in this video i'd like to talk to you about


  • what is this new normal

    這種新常態 是

  • as the pandemic touches  every part of the japanese lifestyle

    什麼, 因為流感大流行觸及了日本生活方式的每個方面,

  • what are they doing to adapt and to overcome this very difficult  challenge

    他們正在採取哪些措施來適應並克服 目前正在影響著我們所有人的

  • that is affecting all of us right now

    這一非常艱鉅的挑戰 ,

  • so if japanese work culture was going to  change


  • very close behind that was going to be the restaurant culture as well


  • because as much as  japanese people love to work they love to eat


  • and when you would go out before you would usually get  something called an oshibori


  • and that's a hot wet towel usually that you get before your meal

    oshibori, 這是一個濕毛巾熱敷通常是您在餐前讓

  • you  clean your hands and it's nice and sanitary


  • but now because people are so frequently wearing masks  out

    而且 很衛生, 但是現在因為人們經常

  • they're providing in restaurants mask cases

    在餐廳裡 戴口罩, 所以他們

  • so you can store them until you leave


  • and a lot  of people aren't always using something like the disposable

    而且很多人並不總是在使用像一次性用品那樣的東西, 因為 他們 經常

  • they'll use one like i have where it's  washable and reusable

    在餐廳裡提供口罩 。我會使用像我這樣的產品,因為它

  • so having a case where you can put it away during the course your meal

    具有 可洗和可重複使用的特點, 因此在用餐過程中可以將其收拾起來

  • is  really convenient


  • not all measures that can fight back against the virus have to necessarily be  super high tech


  • in fact one of the ones that they use now less so at restaurants

    ,實際上是其中之一現在,他們在餐館使用的餐廳 越來越 少,

  • but more at special  events public events things like that. Gyms..

    而在特殊活動,公共活動中更多地 使用這種 東西。 Gyms ..

  • is a tracking list


  • so if you go into a public event


  • what they'll request that you do is actually write down your name your address

    ,他們將要求您實際寫上您的姓名 和 地址

  • and so if there were  an incident reported where somebody had contracted covid

    ,因此,如果有報導說某人 在該特殊活動中

  • at that special event

    感染了合作性艾滋病 ,

  • they can then let any  of the participants know that that is the case


  • and then you can go and have yourself tested


  • low-tech yes but quite effective and it does allow people to take a measure of security


  • knowing that  when they've gone to this special event


  • you know that they're taking it seriously


  • and if something  were to go wrong that there is a recourse for that


  • and hopefully afterwards you're still  protected


  • it wouldn't be a modern pandemic if there weren't an APP to battle the virus


  • and japan  certainly has theirs


  • Oddly named Cocoa given that cocoa is the ingredient that creates chocolate


  • which is both delicious and desirable


  • and Covid is everything the opposite of that

    巧克力的原料, 而可維迪德

  • the naming  convention doesn't diminish its effectiveness

    與命名約定並沒有降低其有效性 ,

  • it works by having each user register on the  application

    相反, 通過使每個 可食用的 巧克力 都 有效

  • and then if any of those users were within one meter of each other

    在該應用程序上註冊Ser ,然後如果這些用戶中的任何一個

  • in an excess  of 15 minutes and then contracted the virus

    在15分鐘 內彼此之間相距一米之

  • all the people who are in that similar proximity to each other

    內,然後感染了該病毒 , 則將通知

  • will be notified


  • the japanese bathroom or perhaps more specifically the japanese  toilet


  • has become a cultural trope worldwide


  • known for being super high tech and providing  you with the latest in technology

    ,以超高科技而聞名, 從適應性最強的坐浴盆

  • from the most accommodating bidet to perhaps talking you down  from the edge of a really bad experience at work

    為您提供最新技術 ,或者從工作中真正糟糕的經歷的邊緣讓您失望,

  • but not always going high-tech is the solution  in japan here for the problem of the virus and  


  • in fact it's going the reverse direction


  • it's  getting more practical and removing some of these more complex amenities


  • it's not complexity we need  it's a lack of it


  • that prevents the spread so


  • when you go into the bathrooms here you actually notice  that things like the automatic hand dryers that used to be there before


  • are either covered up or  removed


  • and there's the expectation now that you would bring something like your own hand towel

    了,現在期望您會帶上自己的毛巾 或紙巾之

  • or  paper towels


  • i know this for a fact at my gym that you can no longer use the hand dryer


  • they've  gone more analog


  • and it seems to be helping


  • traditional office work be repressed


  • people have had to work from home they've had to work remotely


  • where you've seen actually the virus have an  accelerant effect then on other businesses  

    ,您實際上已經看到該病毒會產生促進作用,然後在 送貨服務模式中

  • is in the delivery service model


  • so before in  tokyo you used to see a few Uber Eats bicycles riding around

    因此在東京之前,您曾經看到過一些Uber Eats自行車騎行大約

  • now they're absolutely ubiquitous


  • it's hard to go out without tripping over them


  • and it's not just Uber Eats now

    不僅是Uber Eats,現在

  • it's kfc it's  mcdonald's


  • it's all these different chains


  • so interesting to note where in some cases  it has repressed certain types of businesses

    所以有趣的是要指出在某些情況下它壓制了某些類型的企業, 而在另

  • but in others they're now absolutely booming asresult of it

    一些情況下 他們現在絕對是蓬勃發展的結果,

  • perhaps more than hot


  • japanese summer is really really humid


  • it's brutal


  • you're sweating  the moment you step outside

    的,當您 走出家門時 您流汗了,

  • and it was really a challenge for me

    這是殘酷的 ,而 當我初次來到加利福尼亞時

  • when i first came from living  in vancouver

    ,這對我來說確實是一個挑戰 我是從溫哥華生活

  • where for the two months of the year where we get good weather


  • it's perfect temperature  it's perfect humidity


  • it's a challenge


  • but last summer it was so notable that when you walked around everyone was wearing one of these


  • and i thought that was particularly cool for the fact  that it's one thing when it's cool to wear one of these


  • and it's not such a discomfort


  • but that kind of humidity to still see people going out and wearing masks and protecting each other was really really significant

    事情,但是那種濕潤 的感覺 仍然能讓人們外出並戴口罩並互相保護 ,這在日本人中 確實非常重要。

  • you have in the japanese culture already this sense that when you're sick  you should wear a mask

    這種文化已經讓您感到不適,如果您生病了,應該戴口罩 , 如果您在辦公室,如果您在學校,

  • you see it all the time


  • if you're at an office if you're at a school and  so i think people were willing to take this upon themselves

    ,所以我想人們願意自己 戴這個口罩 , 但是在

  • but whereas before it was i'm going  to protect you from the fact that i have a cold

    此 之前,我是要保護您免受感冒 的困擾,

  • now it could run both ways


  • i'm going to protect myself and protect others


  • so an underlying cultural strength that certainly has hadsignificant impact on the spread of the virus

    因此潛在的文化力量無疑對性格產生了重大影響病毒的廣告 如果該病毒已經教給我們任何東西,那麼

  • If the virus has taught us anything it's the incredible  resilience of humankind


  • when challenged to find  a new place to drink together


  • when their original  locales and gathering spots have been threatened


  • i am of course talking about the zoom nomikai or zoom drinking party


  • that people are now doing  where a lot of people of course use that for remote work


  • many people as well are using it to  meet up with friends that they haven't been able to see so often


  • because of social distancing


  • and from birthday parties to business parties you name it people are meeting up online

    以及從生日聚會到商務活動 ,他們很少見面 您命名的聚會人們在網上聚會 並 在過去一年

  • and making use of that technology in a social way


  • over the past year you've seen japan take so  many different precautions


  • from the increase  in the number of masks that are being worn


  • to the  availability of alcoholic gels


  • to so many people sheltering in place doing the sort of remote  work that they've never done before


  • could you definitively say whether these precautions have  led to some of the lowest death rates in the world for covet 19

    你能肯定地說,這些措施是否導致了一些最低死亡為貪圖19 很難

  • it's difficult to say it's hard to  say there's a lot of contributing factors there

    世界利率 說這是很難說有很多有誘發因素的

  • but you could say with certainty that it has  given people some sense of community and security  


  • and that we're all in this together


  • whichwould say is quite a traditionally japanese virtue

    ,我可以說 ,即使 是一個相當傳統的日本憑藉

  • value even

  • and whatever comes in the  coming months


  • that will continue this feeling like we're gonna get through this


  • and we're gonna  get through this together


  • thanks for watching

    感謝收看 你

  • you


this is downtown Tokyo, Shibuya



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日本的新常態 (Japan's New Normal)

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