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  • if someone goes out and uses a firearm to  illegally poach an animal there's a spent casing  


  • which can be evidence we had benny search for  those casings in some very tall grass when he  


  • finds a casing he'll lay down with the casing  between his two front paws and he'll basically put  


  • his nose right on it dogs are an effective tool at  finding wildlife because of their incredible sense  


  • of smell and their incredible natural hunting  behavior they can basically see the unseen for us

    嗅覺和它們不可思議的自然狩獵行為 它們基本上可以為我們看到看不見的東西。

  • wildlife trafficking is happening  everywhere where somebody thinks  


  • that they can make some sort of profit  off of wildlife or natural resources  


  • many people automatically assume it's a problem  in africa it's a problem in asia especially  

    很多人自動認為這是非洲的問題 這是亞洲的問題,尤其是亞洲的問題

  • those of us in north america we  automatically think it's not our problem  

    我們這些人在北美 我們自動認為這不是我們的問題。

  • wildlife trafficking is happening all over the  world there's definitely the concern with wildlife  

    野生動物販運是發生在世界各地 有肯定的關注與野生動物。

  • trafficking pushing these species to the brink of  extinction but there's a much bigger picture to it  


  • that people don't often think about when you think  of it on a larger scale it's often tied to other  


  • crimes trafficking and weapons trafficking  in humans so a lot of this is tied together

    販賣犯罪和武器販賣人口 所以很多事情都是聯繫在一起的。

  • a dog is able to smell a teaspoon of sugar  dissolved into the amount of water that would  


  • fill two olympic swimming pools so that's kind of  the level of specificity that they're able to get  


  • down to which is just absolutely incredible and  when you compare dogs to human searchers they're  


  • consistently faster they cover more ground and  they're often more accurate what makes dogs so  


  • exceptional at this job is their olfactory  ability and their ability to hunt out those  


  • odors and the ability for us to work with them  they're very trainable they want to do a good job  

    氣味和我們與他們合作的能力 他們很容易接受培訓,他們想做好工作。

  • they want the reward and so we use the reward  to help show them what we want them to find  


  • so you can see that he very  much loves and wants his ball


  • we are at the working dogs for conservation  world headquarters it's 45-ish acres just outside  

    我們在工作犬保護世界總部 這是45畝左右的土地,就在外面。

  • of missoula montana we're the world's foremost  conservation detection dog organization so what  


  • we do is we take primarily rescue dogs we look  for absolutely ball crazy high-energy confident  

    我們做的是,我們採取的主要是救援狗 我們尋找絕對的球瘋狂高能量的自信

  • rescue dogs that need a job needs something to  do and then we train them and then we put them  


  • to work protecting wildlife and wild places by  searching for endangered species invasive species  


  • and things related to wildlife crime we havewhole bunch of different scents that the dogs have  

    和野生動物犯罪相關的事情 我們有一大堆不同的氣味,狗有

  • been trained to do so that ranges everything  from spotted cat skins so a lot of our dogs  


  • in africa that's a pretty common contraband  item ivory rhino horn shark fin ammo and guns

    在非洲那是很常見的違禁品 象牙 犀牛角 魚翅 彈藥和槍支

  • i was in wildlife law enforcement for 11  years the past three of those years was as  

    我是在野生動物執法11年 過去三年的這些年是為

  • a detective with washington department of fish and  wildlife police and as part of that i had k9 benny  

    偵探與華盛頓部 魚和野生動物警察 並作為其中的一部分,我有K9本尼

  • i found him when he was right around one  and a half he was evaluated as a working dog  

    我發現他的時候,他是對的左右一半 他被評估為一個工作的狗

  • he passed the initial evaluation then we  went through a few months of training he  


  • did very well with that and about a year or  so ago we made the transition to working dogs  


  • for conservation and since then benny is  being trained on more conservation related  


  • target odors my dog barley is a six and a half  year old border collie he is in the process of  


  • learning both shark fin and ivory when i'm  training barley we're generally working with  


  • buckets or pvc pipes so that there's a lot  of different containers that have different  


  • things in them and he learns that what he's  supposed to do is tell me about a given scent


  • one of the really cool things about using  detection dogs is that you can use them at  


  • multiple stages along the pipeline of wildlife  crime so dogs are able to search vehicles as the  


  • vehicles are coming into the park where they might  find ammunition or guns that let us know that  


  • those people were not coming into the park for  the right reasons they also are able to in some  

    那些人不是因為正確的原因進入公園 他們也能夠在某些情況下。

  • cases track the animals and actually make sure  the animals are healthy we've had dogs that are  


  • trained to track specific animals so a specific  rhino and make sure that rhino is doing well  


  • then if there is a poaching event that occurs we  can use the dogs to track backwards and hopefully  


  • make an arrest before that contraband ever  makes it to market the dogs can also be used  


  • to intercept contraband in the example of  searching a vehicle or searching a shipping  


  • container and intercepting that ivory or shark  fin before it's ever actually able to be sold


  • my previous job before this was working with dogs  that were deemed unadoptable at shelters due to  


  • behavior issues working with these high energy  ball crazy high drive dogs is where shelters  


  • really struggle the most we're not just giving  these dogs a home we're not just rescuing them  


  • we're actually able to put exactly what  made them a bad pet and put that to use  


  • protecting other wildlife wild places it's so  special and it's wait it's what really gets me  

    保護其他野生動物的野生場所 它是如此的特別,它的等待 它是什麼真正讓我

  • excited to come to this job every day the work  we do at wd4c has multiple impacts saving and  


  • protecting natural resources and helping and  wildlife crime there's also the impact of us  


  • giving dogs second chances going into  shelters and finding dogs that need  


  • jobs and need new homes and needpurpose and we're able to do both of those


  • things


  • you

if someone goes out and uses a firearm to  illegally poach an animal there's a spent casing  



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這些非常好的狗正在打擊偷獵行為。 (These Very Good Dogs Are Combating Poaching)

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