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  • he's been dubbed the Man Who Shot the seventies.

    他被稱為七十年代的 "射手"。

  • Photographer Mick Rock is behind some of the most iconic shots of rock legends, capturing the likes of David Bowie, Lou Reed and Blondie.

    攝影師米克-洛克(Mick Rock)是一些最具代表性的搖滾傳奇人物的幕後推手,拍攝了大衛-鮑伊(David Bowie)、盧-裡德(Lou Reed)和金髮女郎(Blondie)等人的照片。

  • But it all gathered one thing into another.


  • It wasn't like We're not gonna be a rough and rude to her, David.


  • I mean, these people would say, Well, no when I first met, it was about age and timing entirely.


  • All these elements coming together now to mark 51 years in the industry, Rock is collaborating with urban artist Fin Dac on a new project, a series of limited edition prints and canvas artworks called Maduro.

    所有這些元素匯聚在一起,如今為了紀念51年的行業發展,Rock與城市藝術家Fin Dac合作了一個新項目,一系列名為Maduro的限量版版畫和帆布藝術作品。

  • And what is it that makes you have a lot of pictures of David Bowie, man?


  • I mean, you're like, Oh, yeah, you can take a bad picture of it.


  • I I figured it out before most people.

    我... ...我在大多數人之前就想明白了。

  • That's it was an intuitive, but I was also I thought it was.


  • It was an intelligence to David, even though I've been formally very educated.


  • And he hadn't London born Rock first picked up a camera as a student at Cambridge University.


  • He'd go on to shoot iconic albums for the likes of Queen Such a fertile period and especially when you get, you know, Bowie and Liberty.

    他繼續為Queen等人拍攝標誌性的專輯 這是個肥沃的時期,特別是當你得到,你知道,Bowie和Liberty。

  • I used to see them the blast and the white London and the moody and sparkly.


  • And, uh so, you know, I kind of fell in love with those two people.


  • Say you must be must be crazy about talked about And I'm not crazy about photography.


  • I am fascinated by altered states.


  • I took the only path I knew it wasn't plotted out before.


  • Maybe I could Maybe there was some projection this bohemian spiritual.


he's been dubbed the Man Who Shot the seventies.

他被稱為七十年代的 "射手"。


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米克-洛克--拍攝70年代的人--紀念51歲。 (Mick Rock - the man who shot the 70s - marks 51 years)

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