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  • S House of Representatives canceled its session planned for Thursday after Washington D.


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  • Police warned that a militia group could be plotting to attack the capital.


  • The latest warning comes amid heightened security at the Capitol building, spurred by January's deadly attack there by supporters of former President Donald Trump.


  • The House had scheduled for Thursday to debate and vote on a police reform bill, but a Democratic aide said plans changed after intelligence that unidentified militia group could present a security threat.


  • Some right wing conspiracy theorists have falsely claimed that Trump, who lost the election to President Joe Biden, should be sworn in for a second term on Thursday on a day some have described as quote the true Inauguration Day before 1937 some U.


  • S presidents had been inaugurated on March 4th, but ever since the official day has remained January 20th.


  • Earlier this week, a House official notified lawmakers of a possible security threats spanning Thursday through Saturday.


  • The Justice Department has so far charged over 300 people who took part in January siege of the capital, including members of right wing extremist groups like the Oath Keepers and the proud boys.

    司法部迄今已起訴300多名參與1月圍攻首都的人,其中包括 "誓言守護者 "和 "驕傲男孩 "等右翼極端組織的成員。

  • In a statement, it said the United States Capitol Police Department is quote aware of and prepared for any potential threats and working with local, state and federal agencies to prevent them.


  • Meanwhile, the Senate will convene as planned on Thursday to debate Biden's $1.9 trillion economic relief bill.


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警方警告國會陰謀後眾議院取消會議 (House cancels session after police warn of Capitol plot)

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