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Crowdfunding is a great solution to help you gain access to funds.
Crowdfunding is basically fund-raising
but with built-in social media and sharing tools to help accelerate the process.
It's like fund-raising on steroids.
Once you craft a killer page for your project and launch your post,
start spreading the word and be bold.
Only when your campaign gets your approval and support from your communities,
you'll typically see others from outside your network to start to join the fund when you reach 40% of your initial funding.
The reasons why people commit dollars are the message in reason behind your post:
the unique way that you raise funds, the really enticing rewards you offer in exchange for dollars, and for investment crowdfunding, a financial return.
Rock the post allows you with its built-in social media features to easily engage absolutely everyone in your communities.
Don't forget to reach out to the media and/or any organizations that have similar interests.
Gather all of your email contacts in form of distribution lists.
The more planning ahead you do, the better it will be.
Join groups on various social media platforms and forums to leverage those people to help in the fund-raising.
Set a realistic fund-raising goal by estimating how much your networking yield.
It's possible that your campaign will go viral, but you will need to do the leg work first in order to get traction, so don't count on that.
Create an awesome video pitch about your project and the team behind it.
Use your first 30 seconds to engage your target audience and keep your entire presentation to two to three minutes just like a movie trailer.
Spread the word everywhere.
Leverage your entire network: friends, colleagues, social media pages, groups and put a link of your project and your signature.
There's a reason the word crowd is in front of funding.
Keep your audience and network engaged.
Frequent updates are a must.
Be strategic and constant.
Keep in mind the difference between strategic and annoying is true passion.
So let your passion flow.
Remember deliver on what you promised and you'll enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.



17946 分類 收藏
Anastasia Hsu 發佈於 2014 年 7 月 24 日    Amber 翻譯    Ludan Zheng 審核
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