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  • [knock on door]

  • Good afternoon. Are you the decision maker of the house?

  • Uh..

  • Do you, uh, currently own a set of encyclopedias?

  • No, no, but, uh, try the classifieds.

  • People sell everything in there.

  • Actually, I'm not buying. I'm selling.

  • Let me ask you one question.

  • Do your friends ever have a conversation and you just nod along even though you're not really sure what they're talking about?

  • [instrumental music]

  • I'm telling you it's totally unconstitutional.

  • - Yeah. - I totally agree.

  • I think he deserves a Nobel Prize.

  • - I don't agree with you. - Oh, no.

  • I mean, it was like the Algonquin kid's table.

  • [laughing]

  • Excuse me. I'm sorry.

  • You haven't said anything for about two and a half minutes.

  • Are you at all interested?

  • Yeah, well, yeah. Yeah, oh, yeah. Come on in, come on.

  • Well, there's a lot I didn't know about vomit.

  • [duck quacking]

  • In a minute.

  • Uh, so what do you say, Joey?

  • You get the whole set of encyclopedias for $1200.

  • That works out to just 50 bucks a book.

  • Twelve hundred dollars?

  • [chuckles]

  • You think I have $1,200?

  • I'm home in the middle of the day and I got patio furniture in my living room.

  • I guess there's a few things you don't get from book learnin'.

  • Well, uh, what can you swing?

  • How about zero down and zero a month for a long, long time?

  • You don't have anything?

  • You wanna see what I got? Okay.

  • I got...a baby Tootsie Roll..

  • ...a movie stub, keys, a Kleenex..

  • ...a rock, and an army man.

  • Hey!

  • Okay, I-I get the picture.

  • Uh, thanks, for your time.

  • - And a 50. - Oh!

  • These must be Chandler's pants.

  • For 50 bucks, you can get one book.

  • What will it be? Uh, A? B? C?

  • Uh, I-I think I'm gonna stick with the V.

  • I wanna see how this bad boy turns out.

[knock on door]


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Friends: Joey Buys an Encyclopedia (Season 4 Clip) | TBS

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