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  • Damn Rolos.

  • - Hey, you're back. - Hey.

  • How was your conference?

  • It was terrible, I fought with..

  • colleagues, you know, the entire time.

  • Are you kidding with this?

  • Uh, so your weekend was a total bust?

  • Uh, no, I got to see Donald Trump

  • waiting for an elevator.

  • - Hi. - Hey, you're back too.

  • Yeah, um, Chandler, can I talk to you

  • outside for just a second?

  • Hey, how was your chef thing?

  • Uh, it was awful.

  • Guess some people just don't appreciate really good food.

  • Well, maybe it was the kind of food that tasted good at first

  • but then...made everybody vomit and have diarrhea.

  • Chandler?

  • [imitating Monica] Monica?

  • Hey.

  • Hey, Mr. Bing.

  • That, uh, hotel you stayed at called.

  • Said someone left an eyelash curler in your room.

  • Yes, that was mine.

  • 'Cause I figured you hooked up with some girl

  • and she left it there.

  • Yes, that would have made more sense.

  • You know, I-I don't even feel like I know you anymore, man.

  • Alright, uh..

  • Look, I'm just gonna ask you this

  • one time, alright? And whatever you say, I'll believe you.

  • Were you...or were you not..

  • ...on a gay cruise?

  • [instrumental music]

  • - Hey. - Hey.

  • - Hey. - Oh, hey, Monica.

  • I heard you saw Donald Trump at your convention.

  • Yeah. Saw him waiting for an elevator.

  • Hey, Rach, can I borrow your eyelash curler?

  • - I think I lost mine. - Yeah, it's in the bathroom.

  • Oh! Oh!

  • Joey, could I talk to you for a second?

  • Ooh! Oh-h-h!

  • Joey, I need to talk to you..

  • Oh! Oh! Oh!

  • Oh-h-h!

  • [muffled screaming]

  • No, no, no.

  • Yes.

  • Yes.

  • You? And-and you?

  • Yes, but you cannot tell anyone.

  • No one knows.

  • How? When?

  • - It happened in London. - In London!

  • [indistinct shouting]

  • The reason we didn't tell anyone

  • was 'cause we didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

  • But it is a big deal.

  • - I have to tell someone! - No, no, no.

  • - You can't. - Please, please.

  • We just don't want to deal with telling everyone, okay?

  • Please, just promise you won't tell.

  • Alright.

  • Man, this is unbelievable.

  • I mean, it's great. But..

  • I know, it's great.

  • Oh, I don't want to see that.

  • We're so stupid.

  • Do you know what's going on in there?

  • They're trying to take Joey.

  • [instrumental music]

Damn Rolos.


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Friends: Joey Finds Out (Season 5 Clip) | TBS

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