A2 初級 美國腔 20045 分類 收藏
I mentioned this last night.
It has been brought to our attention.
That a talk show in China, has completely ripped off our show's opening sequence.
This is, this is.....
Thank you.
The show.....
This is all real what I'm telling you.
You won't make this up.
The show is called "Da Peng".
And, you know, a lot of people say they're being ripped-off.
And you look at it, you think "I don't know, maybe, maybe not."
Check this out.
This is a side by side comparison of our show's opening and Da Peng's show opening.
And as I said before, this is absolutely real.
Check it out.
That's crazy.
They just basically.....
They took our opening and they're just using it.
Without our permission.
And to make matter worse, it's a very weird show.
You think THIS show is weird.
Check out their show.
Again, this is completely 100% real.
Check it out!
Cool Mushroom (註:譯者故意造翻)
What I say, counts.
I always had this big dream to let this program go international.
To book for my show, and also for my......
Just for him.
Stomach lavage.
What a disaster. This ain't how you spend holidays.
What's that?
Well, guess what?
I was thinking about this.
And I thought about it last night.
I'm angry.
For year, China has been ripping-off American with cheap knockoffs.
Well, I want to speak to China, right now!
China, if you are going to rip-off my show,
I'm going to rip off your show.
Let's see how you like it!
Check it out!
That stinks, doesn't it?
Yeah, check this out.
Exploding rickshaw!
Hey, what about Asian guys rubbing each other on MY show?
Check it out!
I always had this big dream to let this program go international.
Aye, and meet my sexy co-host.
Hey, let's see what the General thinks.
We got a great show tonight for you, ladies and gentlemen.
And fan.....
I already think they've improved our show, I think this is much better.


【康納秀】打擊中國山寨貨 (Conan Gets More Revenge On Chinese Rip-Off Show)

20045 分類 收藏
Colin Lin 發佈於 2014 年 7 月 24 日    Colin Lin 翻譯    許瓊文 審核
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