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  • All right, a nice relaxing afternoon at the coffee shop.

  • Just my coffee and my book.

  • This is gonna be, this is gonna be awesome.

  • Let's get reading.

  • Oh, and I accidentally made eye contact with that guy.

  • That was a little awkward.

  • No big deal.

  • Okay, I did it again.

  • I probably shouldn't do that.

  • Okay, let's compose myself.

  • Why? Why do I keep looking at him?

  • Why, I don't want to look at him, why do I keep doing it?

  • All right, back to the book.

  • Hmm. There are some interesting concepts in this book.

  • Crap, it happened again!

  • I'm out of control.

  • For real, okay, this guy's gonna think I'm a total weirdo 'cause I keep looking at him,

  • or he's gonna think I'm like judging his appearance or something.

  • Or wait a second.

  • Maybe he's judging me.

  • I mean, he's always looking at me too.

  • No, maybe he thinks I'm obsessed with him because I can't keep my eyes off of him!

  • This is shaping up to be the worst day of my life.

  • Okay, we gotta see if he's still gonna look at me.

  • We've gotta verify this.

  • Okay, so don't look, don't look, don't look.

  • Okay, look. He's not lookin', it's fine.

  • I give up! I have ruined this situation.

  • I need to just abort.

  • I regret everything and I can never come back to this coffee house ever again.

  • Oh, crap, I've been daydreaming and staring at that guy the whole time, how awkward.

All right, a nice relaxing afternoon at the coffee shop.


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When you accidentally make eye contact with a stranger

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