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  • It was the first ever virtual Golden Globes, not that you'd have noticed it was technically glitch free.

  • ...wish I could hear...?

  • As you can see, we unfortunately have a bad connection.

  • We apologise for that technical problem and send all of our congratulations to Daniel on his Golden Globe win.

  • Am I on? Is this on?

  • Is this on? Alright cool.

  • Can you hear me now?

  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-hosting in separate cities didn't hold back in their opening monologue.

  • The Golden Globes are awards given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

  • The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is made up of around 90 international no black journalists who-.

  • Look, a lot of flashy garbage got nominated.

  • But that happens, OK, that's like their thing.

  • But a number of black actors and black led projects were overlooked.

  • HFPA maybe you guys didn't get the memo because your workplace is the back booth of a French McDonald's,

  • but you got to change that.

  • Sia's controversial film music is nominated for best international floparoonie!

  • Jason Sudeikis, looking extremely recently divorced, became the first actor to accept a Golden Globe in a hoodie.

  • I want to, I want to give this shout out to all the people I get to act with on this show.

  • They make me better,

  • better than I am, better than I thought I could be, better than you know, than anywhere you know, than...than anything I could do.

  • And Don's right.

  • I got to wrap this puppy up, you know, never been never been my forte.

  • Schitt's Creek continued its final season sweep, picking up best TV series, musical comedy and a best actress gong for Catherine O'Hara.

  • Thank you a pop network for...seriously?

  • I'm very happy that our family in lockdown might have lots of comfort to you and yours.

  • I hope that it won't take you six years to realise your greatest asset is having each other to looove.

  • And Netflix's "The Crown" became the jewel in Netflix's crown winning best TV series drama,

  • best actress for Anna Corrin and best actor for Josh O'Connor.

  • "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" bagged Best Motion Picture, Musical or comedy and best actor for Sacha Baron Cohen.

  • Very nice.

  • I've got to say, this movie couldn't have been possible without my co-star,

  • a fresh new talent who came from nowhere and turned out to be a comedy genius.

  • I'm talking, of course, about Rudy Giuliani.

  • I mean, who could get more laughs out of one unzipping. Incredible.

  • Oh, our movie was just the beginning for him, Rudy went on to start a string of comedy films, hits like four seasons landscaping,

  • hairdye another day and the courtroom drama, A Very Public Fart.

  • Amidst the Digital Chaos, a heartfelt posthumous acceptance speech on behalf of Chadwick Boseman.

  • He would thank God.

  • He would thank his parents, he would thank his ancestors for their guidance and their sacrifices.

  • And "Nomadland" took home best picture drama, with director Chloe Zhao making history as the second woman to win best director since Barbra Streisand in 1984.

  • Compassion is the breakdown of all the barriers between us.

  • A heart to heart bonding.

  • Your pain is my pain.

  • It's mingled and shared between us.

  • Now, this is why I fell in love with making movies and telling stories, because it gave us a chance to laugh and cry together.

  • And it gave us a chance to learn from each other and to have more compassion for each other.

  • So thank you, everyone who made it possible for me to do what I love. Thank you very much.

It was the first ever virtual Golden Globes, not that you'd have noticed it was technically glitch free.


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Virtual Golden Globes 2021 recap: Wins, bloopers & shocks

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