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  • Beyond Meat is going way beyond the health food aisle.


  • The plant-based meat maker has signed deals to supply two of the world's largest fast food operators, McDonald's and Yum Brands.

    未來肉 (素食肉排) 製造公司已與世界兩大速食龍頭,麥當勞及百勝餐飲集團簽約。

  • Its three-year global deal will make it McDonald's preferred supplier for the patty and its new McPlant burger.


  • It'll also help the world's largest restaurant chain develop other menu items like plant-based chicken, pork, and eggs.


  • Beyond Meat also plans to create products over the next few years with Yum for its KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell restaurants.


  • News of the deal sent it shares up 1% in early trading Friday.

    簽約消息一出,參股週五早盤上漲 1%。

  • It's likely, however, that its arch rival, Impossible Foods, and other competitors still have a shot at working with the two fast food operators

    不過,其競爭對手 Impossible Foods 及其他競爭公司仍有機會與這兩大速食龍頭合作,

  • because McDonald's and Yum typically work with multiple suppliers.


  • The deals couldn't come at a better time.


  • Beyond Meat's business of serving restaurants has been hit as people stay at home amid the health crisis.


  • Its loss widened in the latest quarter, and its sales disappointed analysts.


Beyond Meat is going way beyond the health food aisle.


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美國速食大佬終於加入蔬食戰!聯手推出未來肉漢堡 McPlant (Beyond Meat clinches deals with McDonald's, Yum! Brands)

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