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  • and go nice.


  • We're talking about Meet Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Mini Me as well as Malcolm X is and Harriet Tubman's to photographer Trisha Mitsuru celebrates larger than life activists by shrinking them down in size snapping portrait of kids dressed a civil rights pioneers for her new book, Engineers of Equality.

    我們正在談論滿足國會議員瑪克辛 - 沃特斯,迷你我以及馬爾科姆 X 是和哈里特 - 塔布曼的到攝影師 Trisha Mitsuru 慶祝大於生活的活動家,通過縮小他們的大小拍攝肖像的孩子們穿著民權先鋒為她的新書,工程師的平等。

  • My vision was really to educate kids in a very entertaining and visual arts way about these activists and about these change makers.


  • So given them the opportunity to be part of it, but also making sure that they're informed and they understand who these people are and what they did.


  • The book feature side by side Portrait's of really activists alongside Children transformed to look like them, Mesereau insisted the kids show up informed about who they were portraying and to even memorize a notable line or two from their alter egos.


  • She photographed Jonathan Road or it Selma, Alabama's famed Edmund Pettus Bridge.


  • Were the 13 year old posed as late Congressman John Lewis and delivered big time when it came to reciting what is perhaps Lewis's most famous line?


  • Never, ever be afraid to make some noise gets a good trouble necessary trouble, so redeem the soul of America.


  • Nine year old Nia Thompson brushed up on Harriet Tubman before posing is the heroic former slave and abolitionist.


  • It felt really good.


  • I mean, I get to actually play a hero that basically helped people be free, and I actually don't know where I'd be without her like it was.

    我的意思是,我得到真正發揮的英雄 基本上幫助人們獲得自由, 我其實不知道我會在哪裡 沒有她喜歡它。

  • Didn't her act that she didn't do this?


  • I don't know where I'd be.


  • The book features over 30 icons with pint sized versions of the late Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman elected to the U.

    這本書有30多個圖標,有已故的Shirley Chisholm的品脫大小版本,她是第一位當選為美國總統的黑人女性。

  • S.


  • Congress.


  • An educator, Booker T.


  • Washington Measurer, who who was the only black girl in her school growing up in Boston, said she's trying to teach kids, which she didn't learn in class.


  • There was never any black history like ever any black history, and when they tried to give us a little bit of a tribute on in February, it was on Lee Martin Luther King.


  • That's the only person that they knew was Dr Martin Luther King.


  • And oh, by the way, he had a dream that's about it.


and go nice.


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