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  • they are kind of your job.


  • Myanmar's military chief has threatened to crack down on any media outlets if they continue to use the word coup to describe the armed forces.


  • Take over.


  • That's according to reports by military run broadcaster Mayawati News on Monday evening, who quota general men online, saying that they will take action and withdraw licenses from the media if they use the word coup government.


  • Myanmar's security forces have shown more restraint since the coup compared to previous crackdowns in almost half a century of military rule in the country.


  • Even still three protesters have been killed and nearly 700 people have been arrested.


  • Monday also saw a nationwide protest and general strike where both local shops and international brands like KFC and delivery service Food Panda closed for the day from the central Plains in the ancient city of began to the largest city, Yangon.

    週一還發生了全國性的抗議和大罷工,從中部平原的古城開始到最大的城市仰光,當地的商店和國際品牌如肯德基和送餐服務Food Panda都關門一天。

  • Tens of thousands gathered to protest against the CUF.


  • Some stomped on posters, often alleged Myanmar army sniper.


  • Others waved posters supporting the civil disobedience movement and raised a three finger salute off resistance, a symbol borrowed from the Hunger Games films.


  • Western leaders have stepped up pressure on military leaders, with the US adding two more generals to a sanctions list on Monday, the You also said it was considering targeted sanctions on businesses owned by the military.


they are kind of your job.


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