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  • Thailand has a new attraction to tout to tourists — "golf quarantine".


  • International visitors can now chip away at their two weeks in isolation on the putting green.


  • As part of a new program devised by the government to boost its ailing tourism sector.


  • Heo Kwang-Eum is a businessman, one of dozens of South Korean visitors taking up the offer at a resort an hour north of Bangkok.

    Heo Kwang-Eum 是一位商人,他是在曼谷以北一小時車程的一個度假村接受這項優惠的數十名韓國遊客之一。

  • (Speaking Korean) I'm grateful to the Thai government for starting this program. We are at the starting point. From my four-day experience of isolating in a hotel room, it would be torture if we stayed in a room and did nothing for two weeks.

    (韓文)我很感謝泰國政府啟動這個項目。 我們正處於起點。 從我在酒店房間隔離的四天經歷來看,如果我們待在一個房間裡兩個星期什麼都不做,那將是一種折磨。

  • Visitors undergo three tests throughout their stay.


  • The package costs around $2240, a reasonable price for these golfers compared with the cost of a regular quarantine, couped up in a hotel room.

    該住宿套裝的價格約為 2240 美元,對於這些熱愛高爾夫的遊客來說,與在酒店房間進行的常規隔離費用相比,這是一個合理的價格。

  • Ku Jung-Keun is the general manager of the Artitaya Country Club.

    Ku Jung-Keun 是 Artitaya 鄉村俱樂部的總經理。

  • (Speaking Korean) The golf quarantine offers three safe tests and time to enjoy golfing. Doctors provide daily health check-ups for the guests too while they are staying here, and it's not an expensive program.

    (韓文)高爾夫隔離度假區提供三項安全檢測和享受高爾夫的時間。 客人入住期間,醫生也會為客人提供每日健康檢查,而且費用不高。

  • With bars and other resort facilities closed, there's no prospect to thrash out the miss birdies bogeys and shanks for the day, but spirits remain high.


  • (Speaking Korean) It's huge, the golf course is almost over one square kilometer with 36 holes. Think of 41 Koreans golfing as you room the field, served by over 100 employees. It's like emperor's golfing. As you know, it's hard to go golfing in Korea these days because of the crisis. Here it's a golf paradise.

    (韓文)這裡場地很大,高爾夫球場幾乎超過一平方公里,有 36 個球洞。 想想 41 名韓國人在球場上打高爾夫球,有 100 多名員工為你服務。 就像皇帝在打高爾夫球一樣。 如你所知,由於疫情關係,現在很難在韓國打高爾夫球,所以這裡是高爾夫天堂。

Thailand has a new attraction to tout to tourists — "golf quarantine".


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