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  • Top leadership at Texas is electric grid operator resigned on Tuesday after they were blamed for rolling blackouts during last week's deadly winter storm.


  • The board's chairman, vice chairman and several directors were among those who stepped down from their roles at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas were Air cot effective Wednesday, according to an official state notice.

    根據州政府的官方通知,該委員會的主席,副主席和幾位董事是那些從德克薩斯州電力可靠性委員會的角色中退下來的人,週三Air cot有效。

  • Their resignations came the same day Air Kat was hit with a proposed class action lawsuit by customers who claim their power failed in freezing temperatures, leaving them without light, heat and drinkable water.

    他們的辭職是在同一天,Air Kat遭到了客戶提出的集體訴訟,這些客戶聲稱他們的電力在冰凍的溫度下失敗,讓他們沒有光,熱和飲用水。

  • The lawsuit accuses Air Kat of failing to prepare the state's electric power grid for severe weather.


  • Dozens of Texans died in last week's freezing temperatures, and the state has launched investigations into what caused electrical systems to shut down.


  • State Governor Greg Abbott welcomed the resignations, noting Air Kat had assured it had adequate power ahead of the storm.

    州長Greg Abbott對辭職表示歡迎,並指出Air Kat已經保證在風暴之前有足夠的電力。

  • In a statement, he said investigations will uncover the full picture of what went wrong and added he'll insure it won't happen again.




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