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  • 12 Signs Someone Has A Secret Crush On You

  • Sometimes you ask yourselfAm I crazy or does that person actually have a crush on me?”

  • signs in other people's behavior can often be misinterpreted.

  • If you want to know for sure whether someone is just being friendly or actually has feelings for you, check out these 12 signs someone has a secret crush on you.

  • No1: They complement you a lot

  • When someone always pays attention to you and gives you compliments, you can be sure that they have a secret crush on you.

  • We sometimes tend to interpret complimenting as a sign of mere friendliness.

  • But, the truth is when someone goes out of their way to show how much they appreciate you, they most likely want to be more than friends.

  • Also, when we have a crush on someone we are easily impressed by them and admire every little thing they do.

  • No2: They smile at you often

  • Smiling is a great sign that someone is head over heels in love with you.

  • Smiles are one of the most inviting and open non-verbal signs.

  • If you notice them smiling at you a lot more than they do around other people, they are very likely into you.

  • Whether it is a shy little smile or a broad grin, the message is the samethey are very happy to see you.

  • No3: They keep the conversation going

  • If someone likes you, they will go out oftheir way to keep the conversation with you going.

  • If you try to exit the conversation for a short time, to check your phone, pay attention to how they react.

  • If they seek an opportunity to continue the conversation by asking you some random question or if they ask openly if they could catch up with you later that is the sign they have a secret crush on you.

  • No4: They act differently around you

  • If you want to know if someone has a secret crush on you, pay attention to how they act around you and other people.

  • If they tend to change their behavior and attitude when you are around, that might prove they really do like you.

  • Maybe they suddenly become more nervous or clumsy when you appear.

  • Or they start making jokes and looking at you to see whether or not you are laughing.

  • Whatever it is, the changes in their demeanor speak louder than words.

  • No5: They always try to be close to you

  • Another sure telltale sign that someone is infatuated with you is their constant trying to be as close to you as possible.

  • It's only natural to want to be around the person we like.

  • Even if we are not talking to them, we just like being close to them and looking at them from the corner of our eye.

  • If someone has a crush on you, they will appear in places they know you like to hang out or try toaccidentallyrun into you at a party.

  • No6: They stare at you

  • When someone has a crush on you, you will often catch them staring at you.

  • It may be a bashful peek or a daring stare, depending on their personality.

  • But, the message is clearthey like looking at you and can't resist staring at you a little when you are not looking.

  • They will also take every chance they can to look at you while you are giving a presentation or walking in or out the door.

  • Whatever the occasion, the person that has a crush on you will certainly be your loyal watcher and admirer.

  • No7: They copy your body language

  • Research on non-verbal communication has found that mirroring a person's body language increases bonding between people dramatically.

  • Mirroring is behavior that copies someone else during communication with them.

  • We display similar postures, gestures, or tone of voice.

  • If you notice someone copying your body language, they are subconsciously trying to show you that you two are alike and that you would be a good match.

  • No8: They reveal personal details to you

  • Do you know a lot of personal details about them that maybe even their close friends don't?

  • Confiding in you and putting their trust in you is a huge sign they've got a crush.

  • They probably want to know more about you but are too nervous to ask you many direct questions about yourself.

  • So, they may be trying to share with you so that you will hopefully share some personal details with them as well.

  • No9: They pay you their full attention

  • If someone likes you, it is only natural that they pay close attention to you.

  • If you are talking, they will listen intently and ask the right questions that show their interest.

  • When you enter the room, their eyes will be on you, and they will pay attention to what you are doing or where you are going.

  • If someone has a crush on you, they will be genuinely interested in everything that has to do with you, so they will pay you their full attention.

  • No10: They try to look their best

  • If someone has a crush on you, they will of course want you to like them too.

  • Therefore, they will always try to look their best when they know they will see you.

  • They will try to look polished and smooth.

  • Maybe they'll have some kind of makeover and change their haircut or wardrobe.

  • When you are around, they might try to stand taller and appear stronger if it is a man or more seductive if it is a woman.

  • No11: They notice and remember the little things

  • Not many people notice if you just get a trim, or dye your hair one shade lighter.

  • If someone notices those little things and even comments on them, they could be having some feelings towards you that are more than friendly.

  • It will astonish you how they remember the things you said a month ago.

  • This just shows that they think of you a lot.

  • No12: They are always available for you

  • Making time for someone and making them our priority is what we only do for the people we really like.

  • So if someone makes themselves available for you all the time, take it as a sign that they definitely have feelings for you.

  • If they cancel their plans to hang out with you or if it is no problem for them to drop you home after working late, there is a good chance that they are really into you.

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12 Signs Someone Has A Secret Crush On You

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