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  • my dad has made a new friend  hello poppers oh no not now oh yes


  • so now that we have finished visiting the ruins  we've come to the high altitude botanical garden  


  • i felt like i had heat stroke more or less  i've just been kind of in a daze you know  


  • well good morning everyone welcome to another day  here in tilcara jujuy argentina today we're actually exploring the  


  • town so we decided to hit the main attraction  first we're at the which means the fortress  

    小鎮,所以我們決定首先 遊覽 主要景點,這意味著 在quechua的quechua

  • in quechua in quechua yeah pucará (of tilcara argentina) is  very nice i'm surprised how straight  

    要塞 是pucará(阿根廷tilcara的人)非常好,我很驚訝

  • these walls are they're just uh you know this  uh kind of walls sometimes we call them pirkas  

    這些牆 有多筆直, 只是你知道這種牆有時我們稱之為 西班牙語

  • in spanish which means it's a construction of  a wall made out of rocks but without any mortar  

    pirkas ,這意味著它是由岩石製成的牆的構造,但是沒有任何迫擊砲

  • and it's amazing how they were able to keepstraight line and straight faces of the rocks


  • one interesting fact about delgada is that  it's one of the oldest continuously inhabited  

    直面。關於德爾加達的一個有趣的事實是,它是 阿根廷

  • settlements in argentina with traces of human  presence dating back more than 10 000 years this  

    最古老的持續有人 居地,其人類的踪跡可追溯至10 00 0年來, 我們訪問的 這個

  • particular place we were visiting is pukara which  is an archaeological site in the outskirts of town of tilcara jujuy argentina 

    特定地方是Pukara,這是阿根廷tilcara jujuy鎮郊外的考古遺址,

  • the numerous constructions you see here were built  by the omagwaka who were a pre-inca tribe that  


  • settled the area around the 12th century at its  peak the pukada would have covered 15 acres and  

    在12世紀 前後 定居該地區在高峰期,普卡達州將佔地15英畝,可

  • housed around 2 000 inhabitants however by the  late 15th century the tribes in the area were  

    容納約2000名居民,但到15世紀後期 ,印加 人 征服了該

  • conquered by the incas whose domination of the  area only lasted for about half a century ending  

    地區的部落, 印加人對該地區的統治僅持續了大約半個世紀,直到印

  • with the arrival of the spaniards who founded  the modern town of tilcara jujuy so we are standing  

    加人的到來。西班牙人創建了蒂卡爾卡拉·胡胡伊(Tulcara Jujuy)現代小鎮,所以我們站在

  • inside one of the constructions yeah and we  recognize these building materials don't we  


  • the cactus the cardones and also  the the cane on the the ceiling  

    仙人掌,而是仙人掌,還有 我們到處都在看

  • that we've been seeing everywhere to keep it  cool yeah this is the uh the way they used to  

    的天花板上的甘蔗。 保持涼爽,是的,這是他們過去用來

  • uh support the the roof structure this one  when they dry you know the cardona and the  


  • cactus the ones that you see standing out there  they become like really really hard petrified  

    仙人掌, 就像 站在外面一樣它們變得像真的硬石化,

  • like a really solid you know even  though when they're standing is uh  


  • mushy and watery once they dry they solidify  and it's impressive how cool it is in here  


  • outside is really hot but in here there iscoolness that you you feel like almost these  


  • guys they had a air conditioning here you  know natural air conditioning yeah yeah it's


  • amazing


  • do

  • well guys we've been walking around pucará de tilcara jujuy argentina forwhile now and they also gave us a little brochure  


  • with information when we first came in sothought i'd tell you a few facts so you can learn  


  • a little bit about this town first up this is  one of the numerous pre-hispanic towns that you  


  • can find in the area known as quebrada maguaca  and this particular one sits on a hill that is  

    在稱為quebrada maguaca的地區可以找到

  • 70 meters high so it has great views of the  surrounding valley you would have been able to  

    的眾多西班牙前城鎮 之一而這個特殊的人坐在一座

  • see if any attacks were coming i mean an amazing  location the views here the mountains the colors  

    高70米 的小山上, 因此可以欣賞周圍山谷的美景,您將能夠

  • you can see it's just incredible so it's been  a really cool place to visit we're just walking  


  • around there are monuments and lookouts so very  much worthwhile if you're planning to be in tirica

    您可以看到 的山脈 這真是太不可思議了,所以它一直是一個非常酷的參觀地方,我們正走來走去 ,那裡有古蹟和so望台,如果您打算要在提里卡

  • so now that we have finished visiting the ruins  we've come to the high altitude botanical garden  

    , 那麼非常有價值, 所以現在我們完成了對遺蹟的遊覽高原植物園

  • yeah it looks like it's mostly just a cactus cacti  lots of cacti different varieties of cacti yeah oh  

    是的,看起來好像只不過是仙人掌,仙人掌很多,仙人掌的品種 也 不同。哦,

  • there may be some flowers over there okay  maybe i'm okay i i judged too quickly  


  • so yeah we're just gonna explore i'll  check it out my dad has made a new friend  


  • hello puppers we've met hello we found a really  smart pup look he gives paws yeah let's do pause


  • oh

  • what a nice guy let's see


  • so we have now driven over to the neighboring  town of maimara where the most famous natural  

    所以我們現在開車去了附近的小鎮在邁馬拉(Maimara), 這裡

  • attraction here is the painters pallet so  we have the mountain right in front of us  

    最著名的自然 景點是畫家托盤,所以我們就在眼前 的那座 山上,

  • and again beautiful shades can you count them all  no there is no way you can count all of these we  

    而美麗的陰影又可以讓您 數一數二了, 沒有辦法您無法數一數所有這些我們

  • need a painter here pastel they are mostly pastel  colors there's a nice coral like an orangey salmon  


  • and some yellows and greens but it's a beautiful  formation yeah these rock formations they just  


  • go like you can see them like right across the  mountain like a rainbow it's a rainbow mountain  


  • yeah yeah it's beautiful you know here you seelittle bit of vegetation because the river runs  


  • through here so but it's dry this time of year  there's no water and i was reading that this town  


  • maimara it's mainly an agricultural town and they  help feed a lot of the communities here in the  

    maimara,它主要是一個農業小鎮,他們幫助了 quebrada maja

  • quebrada maja region mostly like fruits  and vegetables that they grow along here  

    的很多社區 區域大多喜歡的水果和蔬菜,他們一起成長

  • it's not really a touristy destination like it's  not listed in the guidebooks or anything like that  

    這 不是真的喜歡它的旅遊觀光目的地不是在旅遊指南或類似的東西列出

  • but it's a nine-minute drive from tilcada it's  just around the corner yeah to just drive pull  

    ,但它從tilcada是指日可待啊,只是車拉 中

  • in and it's yeah it's worth coming because this  is just uh you know what's nice about it is not  

    是一個9分鐘的車程 ,這是是的,值得一來,因為這只是呃,您知道

  • far away in the distance it's 300 meters from  you and you have it right right there all all  

    它離您300米的距離 並不

  • to yourself it's worth the drive and anyone who's  into climbing may be worth the climb i do see a  


  • little trails like up there i hear a dirt a guy on  a dirt bike yeah he may have just gone back just  

    自己就 擁有它就 可以了這是值得的驅動力,任何願意攀登的人都值得攀登,我確實

  • off the side of the highway you'll find miradore  monolith which is a cool lookout point that offers  

    在那兒 看到了一條 小路,我聽到一輛 越野

  • views over the whole town of maymara and also the  painter's palette it's worth a stop if you've got  

    車上有一個傢伙的聲音,是的,他可能剛從 高速公路的那邊 回來

  • a rental car and are a bit more in control of  your schedule the views are pretty spectacular  

    了。會發現miradore巨石,這是一個很酷的監視點,可以 欣賞到整個Maymara鎮的景色,還有畫家的調色板,如果您有 租車的 話,值得一站下來, 並且可以更好地控制自己的行程,景色很漂亮 停下來之後很 壯觀

  • after that stop we drove back to  the town of the tilcara argentina to escape  


  • the hottest time of day and also get a bit of rest


  • well you had an eventful afternoon tell us  yes and no well we've mostly been chilling  

    您度過了一個多事的下午,請告訴我們,是的,還是不好,我們 今天下午 大多在

  • out here this afternoon truth be toldmean though it's just it's impossibly hot  

    這裡 放鬆 說實話,我的意思是雖然這是一個不可能的

  • afternoon and so you don't really want to be  outside don't mind the noise in the background  

    午 熱 ,所以您真的不想在外面去,不要介意 那邊建築

  • over there construction there's some construction  going on i'll just raise my voice a bit  

    的背景聲, 有一些建築在進行,我只是要提高我的聲音,

  • but you were the only one who was willing to walk  over to the museum the rest of us were like okay  


  • i wanted to kind of film the town center a bit  and there's an archaeological museum that you  

    我想有點 像 拍攝市中心的事,還有一個考古博物館,您

  • actually get as part of your entrance  fee to the site we visited this morning  


  • so it's just a tiny little museum it has some  interesting artifacts inside some pottery things  


  • like that it's very very small there's really  just kind of two two main halls and i covered  

    一樣,它很小,實際上只有兩個主大廳,我 在短短幾分鐘內

  • that in just a few minutes and then i walked  over to the church walked around the square did  

    覆蓋了 它,然後我走進教堂,在廣場上走

  • a little errand picking up some snacks for you and  by the time i got back here i felt like i had heat  


  • stroke more or less i've just been kind of in  a daze you know i haven't i haven't really been  

    或多或少 有 中暑了,我只是有點發呆,你知道我還沒有真正

  • sleeping i haven't really been working haven't  really been doing much just kind of chilling  

    睡過我 就沒有了 “不是真的在工作,不是真的在做些放鬆

  • out but now the temperature's dropped a bit and  it's dinner time i am hungry and i can't wait  


  • to go back to basically our favorite restaurant  and it says yeah we are now going to take you to  


  • our favorite restaurant here in tilcara jujuy argentina it is  called el nuevo progreso and we have been here  

    我們最喜歡的資源taurant在阿根廷的tilcara jujuy,它叫做el nuevo progreso,

  • three times every single day basically except  for the one day and it was closed let's go in

    除了一天以外 ,我們每天都來過這里 三遍,除了一天,它已經關門了,讓 我們走進

  • my arm is shaking i hope you're not capturing  that is it so heavy all right guys so the food  


  • has arrived and we are going to start with  the appetizer we got a purple corn tamale  


  • just have to untie this it comes like wrapped  in the corn husk so it's a little bit of work  


  • there we go did you know that there's purple  corn in the world i first discovered it in peru  


  • so i've just opened the tamale and it is stuffed  with charchi which is a salted dehydrated beef


  • this is so good love it well you've ordereddish with local ingredients this is the llama 

    真是太好了,您點了一份用當地食材烹製的菜 正如我在阿根廷所說的, 是美洲駝

  • or llama as i say in argentina and it's basically  it's been served in the form of llama steaks we've got  

    或美洲駝,基本上是以美洲駝牛排的形式提​​供的,我們 在這裡配

  • three over here it's got a nice beautiful garnish  of tomatoes and a different kind of salsa and then  

    了 三個 牛排,配上 了漂亮漂亮的西紅柿和另一種莎莎醬,然後

  • over here roasted potatoes that's what we're  trying to do little endian potatoes they're  


  • very good onion potatoes are the best okay let's  try this meat (llama) and you've tried llama once before  


  • yeah i kind of forget what it tastes like to be  honest i remember enjoying it it was in couscou  


  • that is so good it's really tender i thought it  would be a bit more gamey and a bit stronger in  

    中太好了,真的很嫩,我認為它會有點野味, 味道 會更濃郁,

  • taste but it's just it doesn't taste  that much different from like like  

    但這只是它的味道與 其他牛排 一樣並沒有太大的不同,

  • any other kind of steak you'd have  to be honest it's just it's that good  


  • and that is all for today's episode we'll  see you in the next video where we begin  


  • the two-day journey back to salta then  buenos aires argentina and onwards to a new country  


  • see you


my dad has made a new friend  hello poppers oh no not now oh yes



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RUINS of Tilcara (Pucará) ☀️?+ 嘗試LLAMA STEAK的晚餐在Jujuy,阿根廷? (RUINS of Tilcara (Pucará) ☀️? + Trying LLAMA STEAK for Dinner in Jujuy, Argentina ??)

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