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  • Hello, Guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and for part of our Summer, we are going out to

  • Utah to visit some of our friends and family for a few weeks. So we thought it would be

  • cool to show you guys what we use on the plane, as some of our plane essentials, to make long

  • plane rides less boring. Because sometimes you are on the plane, and you are bored out

  • of your mind, or you are cold, or you need something that you don't have, so we're going

  • to show you guys what we use, or what we keep on the planes to make it bearable!

  • First things first, um, we needed a bag to pack all our stuff in, so we found this one. It's just a simple

  • handbag, and we are going to be able to put all of our stuff in it, and carry it on the

  • plane. So this is the bag we are using. The next thing I pack is usually a little wallet.

  • Normally you can keep like a bigger one that holds, like, your money, or your ID, or your,

  • you know, your driver's license if you are that old. But, while you're traveling, um,

  • I like to downgrade, kind of, to a smaller one so that I can just keep some cash and

  • whatever I need in here. And this one is kind of actually old, I probably need a new one.

  • It's kind of falling apart, but I, this is what I keep all my money and stuff in. Yep.

  • Next, um, of course, I always need my phone with me at all times, I am a teenager. Plus,

  • you've got to be able to communicate with people, even though you are on a plane. You

  • want to keep this with you. Um, next up, I usually keep, like, Tic-Tacs, something to

  • suck on. You know, when you are on a plane, I usually tend to get hungry, even if they

  • do give me snacks. Yes. So I do keep these little things to suck on, to, you know, kind

  • of keep the hunger down. And we also have other snacks that we like to bring as well.

  • Yeah, I'll grab some of these. Yeah, we have these snacks. And they are just little, like,

  • portable yummies that are, just like, you can snack on. And these are dried apples,

  • they're like crunchy and yummy. These are my favorites, so I love to pack them when

  • I am on a plane. And also Teddy Grahams, because we like to snack on Teddy Grahams, and they

  • are yummy! Yes! Next, we have a jacket. It doesn't really matter what jacket, because

  • it always gets cold. I always get cold on a plane. Planes tend to be freezing, and I

  • don't know why. So, I like to pack a jacket in case it gets cold on the plane. Yes, I

  • do too! Um, next up I usually pack a charger. Some planes have plug ins that you can, like,

  • plug your chargers into and plug your phones in. If not, then you bring your Mophie. Yeah,

  • you can bring a Mophie. I like to bring a Mophie. This is actually a "Halo", but it

  • is not a Mophie, but a Mophie is a type of portable charger, so you can use that. Yeah,

  • because you never know when you're going to be able to charge your phones. So, having

  • a Mophie with me at all times is very important. And don't forget your charger, either, because

  • you're going to need the cord. Yeah. Next, I have, I usually like to pack, like, a little

  • bag with all my little necessities. Like my personal hygiene stuff, ear plugs, tissues,

  • chapstick, head phones, hand sanitizer, lotion. Kind of all the little liquids in one bag,

  • so that when you, um, they scan it, you know, when you go through airport security they

  • have to scan all the liquids. They are all in one place. I also like to pack, like, um,

  • ibuprofen or something in case you get a headache. And also melatonin, which is an herb that

  • helps you sleep, so, in case you have, like, a really long flight, I like to pack, you

  • know, stuff that helps. And if you are not a sleeper like I am, you can always, I always

  • bring my pho, or not my phone, my phones and my books that will help distract me. So, I

  • just keep a book with me so that I can read, you know, if it is a long flight, I can read.

  • Or you can bring homework, if it is during the school year. I like to do that, too, because

  • it gives me time to finish my homework. And I'm still probably going on vacation. Yep.

  • And, uhhh, one of my last, I don't know if you have anymore, I have a, this is my last

  • thing... is socks. I, my feet, for some reason, are always cold. So when I get on a plane,

  • I already mentioned the planes are cold so I bring a jacket, and I bring socks in case

  • my toes get cold. You can put the socks on. Very important, my toes need to be comfortable.

  • And, for your sleeping, usually bring a neck pillow. I know I do, because the seats, you

  • know the little heads of the little, plane seat things, they're always so uncomfortable

  • on your neck. So the neck pillows are really comfy to sleep on. And they are portable,

  • so we bring these as well. Yep! I mentioned these earlier, and they are actually dried

  • peaches, not dried apples. But they are still delicious, and I still love to pack them.

  • And you can get them at Target, if you want to, you know, pack them for your plane essentials

  • bag, if you are making one. So. And, last, but not least, gum. This is very important,

  • because if you are like me, you do not like takeoff, and freak out like a chicken. But,

  • it's OK. Um, gum, is there. Oh, also, for landing, that's true, for takeoff and landing.

  • But, I like landing. If you chew the gum, you know, the motions, something about it,

  • keeps your ears, like, from plugging. Because, if you do takeoff or land, your ears usually

  • plug. Or you just wanted your breath to smell good! Yeah! Either way, gum is a necessity

  • for the plane. Is that all we have? I think so! Sweet! Thanks you guys so much for watching

  • this video! Um, I hope you enjoyed seeing what we usually pack in our airplane essentials

  • bags! Um, don't forget to leave a comment on places you have traveled, or going to travel

  • to during this summer.

  • And, also, don't forget to follow us on Instagram @BrooklynAndBailey!

  • And, we will see you guys next week! Bye! Bye!

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  • Thank you, from Brooklyn & Bailey!

  • Hi Guys! It's Bail... ub, blub, blub, blub! Sorry! {Laughs} I am used to saying Brooklyn & Bailey!

Hello, Guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and for part of our Summer, we are going out to


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