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  • joining us right now is a man soon to be an all star.

    現在加入我們的是一個人 很快是一個全明星。

  • That man right there, Tobias Harris joins the show.


  • Tobias, Last night you had 24 points.


  • 15 rebounds.


  • What has it been like to take a leap this season?


  • Man has been great.


  • I think, uh, you know, coming into the year, obviously, uh, you know, disappointing last season in the playoffs.


  • Just wanted to really redeem myself and the team in general, we wanted Thio really have people Put some respect on our name this year and, uh, sitting at the top of the east right now and just continue to let this thing flow and role.


  • So, you know, we're playing.


  • We're playing really good basketball right now that we've got to continue to dio Tobias, Thank you for joining the show.

    我們現在的籃球打得很好 我們要繼續打下去 託拜厄斯,謝謝你參加節目。

  • All I want to know is the black history fact took place when your contract got signed and I want to shout out your father because he negotiated the largest deal of any player.


  • Bob Parents big shout to him having Doc Rivers back on the sideline.


  • What was the difference between playing for your former coach Brett Brown and now having docked back that you were with with the Clippers.


  • Yeah, I would say it's just been a transition for our whole team.


  • I think you know, we we grew from last year to this year just in terms of maturity.


  • And then you bring a coach docking who, uh, you know, hey, warrants respect The minute he walks in the door on he's a coach that for this team, he's always pushing us each and every day when a loss.

    然後你帶著一個教練來,你知道,嘿,值得尊重 他一進門,他是一個教練,為這支球隊,他總是推動我們 每一天,當一個損失。

  • We're trying to find something in a different way to get better at, and you know, he just has guys locked in.


  • He's holding us accountable night in, night out.


  • And really, the goal that he's trying to get this whole team to realize is we have a chance to win a championship and we need to get there.


  • So he's holding us to that standard each and every game that we play and it's been a It's been a pleasure to be back with Doc, um, and to be coached by in this season, I'm having a lot of fun.


  • And so the guys, well, you're winning a lot of games and part of the recipe for all those winds is Joel and Beans play this season, being up close and personal, watching the big man performed night in and night.


  • Now what is it like being a teammate of Hiss?


  • Man, It's great, I think.


  • You know, Funny moment is when it was one game he was kind of off and then I looked up and he had, like 32 points, 15 rebounds.


  • E said somebody on the bench.


  • I was like, Man, this is like a bad game for Joel, 32 15.

    我當時就想,夥計,這對喬爾來說就像一場糟糕的比賽,32 15。

  • But he's playing at M V P level and no, this year.

    但他打的是M V P級別的比賽,不,今年。

  • I think the difference that just seeing him is just the dominance of his size and skill and being able every night you're seeing like I look at other fives that are guarding him, and I'm like that dude is scared to guard your well tonight, so he's taking advantage of that.


  • It's great to see and it helps us.


  • So your student of the game and so many times people will talk about what a player can't do.


  • But the function of a great team is actually using everybody to their maximum.


  • Please celebrate Ben Simmons and tell the audience why they shouldn't focus on what he can't do and acknowledge so many things that he does do for your team, man.


  • You know, kinda.


  • It makes me a set of times when I see everybody critiquing, you know, part of his game.


  • Not really understanding that, um, the elements of his game that our most vital for us and defensively guards the best guy every single night offensively, you know, he doesn't shoot any.


  • He doesn't shoot many threes, but he still shoots.


  • Ah, way better field goal percentage than most people around the league.


  • You know what I mean?


  • He's at the topic as finishing.


  • So for me, it's like you got a guy who's 69 that could see the floor past, defend, and, you know, he's a guy that that makes us go on the offensive end with his pace.


  • So, uh, I know how important it is playing with him and what he brings to the table.


  • And I don't know, we don't even worry about what other people have to say because we just focus on Group night in night out.


  • Tobias, you're having an excellent year.


  • I believe that you are an all star for certain this is gonna make it everybody listening.

    我相信,你是一個全明星肯定這是 會讓它每個人聽。

  • Why you deserve to be in that game, This he's gonna make it now.


  • I would just say for me, uh, the work that I put in each and every off season to be better and my key ever since is where this offseason was to be more efficient.


  • You know, I wanted to be a 50 40 90 player in in the league.

    你知道,我想成為一個50 40 90球員在聯盟中。

  • I wanted to be able to be that guy on the court that when other teams of playing against you know, they know you can't let him get off a 2025 points a game.


  • Besides that, you know, we're number one in the East way have three all Stars on our team.

    除此之外,你知道,我們是東部第一... ...我們隊裡有三個全明星。

  • In the past, winning has been rewarded for an All Star game, so I don't think that should.


  • That should alter this year.


  • And, you know, it would be amazing opportunity for me as a player.


  • The work that I've put in the patients that I've had year after year and no, it would just be really fitting and I would appreciate it for sure.


  • We haven't heard any players talk about opting out of the All Star Game.


  • But we have heard a couple of players say that they were necessarily enthusiastic that it was gonna be played.


  • What are your thoughts about the Atlanta All Star Game actually being played a skills competition and or dunk dunk contest?


  • Yeah, you know, obviously, the way that this whole season is we understand the business element of it, and that's really where it starts and finishes right there, Um, in terms of safety, you know, the N B.

    是的,你知道,很明顯,這整個賽季的方式 是我們瞭解它的商業元素, 這真的是在那裡開始和結束的權利, 嗯,在安全方面,你知道,N B。

  • A.


  • Is doing his best job testing twice a day and whatnot.


  • But, you know, this has been a no, a weird season in general, just with the scheduling with playing every other day, pretty much so.


  • I also one of the guys that that that is on the offensive, saying, You know it, it would be nice to have a break in there, but at the same time, if I'm selected, you know I'm going out there to play, so that's just my motive.


  • But we understand that it is business.


  • I think that they took thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.


joining us right now is a man soon to be an all star.

現在加入我們的是一個人 很快是一個全明星。


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