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  • So that's the thing.


  • They've got the weapons.


  • They just haven't had the quarterback since Peyton Manning retired after winning the Super Bowl.


  • Take a look at this has been a revolving door, and only the New York Jets have put together a combined lower Q B R at the quarterback position in that stretch of time than the Denver Broncos.

    看看這一直是一扇旋轉門,只有紐約噴氣機隊在這段時間裡在四分衛位置上的Q B R總和低於丹佛野馬隊。

  • Aside from the quarterback, that's a potentially, really good team, which makes me want to ask the question, and I'm told that we do have d would back with us.


  • So let me bring Damien Woody into the conversation.


  • Good morning, D would are the Broncos a sneaky good option for DeShaun Watson?


  • I really like the Denver Broncos greeny because, you know, we've been talking.


  • Acknowledge him about the Denver Broncos and their inability to solve the quarterback position.


  • But if you look at this team, look at the pizza that that would be around Shawn Watson.


  • Denver has a good defense, and Mark Schlereth talked about the pieces on office, particularly the skill position.


  • They got a couple of good running backs.


  • They got no affect, the tight end who is pretty good, and they got three young, wide receivers who have the potential to be dynamic in the National Football League.


  • So if you add a D Shawn Watson to that mix, who, in my opinion, you know, just behind Patrick Mahomes is that Shawn Watson?


  • Now you're talking about ah, division in the A F C West when you have Patrick, my own Shawn Watson.

    現在你說的是啊,師在A F C西部當你有帕特里克,我自己的肖恩-沃森。

  • You know all those banks in that division.


  • That would be money that I would pay to go see in that division.


  • Absolutely.


  • Justin Herbert would be another one, the rookie sensation there with the Chargers.


  • So I'll ask you the same question Chris Canty that I asked you a moment ago about Indianapolis put to Shawn Watson on Denver.


  • What are the Broncos?


  • I think that's a team that can compete for a wild card.


  • I mean, I just think that the ceiling on them is a little bit limited, just based on the division that they're in.


  • But if you look at the landscape of the A F C West right now, the Broncos have the worst quarterback, and you could probably make an argument that Drew lock might be is lowest fifth.

    但如果你看看現在A F C西部的格局,野馬隊有最差的四分衛,你也許可以提出一個論點,德魯鎖可能是最低的第五名。

  • If you include Marcus, Mario to the backup generators, So I think it was.

    如果你包括馬庫斯,馬里奧到備用發電機, 所以我認為這是。

  • I think it's a situation where John Elway should try to push his chips to the middle of the table and see if he can pull off a deal to get to Shawn Watson just because you don't have an opportunity to compete.


  • Otherwise, the question Yates is, what chips does Elway have to push to the middle?


  • We sometimes talk about, and I guess where is guilty of this is anyone?


  • We sometimes talk about this like DeShaun Watson is a free agent.


  • He's not.


  • They have to figure out a way, whoever it is to make a trade with the Texans.


  • So in that regard, Yates, how do the Broncos look?


  • Is a possibility.


  • Yeah, I think if you're the new general manager, George Payton, you're probably having to ante up with the ninth overall pick in this year's draft, a first round pick in 2022 1st round pick in 2023 potentially some other goodies, and I say other goodies because I don't wanna be specific with a draft pick or a player without knowing specifically what Houston would covet.


  • Eso it's gonna cost a ton, and it's gonna be an all in move for the Broncos.


  • I like the fit because I like the fit for basically to Shawn Watson anywhere.


  • One point that I think is important to reinforce and Damien was getting there with noting that it's a division that already includes Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert is that there's not a scenario where you can, like, play really good defense and get by on offense and win the A F C West.

    有一點,我認為是重要的加強和達米安是在那裡注意到,這是一個已經包括帕特里克-馬霍姆斯和賈斯汀-赫伯特的部門是,沒有一個場景,你可以,喜歡,打非常好的防守和通過進攻和贏得A F C西部。

  • You have to be bold and audacious.


  • Toe win The This division you have tow have a franchise level quarterback because the Chiefs aren't going anywhere.


  • The Chargers gonna get there in their rise and stay there because of Justin Herbert.


  • If I'm George Patton and I've had all these years, even though I wasn't there of trying to figure out a quarterback plan without Peyton Manning, if this opportunity presents itself, heck yeah, and I know it's gonna cost a ton.


  • But if it thirst three first round picks plus more uncomfortable with that, a 25 year old quarterback with five years left on his deal Yeah, absolutely.

    但是,如果它渴求三個首輪選秀權 加上更多的不舒服,一個25歲的四分衛 與他的協議剩下五年 是的,絕對。

  • I mean, there's no, there's no team in the league that wouldn't practically no team in the league that wouldn't do anything they could do.


  • End up getting to Shawn Watson.


  • So Chris Canty quick final thought when it's all said and done, what do you think winds up happening?


  • Because the Texans continue to insist they're not gonna trade him.


  • Do you believe Watson will change teams between now and the draft?


  • No, I absolutely think he's gonna change teams.


  • It's just a matter of where he's going to go.


  • And if I'm the Houston, Texas, I want to ship him as far away for me as I possibly could, potentially in the NFC.


  • So that's what I would be looking to do.


  • But there are some teams in the A F C.

    但在A F C中也有一些球隊。

  • That makes sense because you look at the New York Jets.


  • Your New York Jets got the second overall pick, which is a huge bargaining chip in these negotiations for compensation going back to the Texans as well as the Miami Dolphins that have the third overall pick.


  • So I just think that would be interesting.


  • But if I'm the GM, if I'm the osario, I want to Shawn Watson, out of the conference.


  • Yeah, and you want him out of the conference, and you probably wanna make this deal.

    是啊,你想讓他離開會議, 你可能想做這個交易。

  • And the sooner you can, because once these other trades wind up getting made here, you start losing a little bit of the extraordinary leverage.


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So that's the thing.



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